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Crystal Kung Minkoff FORCED To Deactivate Twitter After Receiving Hateful, Racist Messages From Trolls!

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Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff has shut down her Twitter account after receiving multiple hate-filled messages, amid the unfolding season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A fan account shined a social media spotlight on the racist messages after discovering that the Bravo rookie had deactivated her account, on Monday. 

“I hope all of you racist a**holes are happy you ran Crystal off of Twitter,” Real Housewives Gifs wrote, posting a screenshot of the deactivated account page. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

The account then reminded fans that Crystal had shared nasty messages that she had received in the past, including one that labeled the Asian race “disgusting.” 

“So disgusting that you’re just another Asian that will eat any animal with no thought whatsoever,” the individual ranted. “Asians already have a bad stigma for their complete lack of regard from animals. With your platform maybe you could have made your race seem more human… What do you do in your spare time…. eat dogs??? You’re disgusting your [sic] race is disgusting.”

The RHOBH newbie posted the vile message on her Instagram Story at the time, writing—“While we’re on the topic of Karens. Meet ‘Kellie Doyle’ from my Facebook. Maybe she would be happier with me if I taught Chinese art to my kids instead.”

Crystal had shared that she had received a message from a person who bashed her for teaching her children Chinese poetry. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

The fan account posted several nasty tweets sent to the reality star before Crystal pulled the plug on her account. 

Crystal is a disgrace as Asian representation,” one person tweeted. “Treats her family as caterers, plays the victim as Sutton [Stracke] supposedly ‘violated’ her [and] deploys her race issues when convenient for her storyline. Aside from all of that – she’s a social climbing golddigger.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff

“From now on I will refer to boring [Crystal Minkoff ] as Asian [Teddi Mellencamp],” another viewer wrote.

Crystal did the same thing all Asian girls do – flip flop over the other woman of color to be accepted by the pretty white girls,” another racist remark read.  

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal spoke out about the rise in Asian hate crimes in America on Instagram, earlier this year.

“Despite being the fastest growing racial and ethnic group in the country, despite consisting of 20 million people with roots in more than 20 countries, the racism, discrimination and disparities experienced by many Asian Americans are often overlooked,” the reality star captioned a March 4 Instagram post.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

“Asian Americans suffer from the racism of being made invisible,” she added. “Those notions, which suggest that Asian Americans are outsiders who don’t face disadvantages, make it possible for them to be seen as acceptable targets — and contribute to the spate of violence seen over the past year. We will no longer be silent or invisible any more.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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