Falynn Pina Reveals She Was Once Pregnant By Ex Simon Guobadia, Claims He’s Infertile Due To ‘Heavy Drinking & Smoking’!

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Falynn Pina continues to sound off about her relationship with her ex-husband, Simon Guobadia, amid his engagement to her former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Porsha Williams. Falynn recently took to YouTube to chat with fans and answer questions, and no subject was off-limits. 

One follower asked Falynn if she thinks that her ex-husband is expecting a child with the Bravo star. Another fan asked if Simon had undergone a vasectomy. 

“I’m not exactly sure as to what procedures my ex has undergone after we separated,” the former RHOA personality replied. 

Falynn shared that she was once expecting a child with her ex, during their time together. 

“Throughout the course of five years, Simon and I were actually pregnant once before but I did not want to have a child with that person,” Falynn said. 

Simon Guobadia

Falynn then claimed that Simon can no longer father biological children. 

“And after that, he was actually, we had learned from the doctors that he was incapable of having children,” she explained. “This came from heavy drinking and smoking and he wouldn’t change up his habits. So we were just – we tried for years and I could not get pregnant. So as far as where they are now, I mean I wish them well.” 

Simon Guobadia

Falynn and Simon both have children from previous relationships but do not share any children together. 

Fans know that Falynn was introduced to RHOA viewers while she was married to Simon, as a friend of Porsha’s. Porsha denied any friendship with Falynn after she dropped the bomb that she was engaged to Simon, shortly after Simon and Falynn announced that they were headed for divorce. Simon and Porsha announced their engagement in May after dating for one month. Falynn and Simon’s divorce was finalized in July. 

Falynn made her romance with Jaylan Banks official in July, after denying that the duo was involved in a romantic relationship. 

Falynn Pina

Jaylan confirmed the relationship by sharing cozy couple selfies on social media. 

“A man is truly a man when he earns the respect of a good woman and keeps her trust,” Jaylan captioned in one date night photo. 

“I don’t need approval from anyone on what i do in MY LIFE. We were best friends at first, That being said I picked up where a man left off, I’m happy and she’s happy. That’s it,” Jaylan added in the post’s comment section. 

Falynn Guobadia

Simon accused his ex of having an affair with Jaylan in the wake of his engagement news and even produced incriminating evidence to support his claim. Falynn and Jaylan have been hit by social media backlash since coming clean about their romance, and are currently expecting their first child together.  

Jaylan recently accused Simon of stepping out on Porsha while responding to an outspoken fan, on Instagram. 

Falynn Pina

“You think they living their best life meanwhile they don’t even live under the same roof but they are “engaged,” Jaylan claimed. “That n*gga still tricking off around Atlanta. That’s why he lost all his other wives. Don’t mention them on my page anymore. Our lives DO NOT revolve around them. If they happy then they happy. But I promise you over here WE GOOD and WE WILL have the last laugh when it comes down to it.”

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