‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle Admits She Already Knew About Jamal’s Sidepiece And Karen Apologizes!

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On a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, we’re right where we left off, at Robyn Dixon’s birthday dinner with a screaming match between Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby. Last week, Candiace called Ashley a “h*e” and “wide-body a**” because Candiace believes Ashley added “hot sauce” to the conversation with Wendy Osefo. Ashley defends herself by bringing up the hypocrisy of Candiace body-shaming her. Candiace doesn’t back down as she comments about Ashley’s forehead and Ashley responds with “B*tch, get a new line. Your sh*t is old!” Gizelle Bryant calls for a timeout as Askale Davis is caught in the middle of yet another argument. The ladies take a break from screaming at each other and begin stuffing their faces in awkwardness. 

After taking a moment to calm down, Candiace apologized to Ashley regarding her comments and admitted to being offensive out of anger. Before Candiace could finish, Ashley chimes in and says Candiace never came for her body before and Candiace disagrees. This leads Ashley to call out Candiace’s “dry a** hair” on top of her head and they’re back to arguing, LOL. After Candiace’s failed apology, Gizelle gives a toast in honor of Robyn. Gizelle talks about how wonderful and sweet Robyn is and blah blah blah. Sensing the group is in a better space, Mia Thornton takes this moment to invite the ladies to a Goddess Lunch! After explaining the upcoming event, Mia reveals that Wendy and Karen will be in attendance also. Mia delivers Karen’s message to Gizelle (and the rest of the ladies at the table) and we get the response we expected from Gizelle. 

Gizelle Bryant

“She will be dead and gone before I apologize! Her and Ray will be dead! Say it just like that.” We can hear Ashley in the background say “Gizelle, please don’t say that,” but Gizelle doesn’t care how mean-spirited it sounded. She said what she said, SMH. Across town, Karen Huger is setting up to shoot her preliminary video as ambassador to Surry County. Now, why Karen is shooting her video in Potomac instead of Surry County is questionable, but we still love Mrs. Huger. Shooting a few scenes, Karen switches it up from animated to professional as she shares why Surry County is so special. We learn Surry County has good ham, peanuts, and Farmer Joe’s. 

Before Karen wraps up for the day, she tells a story about herself as a girl as she goes down the slide. Apparently, as a young girl, Karen got her dress caught on the slide, and she was completely naked once she reached the bottom. Being unphased and fabulous, Karen makes sure she enjoys herself no matter what. At Gizelle’s house, her girls are cleaning before Gizelle summons them to her room. Gizelle’s girls always clown their mom and her use of broken Spanish is no exception. Gizelle asks the girls how they liked their “Four Seasons moment” and the girls enjoyed it. Apparently, the girls and Gizelle spent time with Jamal Bryant and Gizelle admits to her daughters that she’s moved on. Gizelle focuses on Grace and is determined to get college figured out before she’s an empty nester. 

Gizelle Bryant

The twins ask Gizelle if she’s going to get married again, and her answer is no. Gizelle explains to her daughters that she doesn’t want to financially depend on a man anymore. Gizelle revealed how her parents divorced affected her and she doesn’t want to experience that vulnerability again. Gizelle wants her daughters to be with a man who is their equal and to learn from Gizelle’s mistakes. At Candiace’s house, Chris Bassett is in the kitchen fixing himself a drink as his wife prances in. They exchange quick pleasantries and the energy in the room is still off. Chris inquiries about Candiace’s rehearsal and although she doesn’t answer him, Chris continues listing off the other duties that need to be completed. Candiace realizes Chris is drinking and he admits to Candiace stressing him out. 

Candiace still feels gross about the argument the two had and feels very unsettled. Candiace is worried about pulling off the video without Chris being there. Candiace asks Chris about the extras for her video, and they discuss the state’s limitations around how many people can be on set. Chris makes a comment about not including him in the numbers, and that triggers Candiace to get upset yet again. “Look, I have a job,” Chris says out of frustration and Candiace begins wiping her residual tears. Chris is upset that Candiace managed to turn this situation around on him while he’s actually upset because Candiace doesn’t care about what Chris does. Chris is feeling unappreciated and that his work doesn’t matter to Candiace. Chris explains to his wife that when he can’t be there, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to, and Candiace apologizes. 

Candiace doesn’t want Chris to feel like she doesn’t appreciate his contribution to their household and realizes through her quest to be perfect, that she hasn’t been a good wife or client lately. Hugging Candiace from behind, Chris reassures her that there are only two more days of hard work and she’ll be able to focus on her classes. The two make up and are back on good terms. At the Osefo household, Wendy takes the family outside for a little recreation. Wendy matches the kids’ energy as she catches the football and celebrates with a dance. Wendy checks in with Eddie and makes sure he’s alright. Wendy also wanted to take this time with the family to discuss the George Floyd case and relationships with the police. Wendy has been commentating on the verdict and wants to educate her children on what to expect in society. 

