Jen Shah BLASTS Whitney Rose As ‘Racist’ After Whitney Accused Jen Of Having A Sugar Daddy!

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Whitney Rose confessed that she has had questions about Jen Shah’s wealth when asked to weigh in on the legal drama surrounding her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star, during a Sunday appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

Whitney admitted that she had wondered if Jen had a “sugar daddy” in her life after the show featured a dramatic interaction between Jen and Meredith Marks. Fans know that Jen was hit with charges of money laundering and fraud, after being arrested during filming season. Jen fired back at Whitney on Twitter, suggesting that her comment had racist undertones. 

Whitney Rose

“I never questioned if what she was doing was legal or not. I questioned the lifestyle, the amount of money. I always thought she had a sugar daddy, to be honest with you,” Whitney told Andy Cohen during her September 26 appearance. I honestly just thought someone was giving her money. Nothing about her life made any sense, really.” 

Jen took to Twitter to blast Whitney with allegations of racism. 

“I’m a successful Polynesian businesswoman for twenty years married to a very successful black husband who’s been an attorney for 13 [years], NFL sports agent for 10 [years], Power5 football coach for 10 [years and] you’re [sic] assumption is I have a sugar daddy!” Jen wrote. 

Whitney Rose

Jen continued in a second tweet—“His name is Coach Shah. [Because] I’m brown [and] my husband is black, you question our [money].”

Whitney Rose

Whitney was also asked how she felt about Meredith’s behavior during the aired exchange after Jen was accused of “liking” several nasty tweets about her son, Brooks Marks. Jen blamed the “likes” on her social media manager.  

“Shocking. I’ve never seen her engage like that,” Whitney said. “When she engages, though, she is like, chills down your spine, she’s going to crack that lake for sure, that ice. I thought we were all going in.”

Meredith Marks

Whitney clarified that she stands with Meredith amid the cast conflict. 

“I mean, it’s Meredith’s son. You don’t go after children and Jen’s taking it too far,” Whitney said.

Whitney also weighed in on Jen’s claim that she had nothing to do with cosigning online shade aimed at Meredith’s son. 

“I do not believe that she had no say,” Whitney stated.  

Jen Shah

Whitney revealed that Meredith and her husband, Seth Marks, have strengthened their marriage since Season 1, and shared that she believes that there’s a 50/50 chance that Heather Gay will return to the Mormon church. She identified herself as the person who Mary Cosby likely complains about most, and shared her thoughts on Jennie Nguyen commenting that she was not initially attracted to her husband, Duy, when they first met. 

“That was a little rude but I do believe it because Duy is an amazing man and I’m sure, he got Jennie, so he must have something going on down there,” Whitney shared. 

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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