‘RHOP’ RECAP: Mia Gets Messy & Candiace’s Mom, Dorothy, Spills The Tea On Candiace And Chris’ Marriage!

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On a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, we begin at Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s, as her mom nitpicks Candiace’s new house. Ms. Dorothy is stressing Candiace out and nothing seems to be good enough for her. Ms. Dorothy flew down to support Candiace during her video shoot, but apparently, Ms. Dorothy visits Candiace all the time! Whew, good luck with mommy dearest, Candiace. At Gizelle Bryant’s corner of Potomac, she’s taking her daughter Grace to practice driving at a local parking lot. Grace finally got her learner’s permit after failing multiple times, and now she’s excited to move onto the next phase of adulting. 

Gizelle Bryant

Gizelle sets a few cones out and explains the basics to Grace before beginning. Clearly, there was a reason Grace failed so many times, cause sis is a monster behind the wheel! Gizelle realizes how much practice Grace needs when she almost hits the cameraman, LOL. Whew, good luck with that! At Mia Thornton’s house, Mia is in the kitchen talking to Gordon. Once Mia’s son gets started with his schoolwork, Mia calls her mother to invite her to ice cream with the kids. Mia’s trying to build a better relationship with her mother, but they’re still a work in progress. After she’s done chatting with her mother, Mia meets Gordon in the kitchen and begins cooking eggs. 

Mia jokes about not being ready for a video debut, before starting the conversation about Candiace’s upcoming video shoot. Having no idea what to wear, Mia tells Gordon about the theme of the video, while discussing Candiace’s stress level regarding Chris being her manager. Mia explains that she had the same issues within her marriage when Gordon tried to manage Mia in the beginning. Mia knows that when you have issues at work, they can carry over into your marriage. Mia doesn’t want Candiace to throw her whole marriage away, and fears if she continues down this route then her album’s gonna flop. Whew! At Karen Huger’s, Karen is excited as she speaks with her publicist about her upcoming candles. Karen’s candles are now retail-ready and Karen can’t be happier!

Wendy Osefo

Producers, being petty, head over to Wendy Osefo’s as she speaks with Eddie Osefo about her (one-wick) candle line. Eddie comes in with the box of candles in tow, and Wendy wants to present her business plan to Eddie. Wanting to show Eddie that she’s serious about her line, Wendy has her professor glasses on and is ready for business. Although Wendy looks like she knows what she’s doing, we quickly realize Wendy’s all talk and no action. With Google being her best friend, it seems like Wendy uses a lot of filler words to explain her business plan. Eddie’s listening but it’s clear that he’s just as confused as we are. Once Wendy’s finished with her presentation, she gives Eddie the floor to ask her questions. Eddie can tell Wendy has her vision figured out, but Wendy doesn’t have much else ready. 

Wendy doesn’t know who she’s selling the candles to, nor how much they cost to make. “I’ll get back to you on that” is her only answer to all of Eddie’s questions, smh. Either way, Eddie’s there to support Wendy until she spends too much money. We finally see Ashley Darby, as she visits with family with the boys in tow. Once inside, we see Ashley’s mom, brother, uncle, and his wife greet them. They ask how Ashley’s doing and she gives us a little TMI as she discusses her uterus prolapse. No one is phased by Ashley’s new information, and they begin asking how life is with the nanny. Ashley admits she never thought she’d have an attractive nanny before having kids, but now she feels Daisy is a saving grace. 

Ashley Darby

Ashely’s uncle doesn’t fully trust Michael but will continue to support Ashley throughout her marriage. Ashley begins telling her family how Michael wants to venture into the movie business. They all seem just as confused as I am, because what “type” of movies do Michael want to make? Ashley wants to make sure they both have their perspective roles, and not step on each other’s toes. Let’s see how this goes *rolls eyes*. Robyn and Juan Dixon are at Roll Up looking into storage units, and Robyn embarrasses herself again as she introduces Juan as her Ex-husband/Fiancé. 


The rep shows the pair around and Robyn admits in her confessional to having over 15K orders. I highly doubt that, but I digress. Juan seems happy with the potential new workspace, and Robyn reveals they’re a hundred-thousand dollars over budget for their house. I still don’t know how she’s spending all this money with a 90K tax lien but go off! Juan wants Robyn to think big and go for the business, while Robyn explains to Juan that she wants him to be softer with her. He promises to be a better coach while sharing his desire to have a baby girl. Goodness Juan, one thing at a time! Candiace arrives for her dance rehearsal and her crew seems pumped for their upcoming shoot. The theme is supposed to be “Fast N Furious Chic,” but it’s giving low-budget chic. Candiace doesn’t have the dance moves down yet, and sis is definitely a baby in this music industry. Before heading home, Candiace checks in with Chris, and the two have a minor argument before hanging up. 

The stress of managing an artist and your wife has to be getting to Chris and it clearly shows. Either way, let’s hope they pull this off. It’s the day of Candiace’s video shoot and Mia’s the first to arrive. The video is being shot in a parking lot and no one is facilitating the crew or the ladies. Wendy and Gizelle arrive, and the three women are perplexed about what is going on. Candiace isn’t there and everyone’s standing around in the parking lot. Ms. Dorothy arrives and meets Mia for the first time. The two seem to hit it off, although Mia rudely asks for Ms. Dorothy’s age. Wendy getting offended for Ms. Dorothy, tells her not to mind Mia. Candiace arrives to shoot her final scene and Robyn’s not too far behind. An issue arises when the crew lets Candiace know the luxury cars aren’t coming.

Getting more frustrated, Candiace brainstorms with her crew to see how they can overcome this hurdle. The sun is going down and they are pressed for time! Karen arrives while Candiace attempts to get ahold of Chris. Askale Davis shows up and Candiace and her crew begin rehearsing as they wait. Candiace gets word that the cars aren’t coming, and Ms. Dorothy begins going in on Chris!  Ms. Dorothy reveals Chris was still at home when she left and begins telling all of Candiace’s business! Ms. Dot doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Chris to be a manager, and messy Mia agrees. Mia begins to chime in as Karen and Wendy stand back! “I mean, I don’t need you to be my manager, I need you to be my husband,” Mia says while Ms. Dorothy agrees. Lord, this is going from bad to worse! Askale overhears the conversation and Wendy shakes her head. 

Karen Huger

They know this won’t go over well with Candiace, and Karen’s trying to keep her friendship with Candiace intact. Candiace improvises and uses the luxury cars that her castmates pulled up in. Meanwhile, Mia asks the messiest question of them all: “Is Chris getting paid to be a manager?”  Wendy, Karen, and Askale walk away immediately and allows Mia to bury herself! Askale goes over to the green-eyed bandits to discuss Mia’s many questions and Gizelle has no shame in wanting to know the same thing, LOL. Wendy tells Candiace about the many questions of Mia and the feud between the two begins! Ms. Dorothy doesn’t stop as she reveals to Karen that Chris quit his job! Karen’s treading lightly but is shocked by the tea Ms. Dorothy is spilling! The ladies shoot their scene and Chris arrives heated! Upset about the cars, Chris is able to regulate while the crew wraps. Gizelle tells Ms. Dorothy about the coattails comment, and Ms. Dorothy thanks Gizelle, smh. She’s gonna ruin Candiace’s marriage if she doesn’t stop. Let’s see how that works out, next week on the new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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