It sucks that Black parents have to break their kids’ innocents to prepare them for the world, but Wendy wants her kids to get the answers from them, instead of outside of their home. Eddie explains to the kids that police are there to protect and serve, and the kids ask a legit question about “Why are police officers killing Black people?” Eddie says that some bad people become police officers, and Kruz wants to find a way to be less threatening to everyone. Eddie teaches the kids to treat everyone with respect because you never know who the good or bad cops are. Kruz says he wants to be like MLK Jr. and make it so that Black and White people aren’t a threat. Wendy’s proud of how wise her son is and hugs him. So sweet! 

Ashley Darby

Meanwhile, Karen is meeting Ashley at Kaldi’s Social House for a chat and some refreshments. Ashley arrives with baby Dylan in tow as she fights to avoid a loud fire truck. Karen’s been waiting on meeting baby Dylan and feels she has a better chance of winning him over than Dean. Ashley begins feeding baby Dylan and Karen admits to being happy she’s far from that stage. Karen says once her kids get married, then she’ll step it up and be called “G-Ma or Diamond.” Ashley laughs at the thought of Karen being called ‘Diamond’ and then asks how Karen has recovered from the trip. Karen wishes Ashley could’ve stayed for the entire trip and then explains how Gizelle took Wendy through it before Ashley’s arrival. Karen’s not happy with Gizelle or her fat vagina and thinks Gizelle owes her an apology. 

Ashley discusses how the two ladies have been going at it for so long, and she hoped there would be some movement to their reconciliation. Ashley reminds Karen that Gizelle is in pain, and Karen agrees. It’s no secret that Gizelle is still reeling from the embarrassment of the reunion last year, and Ashley wants Karen to realize Gizelle, too, is a person with vulnerabilities. Karen doesn’t want to apologize again but is willing to have a private moment with Gizelle. Ashley doesn’t see it happening that way, and Karen tells Ashley she won’t be coming to Gizelle either. Next, we have Robyn in some cute black booties as she attends her first session with her life coach, Denise. Denise revisits their conversation on the phone and wants Robyn to paint a picture of herself being unmotivated.

Robyn Dizon

Robyn explained to Denise how she started a business and that at a point her business blew up, and now she’s afraid of her success crashing down. Denise uncovers that Robyn is afraid of trusting again, and Robyn tells Denise about her old friend who scammed Juan and Robyn out of their money. Denise realizes how heavy that must be for Robyn to carry, and Robyn wants to make a commitment to getting help with her business. Robyn wants to spend more time with the kids and Juan but admits to Denise that she’s not spending her free time making wedding plans. Robyn says the pandemic threw structure out the window for her and it’s seeping into their relationship. Robyn wants Juan to point out the great things in her and to bring out her positive side during her depression. Denise gives Robyn homework to reinforce what the two discussed and will check on her progress at their next meeting. 

It’s the day of the Goddess lunch and Mia is making sure everything is in order before her guest arrives. The party planner has beautiful decorations and halos for everyone! Karen arrives first and Wendy arrives not too far behind. Askale comes through with her Ethiopian attire and Ashley arrives with baby Dylan. As Ashley greets Karen, Gizelle arrives, and Wendy continues to ignore her. Candiace arrives in a Diana Ross wig and Robyn is last as always. Everyone looks beautiful as they take their seats and get ready for the festivities. Candiace discusses her upcoming video and Gizelle asks if Ashley’s invited. Candiace has no shame in telling the group Ashley was not invited, and Ashley admits to respecting each other’s space. Gizelle asks Candiace how Chris is handling all of this, and Candiace admits to the group that she’s been nitpicky with him and how she’s planning on making changes to Chris’s role. 

Karen Huger

After thanking the ladies for coming, Mia begins with a positive game where everyone says something positive about the other ladies. Wendy and Robyn aren’t excited about this activity but play along. Ashley goes first and admits to respecting Candiace’s passion, and Candiace admits appreciating Ashley’s journey into motherhood. Robyn enjoys that Karen can laugh at herself and loves Wendy’s passion while keeping it short. Askale loves Gizelle’s confidence and how wise Karen is. It’s Gizelle’s turn and she has nothing nice to say about Karen and admits to not hearing from Wendy. Wendy makes it clear that she hasn’t heard from Gizelle either and Gizelle offers to have the conversation now. Mia tells Wendy that Gizelle didn’t believe the blogs and therefore Gizelle thinks Wendy’s reaction was uncalled for. At the core, Wendy feels like if Gizelle was her friend, that she should’ve come to her first. 

Gizelle only apologizes for not coming to Wendy first, and that Wendy should’ve known they were coming from a place of love. Wendy is alright for now but believes this reconciliation is only temporary. Gizelle takes this time to point out that Karen is the only one destroying families, and Karen doesn’t react. Candiace brings up how she’s been thinking about Gizelle’s situation and asks her if last year’s reunion had anything to do with their split. Gizelle surprisingly says no and admits that wasn’t new information. Candiace asks why Gizelle didn’t say anything and Gizelle deflects once again. Gizelle claims to know this information months before but didn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of telling her about her life. Gizelle admits that she and the kids were hurt by the accusations, and Candiace gives Gizelle props for opening up. Karen apologizes to Gizelle and her children, and Gizelle also wants a clean slate with Karen. Whew! That was a lot! Let’s see how long this lasts and come back next week for a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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