‘RHOP’ RECAP: Candiace Confronts Mia About Questioning If Husbandger Chris Is On The Payroll!

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Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! We begin with Gizelle Bryant pulling up to her unfinished house, with crazy driver Grace in tow. Gizelle’s house is still under construction, but that doesn’t stop Gizelle from wanting to throw an event there. After getting Grace settled inside, Gizelle calls Robyn Dixon to share the details of the upcoming event. To launch their new podcast ‘Reasonably Shady’, Gizelle and Robyn want to host a launch party for the ladies. Everything is coming together as far as the food and decorations, but Gizelle has one amenity that’s off-limits to Karen Huger and Wendy Osefo. Gizelle tells Robyn that Wendy and Karen aren’t allowed to use her bathroom and that they can “pop a squat” on one of the trees! Robyn finally growing a backbone, tells Gizelle she is not cosigning on that!

Relenting Gizelle backs down and will allow everyone to use her bathroom during the event. Karen is meeting with her publicist, and we get our first look at Karen’s new candles! Packaged in gold and white, Karen has already surpassed Wendy’s expectations of how to run a business! Karen plans on gifting the ladies with the candles at Gizelle’s event and wants to provide an olive branch for a better future. After Karen’s publicist leaves, she and Ray Huger head outside to check on her plants. As Karen asks Ray for help, she notices a woman who sent Ray a “Good morning Handsome” text message. Ray says it’s spam, but that doesn’t stop the Grande Dame from calling the number back! Karen leaves a sweet message about their upcoming 25-year Anniversary while Ray laughs at his wife’s theatrics. 

Mia Thornton

At Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s house, mama Dorothy is still getting on Candiace’s nerve, as it is now the ninth day of Ms. Dorothy’s visit. After making small talk about upcoming renovations, Candiace takes this time to find out what exactly was said at her video shoot. Candiace asks Ms. Dorothy point-blank and her mother sat there and LIED! Ms. Dorothy claims she doesn’t remember what she said, but production has all the evidence. Ms. Dorothy was going around talking bad about Chris Bassett! Chris joins the conversation and Candiace catches him up to speed. Chris firmly says that he’s never asked Candiace or her mother for money and that Ms. Dorothy NEVER paid a bill with Chris’s name on it. Ms. Dorothy is concerned with potential legal issues down the road and Candiace is over this conversation. 

Across town, Mia Thornton and her family are grabbing some ice cream with her mother. Mia is trying to rebuild her relationship with her mom and wants to make sure she spends as much time with her. As the kids talk about getting paid to do chores, Mia begins discussing the codependent relationship her mother has with her sister. Mia feels like her mother can’t do anything without her sister because ever since she’s gotten out of prison, they’ve lived together. Mia brings up how when she first had her daughter, her mother didn’t want to come nanny for her because Mia’s sister needed their mother more. Mia’s mother is saddened to hear this but reassures Mia that she’s there now. Mia’s mother says she’s proud of Mia and that she wants a better relationship with all her kids. Let’s continue to pray for them. 

Karen Huger

At Wendy’s, Karen has dropped by for a visit! Both women looking beautiful, Wendy has sat out food and beverages for Karen as she gives Wendy the blues for not knowing her way around the kitchen. Wendy recaps the business meeting she had with Eddie and Karen is all ears! Karen is so proud of Wendy and assures her that there’s enough room for two beautiful black women to take over the candle business. This visit isn’t only to chat because Wendy has decided to put Karen to work! Wanting to give back to the local schoolteachers, Wendy has Karen and Askale Davis put 20 backpacks together. In society, we know teachers aren’t given a ton of money for the work they do, so it’s nice to see the ladies giving back. The ladies have small talk about Candiace’s music video and Askale is still disturbed by Mia’s questions for Ms. Dorothy. 

Karen doesn’t think Mia’s questions were malicious but admits she wouldn’t have asked herself. Askale being all of us says, “Don’t ever feel comfortable asking my mother about my husband.” Next, the trio discusses Gizelle’s shady invitation and debates showing up. Wendy thinks the “hater” comment is directed towards her, which is confusing since Gizelle and Wendy “made up” during the Goddess lunch. Investigative Wendy thinks Gizelle and Robyn are going into a business venture together and hopes that Gizelle isn’t decorating the event. After the backpacks are done, Wendy invites the women to a small getaway before Karen’s vow renewal. Wanting the husbands to tag along, the trio throws a few jabs at the missing men in Gizelle and Robyn’s life. No worries though, cause like Wendy said: their luggage will keep them company, LOL. 

