Detective In Tom Girardi’s Burglary Incident Says Tom Was ‘Uninjured’ Despite Erika Jayne’s Claims He ‘Needed Surgery’!

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Erika Jayne has been busted in a lie after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star claimed that her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, was injured during a home invasion. 

The detective who responded to the alleged burglary of the ex-couple’s Pasadena mansion dished to The Sun that the disgraced lawyer was not injured in the incident. 

Tom wasn’t injured,” the official said, despite claims made by the RHOBH star during Wednesday’s episode. 

The police insider clarified that there was no contact between the alleged intruder and Tom, during the January incident.  

Tom was sleeping in his bedroom and he heard someone in the closet. Tom called out and thought it was the son, but he couldn’t tell because it was dark,” the detective explained. 

“He heard someone & saw a shadowy figure and he called out the son’s name, but no one responded,” the source added. 

The alleged invader reportedly exited the home without incident. 

Tom showed me where he believed some cufflinks were taken. They were missing from the closet,” the detective told the outlet. 

Tom Girardi

A lack of security camera footage reportedly thwarted a subsequent investigation. The detective noted Tom’s apparent mental health decline when recalling the incident.    

“He gave a statement saying he was traveling all over the place, but it just didn’t seem like that was possible, it didn’t seem like he would because he was pretty old,” the source revealed. 

“So, I don’t know if it’s like dementia or Alzheimer’s started kicking in or something like that,” the officer added. 

The officer revealed that he contacted Tom’s brother, who shared that he was in the process of seeking a conservatorship over his brother. The officer confirmed that the case was suspended due to a lack of evidence. 

“We didn’t have any security video or security cameras. We didn’t have any leads and we suspended the case because we really didn’t have anything to go on,” the detective said. 

Erika, 50, left viewers confused on Wednesday after she alleged that Tom confronted a burglar during the break-in and later had to undergo surgery on his eye. She added that her adult son, Tommy Zizzo, flipped his car five times while driving home, after checking in on Tom. The accident did not occur in Pasadena, but the officer confirmed that an incident of that nature did go down at the approximate time of the supposed burglary. 

Several of Erika’s castmates reacted to her story—which Dorit Kemsley, 45, called “bonkers,” during the episode. Kyle Richards and Dorit spoke to their husbands about Erika’s claims, during an aired dinner. 

“I’m suggesting she’s been in a controlling marriage for 20 years and she’s still being controlled,” Dorit’s husband, PK, 52, said. “I think Tom lied to Erika and Erika went along with it.” 

Kyle’s hubby, Mauricio Umansky, 51, noted that there were “lies all over the place.” The foursome erupted in laughter, after joking about some of the details in Erika’s story. 

“There seems to be a pattern. We’ll spend time with Erika and find out later there was this big situation in her life going on that she doesn’t share with us,” Kyle, 52, said in a confessional spot.  

“When Erika withholds information, she just makes it hard to be able to support her,” she added.  

Erikas relationships with her castmates have broken down in real-time, amid the reality star’s legal woes. She reacted to the aired scene on social media, on Wednesday.   

“Felt great watching this ?,” Erika wrote on Twitter, alongside a sad face emoji, responding to a fan who shared a snap of the couples laughing.

“Team Erika, but only to her face!” the fan added. 

Lisa Rinna responded to the scene during a post-episode appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

“It actually hurt me to see that,” Rinna said.

“I felt sad for everyone involved because of the mocking and the laughing… and I don’t think anyone really meant to go there, but they did, and it hurt my heart,” Rinna remarked. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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