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Erika Jayne’s Mom Caught TROLLING ‘RHOBH’ Cast & Fans On Twitter!

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Renee Chahoy

Erika Jayne’s mother, Renee Chahoy, has sounded off in defense of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star amid accusations that she helped her ex, Thomas Girardi, embezzle millions from funds owed to former clients. 

On September 13, podcaster, Zack Peters, shared some newly uncovered tweets and Instagram posts in which Renee suggests that Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais, and PK Kemsley should shift their voiced concerns to financial support for the victims. 

Erika Jayne

“Why are Sutton and Garcelle and PK the only people who seem to care about the actual victims getting justice in this entire situation??” a viewer asked.

“They have money. Why aren’t they volunteering to help the victims?” Renee replied.

Erika Jayne

She also pointed a finger at employees from Tom’s law firm, Girardi Keese, wondering why they weren’t being investigated.  

“Why aren’t they looking into the firm and the employees? You didn’t work there! Plus go get the money out of all the cases that the trustee is throwing to the vultures! That is the Sham!!!!” Renee wrote on Twitter, in a message sent to her daughter, in July.

Erika Jayne

Renee also replied to a Twitter user who expressed a desire to know how Tom’s law firm partners felt about the allegations surrounding Tom and Erika. 

“Yes. [She] did not work at the firm! Where are they?” Renee asked. “The money is in the cases they are giving to incompetent attorneys. This is a sham!”

Renee fired back at Sutton last month after she snarked about a comment Erika made during an episode of RHOBH. 

“Does this look ‘small town’ to you? A little #tbt of my pride and joy home town, AUGUSTA GA,” Sutton wrote alongside some pics of the area. 

Erika Jayne

Renee hit back, claiming that Erika was “carrying” Season 11 and that  Sutton had no right to act “so important.” 

“This is a well planned TV show and Erika is carrying it with her true life on the line. The nerve of Sutton to act like she is so important! Smell town!!!” Renee responded. 

Renee thanked Kyle Richards for being loyal to her daughter after the RHOBH veteran denied turning on Sutton amid her co-star’s beef with Erika. 

“Thank you for your friendship with Erika!” Renee wrote on September 2.  

Renee defended her daughter’s marriage to the disgraced lawyer and shot down claims that Erika was ready to go against Tom’s alleged victims for settlement cash, amid the ex-couple’s ongoing divorce.

Renee Chahoy

“More proof that you were only [with] TOM for the money .. Because, well ..” a fan opined.

“Really? Did you live with them?” Renee shot back.

“You heard it here first: she’ll fight and fight those widows and orphans for every cent they’re entitled to,” a Bravo fan account wrote.

“Wrong!” Renee responded.

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