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Candiace Dillard’s Mom, Dorothy, Caught On Camera Shading Candiace’s Marriage And Calling Chris A ‘Househusband’!

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Candiace Dillard

Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s mother refers to her son-in-law, Chris Bassett, as a “househusband” on the upcoming episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac. Fans know that Candiace’s budding music career has caused tension within the marriage, as Chris works to function as his wife’s manager. 

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Chris asks Candiace via a FaceTime call—“Have I f*cked anything up?” Candiace says “no,” prompting Chris to cut off the exchange. 

“Okay, then right after the “no,” there’s nothing else that needs to be said,” Chris declares.

Candiace Dillard-Bassett

The cast gathers to film the music video for Candiace’s new single, “Drive Back,” where Mia Thornton appears to question Candiace’s mother, Dorothy, if Chris is being compensated for managing his wife’s career. 

Dorothy sounds off about Chris’ role later in the preview, in comments made to Karen Huger.

“I didn’t expect him to quit his job after she got married and be a househusband,” she whispers. 

Karen appears uncomfortable during the conversation, and it isn’t long before Chris storms the set rocking an apron. 

Candiace had requested that her hubby be present at the shoot, but Chris shot her down because he had to work. Chris had previously told his wife that he feels that she doesn’t care about his career and that she expects his entire professional focus to rest on her. Candiace apologized for the misstep, but it appears clear that the marriage drama is far from over. 

Watch the sneak peek below!

Candiace made headlines last month, after receiving hate-filled messages and putting them front and center on social media. 

The Bravo star took to Instagram to share nasty DMs sent by a vicious online troll. 

Candiace captioned the post, “Sick is an understatement.”

The stream of offensive comments included personal insults about the Bravo star’s appearance and slams against Candiace’s singing voice. Candiace was called “bitch,” and “ugly rat-face hoe,” in the written string of insults.  

The RHOP star quipped “I’m bored” in her only written reply. 

Candiace Dillard

Candiace came for Jemele Hill later that same month, after the journalist weighed in on the violent altercation that went down last season between the RHOP star and her former castmate, Monique Samuels. 

“My guilty pleasure summer watch is #RHOP. I’m finally at the season 5 reunion where Monique brought the binder. Here’s what I’m not understanding about their fight: When you dare someone to drag you, and then they do exactly what you asked, how is this an attack?” Hill asked. 

Candiace Dillard

One fan responded, commenting that “words and fist are two different things,” inviting a reply from Hill. 

“Yes and no. If my words are about the fact that I’m ready to fight, then that’s different,” the journalist tweeted.Candiace made it seem like she was ready for the get down. And clearly she wasn’t.”

Candiace Dillard

Candiace put Hill on blast, slamming her as cowardly for blocking feedback via her DMs.

“Messaged you on ig since you’re too chicken sh*t to have you Twitter dm’s on. @jemelehill” Candiace said.

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