Gizelle Bryant

Today’s the ‘Reasonably Shady’ launch party! Balloons are flying away as Robyn pulls up and Gizelle hops around. Gizelle dropped a table on her toe and will be in a boot for four weeks. While everything is being set up, Gizelle is eating while her daughters get on her for eating with her mouth open. Robyn changed and got a drink as Ashley pulls up first. Gizelle is very proud of the tent she got for the ladies, and Ashley is proud of the progress on Gizelle’s house. Gizelle begins telling Ashley about the incident with her foot, but construction is causing a lot of noise! As Gizelle quiets the men down, Mia shows up and is less than impressed with “Motel Gizelle.” Askale comes bearing gifts and looking gorgeous! Construction continues to make noise while the ladies catch up, and Wendy arrives. Karen shows up and gifts Gizelle with the first candle from her line and tells the ladies she feels strange after receiving the COVID vaccine. 

Everyone takes their seats and Gizelle begins explaining how ‘Reasonably Shady’ came into existence. Topics will consist of pop culture and relationships, but the green-eyed bandits admit the event almost didn’t happen. Wanting to know the tea, the ladies press for more information. Robyn and Gizelle had a difference in how they wanted the event to go. Gizelle admits that she didn’t want some of the ladies to use the bathroom, and boldly tells the group that the victims would’ve been Karen and Wendy. The group is utterly confused after hearing this, and Wendy throws in that she wasn’t planning on coming. Gizelle believes Wendy talked about her house, which in reality Wendy talked about the way Gizelle dresses. That foot medication must have Gizelle confused, Lord! Wendy isn’t jealous of Gizelle’s construction site, and Karen pulls Mia to the side. 

Karen gives Mia a heads up about the conversation at Wendy’s and Mia guessing correctly when she wonders who expressed their grievances. Mia believes she was having a nice conversation with Dororthy and puts a pin in the conversation as she helps Karen with the gifts. The ladies begin the game and of course, the Eddie rumors come up once again, and the group finds out Wendy told Candiace about what Mia said at the video shoot. Meanwhile, Candiace arrives and is fighting the evil forest as she makes it to the tent. Gizelle, Robyn, and Mia feel like the timing for Wendy wasn’t right, while Wendy, Karen, and Askale feel like Mia’s questions were out of line. Candiace greets everyone, and Gizelle catches Candiace up on the game and whether Wendy was being shady or not. Robyn feels like Wendy could’ve messed up Candiace’s groove and Mia violates Wendy’s personal space. 

Candiace doesn’t have a problem with what Wendy said and takes this time to check Mia. Candiace thinks it wasn’t appropriate to ask her mother those questions, and Mia begins to go in on Candiace’s low-budget video. “Your mama’s low-budget, watch your mouth!” Mia’s upset that Candiace didn’t thank them after volunteering their time, and Ashley tries to chime in before Candiace shuts her down. Candiace wants to know who else was talking about Chris, and Gizelle admits they all wanted to know the answer to the question. Robyn putting her foot in her mouth says Candiace shouldn’t be upset. Candiace sets her boundaries around the ladies talking about her husband and their money. The game continues in which we find out Karen drunk calls the ladies and talks a bunch of mess! Karen admitted to liking Juan Dixon more than Robyn, but the group feels like drunk Karen is an honest Karen. 

Robyn asks the last question and of course, it’s about Wendy’s dramatic appearance and the cheating rumors smh. Wendy is fed up with Robyn and has decided to unleash the beast! Wendy makes the comparison that Gizelle was reported to have an STD and that Wendy is tired of the ladies talking about her! Robyn drops all her cupcakes while trying to talk to Wendy, and Wendy says if they really wanted to get through to her, they could call her. Askale chimes in and Mia makes a comment about her being the mediator. Askale is tired of Mia and tells her to “keep it cute.” Askale goes off and calls Mia a ho! Karen is done with the back and forth is ready to go. In the midst of Karen’s symptoms, Karen accidentally shares about Wendy’s upcoming trip and forces Wendy to share the details. The men are welcomed to come, and Wendy tells Gizelle and Robyn that their luggage will be there for them. As the ladies begin to leave, Gizelle takes Candiace and Askale in to see her closet, and Grace is tasked with moving Candiace’s Lexus. Robyn rides with Grace, but Grace still manages to scrap the car on a rock. Looks like sis needs more practice, but we’ll see next time on a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! 


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