‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Kyle, Dorit, And Their Husbands Clown Erika’s Latest ‘Tom’ Story!

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Even after a beautiful but disastrous dinner party, Kathy Hilton hosts a spa day for some of the ladies this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika Girardi tells Kyle Richards another series of events that leave the ladies wondering what to believe. Does Erika not know that car accidents and medical injuries have paper trails? Husbands P.K. Kemsley and Mauricio Umansky weigh in on the situation with Erika. And, apparently, Garcelle Beauvais is still irritated with Dorit Kemsley’s incessant talking but is focused on finding a new man.

P.K. and Dorit are throwing “an evening of glamour and romance” to launch Dorit’s wedding dress line. The women are each individually invited by a knock at the door, a formal invitation box, and a white rose. It appears that Garcelle was interested more in the man who delivered the invite!

Dorit’s party planner, Nick, arrives to help her figure out a “rain plan” if she cannot host her party outdoors. Dorit and Nick meet with Fashion Designer, Nektaria. Dorit wants to create a wedding-themed event where the models show the designs while the guests are emersed in drama glamour. 

Kathy is planning a spa party with Lejla, the founder of Knesko Skin. Kyle and Kathy sing along (howl) with Sue the dog when Lisa Rinna walks in. Then Kathy lies down on the floor to continue howling and “communicating” with her dog. Erika arrives in full makeup. Kathy only invited a small group for Reiki-infused face masks and whole neck treatments. Did Kyle just say, “I’m allergical”?

Lisa and Kathy go first, and before you know it, Lisa is muzzled by a gold face mask. Kyle and Erika sit down to talk about how Erika doesn’t want to make up with Sutton—the door is closed. And then Erika says she is dealing with a lot because Tom Girardi’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar, had to have eye surgery, and then her son had to go over and help, and then her son rolled his car five times on the way home. Kyle is left stunned. Erika says that this series of events just happened a couple of days ago (before Garcelle’s party, but Erika didn’t mention it). 

Garcelle Beauvais

Because Erika cannot go to see Tom, her son went to see him. And on his way home from seeing Tom, it was snowing, and her son rolled his car. Does it snow in Los Angeles? Maybe at high elevations near Los Angeles? In Kyle’s production interview, she says that the story sounds unbelievable… and at the reunion, she will likely pay for that. 

Even with a facial mask muzzle, Rinna is trying to talk.

Garcelle is meeting with her Dating Coach, Damona. Damona says that Bonnie the matchmaker has a man named Keith for Garcelle to meet. Garcelle thinks he’s hot. Let’s hope that he checks the other boxes she has. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff hosts Kyle at her house to talk about her 1800 square foot, half a million-dollar basement renovation. How refreshing to see a cluttered room (or entire basement) on this show! Kyle and Crystal talk about who is “not talking.” Crystal seems content with the silence and politeness, but Kyle cannot handle the unsettled nature of it. She wants to fix it. 

Mauricio and Kyle are hosting Dorit and P.K. for dinner. Kyle can’t wait to tell Dorit the story from Erika. Kyle is such an odd combination of storyteller and gossiper and then has discomfort and anxiety when people are upset. As the men are brought into the conversation about Erika, P.K. says what everyone is thinking, “Is it true?” They talk about the improbability that all of these things are true. Dorit asks P.K. if he thinks that Erika is a liar. And P.K. says, “I’m suggesting that she’s been in a controlling marriage for all these years, and she’s still being controlled. I think Tom lied to her and Erika went along with it.” Then Mauricio says, “There’s lies all over the place.” Dorit keeps wondering “why would she make that up?” Everyone gets the giggles over the absurdity of yet another Erika story and the assertion that Erika told the doctors not to operate on Tom’s brain, but to take care of his ankle instead. 

The ladies are getting ready for Dorit’s big wedding collection reveal. What’s up with P.K.’s pants? Crystal shows up with her husband, Robert Minkoff. Erika has some kind of odd fake-hair ponytail on a hoop. Kyle and Mauricio are stunning in black. Sutton Stracke and her boyfriend, Michael, arrive, and immediately Erika turns her back. Garcelle is wearing yellow, and it is a Big Bird yellow with those terrible hairpins. Why do these women wear those terrible hairpins? Kathy arrives with Jesse, her architect. Meanwhile, Lisa can’t figure out how to get up the stairs in her shoes and her tight dress.

Dorit does a big reveal of her backyard with models wearing the dresses. Dorit’s daughter comes out wearing the flower girl dress. Dorit explains the name and design of each dress, and the girls love them. Harry Hamlin arrives when it’s time for dinner. Harry is seated next to Erika. Everyone congratulates Harry on a new acting role where he is going to play Tom Brokaw. 

As the men wander outside to escape, Kyle says to Garcelle, “You had everyone up in arms today. You made a little comment.” Garcelle seemed shocked. Then on screen, we see a screenshot from All About The Tea where the headline is, “Mean Girls Are Coming for Garcelle Beauvais!” after her interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Dorit and Garcelle have more words about Dorit talking too much and Garcelle’s jabs about it. Erika and Lisa are at the table, away from the group, like Waldorf and Statler on the Muppets. Garcelle is saying that she feels like an outsider, and Dorit is dismissing it. 

Harry is contemplating going inside, but the men “advise against it.” Lisa tells Harry that it’s not safe to come in. 

Next time, the ladies spend more time trying to sort out the Tom and Erika drama at yet another dinner. Erika inserts the word “allegedly” into a conversation, and it adds more confusion to her claims. Erika dismisses Sutton yet again. And Garcelle and Dorit talk more about Garcelle not fitting in.

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