Falynn Pina’s Newest Baby Daddy, Jaylan Banks, Alleges Simon Guobadia Is Cheating On Porsha Williams!

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Falynn Pina’s boyfriend, Jaylan Banks, fired back on social media after a Porsha Williams fan put the Atlanta businessman on blast. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know that Porsha is currently engaged to her former co-star’s ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. Porsha dropped the engagement bomb at the end of Season 13, causing a fan uproar. However, some viewers have supported the RHOA veteran, who insisted that she never shared a friendship with Falynn. 

Simon accused his ex of having an affair with Jaylan in the wake of his engagement news and even produced incriminating evidence to support his claim. Falynn and Jaylan claimed that they shared only a friendship at the time, but later came clean about their romance, inviting social media backlash. They’re currently expecting their first child together. 

Falynn Pina

“Are y’all really happy or y’all putting on a front?” a fan of Porsha’s wrote to Jaylan on Instagram. “And Porsha got a spin off coming on top of a book and housewives. And might I add she’s getting ready to get an estate with Simon. What are you and the liar doing? Lol you and your mom because Falynn is clearly babysitting. And you are a whole snake for messing with that man’s wife behind his back. That’s why nothing good will come of it, not even the baby. You baby daddy number 6 looking silly smh.”

The comment caught Jaylan’s eye, prompting a response. 

“Lol they living life? If they are then cool,” Jaylan responded. “Ain’t nobody studying them nor worried about them. If you are their fan then get off my page with the negativity because over here is nothing but positivity and love.”

“You think they living their best life meanwhile they don’t even live under the same roof but they are “engaged,” he continued. “That n*gga still tricking off around Atlanta. That’s why he lost all his other wives. Don’t mention them on my page anymore. Our lives DO NOT revolve around them. If they happy then they happy. But I promise you over here WE GOOD and WE WILL have the last laugh when it comes down to it.”

Falynn Guobadia

The social media exchange comes on the heels of Falynn ripping into her ex, earlier this month. Falynn took to her Instagram Story on September 7, addressing the couple’s split and the messy fallout. 

Falynn fired off a series of rants on her Instagram Stories, lashing out at her ex. 


“I will NOT continue to be bullied for s**t I did not do!!!! Idk how many f**king times I have to say this!!! I DID NOT CHEAT ON MY EX. We had a silent and mutual understanding that him and I, BOTH, were done with the marriage and we went our separate ways before we even went public in regards to our divorce,” the former reality star wrote, in part. 

Simon Guobadia

Falynn described Simon’s actions as “narcissistic,” and claimed that he had made derogatory comments about her children’s futures. 

The former Bravo star then alleged that Simon was upset to see her in a romance with her “best friend.”

Simon Guobadia

“It’s one thing to speak on your past in a way of maturity, growth, healing, etc… but NO, you’re out here sending packages to our f**king house and posting subliminal captions quoting everything Jaylan and I say on our social media towards one another as if somebody did something to you,” she wrote. “You’re mad bc I got into a relationship with my best friend. Cool. You got engaged to my castmate/ someone I had around us outside of filming. BOOM, B****! Everyone f**king wins!!!”

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