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Quad Webb Returning To ‘Married To Medicine’ Season 9 As Main Cast Member After Being Demoted To ‘Friend Of’ Role!

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Quad Webb

Married to Medicine is tweaking the cast after lackluster Season 8 resulted in a ratings drop. Quad Webb was demoted to a “friend” last season and Mariah Huq, the creative force behind the Atlanta-based show, was not invited back. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes recently dished on her YouTube channel that Quad would be coming back as a full-time cast member for the upcoming season. Heavenly was chatting with fans when she spilled the Season 9 tea. 

“Yes. I’ma gon ahead and tell you, h*ll, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say nothing but y’all know Quad was gonna be a main character!” Heavenly revealed. 

Toya Bush-Harris previously commented that Quad should remain in the M2M friend zone because she wasn’t transparent enough about her personal life. Toya also dissed Quad’s digs, calling out her “bullsh*t a*s apartment.” 

Toya addressed Quad’s demotion during a previous Instagram Live chat with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore. Toya noted that Quad’s “Sister Circle” storyline was a diversion from sharing her life on the show, adding that all she wanted to do was film with Heavenly in her “bullsh*t a*s apartment.”

Quad Webb

Quad fired back, accusing Toya of taking out a personal loan to build a luxury pool for her new home. Quad also remarked that Toya had to “beg, borrow, and steal” to complete her dream house.

Married To Medicine

“She should be the last person talking about anybody’s house and especially talking about mine because I know her real tea in terms of how she even got the motherf–king house,” Quad said during a Season 8 episode. “She begged, borrowed and stole and just in that order. The girl took out a $100,000 personal loan just to get the pool, b***.” 

“B*** don’t talk about my house when you barely got yours,” Quad added. “She barely, by the skin of her teeth got her house!”

Married To Medicine

Toya responded to her cast mates’ comments during a post-episode appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

“You know, I was very disappointed in the two of them. I just felt like here’s two women who are supposed to be my friends,” Toya said, in March. “But I wasn’t surprised because they’ve been talking about me in a negative way since I’ve been on the show. It was like they couldn’t even wait to talk about me, Andy. I mean, it was silly.”

Quad Webb

Quad fired another shot at Toya during her own Watch What Happens Live appearance, in June. The reality star did not hold back when Andy Cohen asked her to list three things that she admired about Toya.

“I think she is a subpar mom. I think that’s great…you heard what I said. If you’re saying that two children during the pandemic are hard for you to teach after being a teacher and that’s an issue for you…” Quad responded. 

“I think she spends a lot of money. I really don’t admire that either because I take my money to Morgan Stanley,” she added.

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