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Falynn Pina RIPS Into Ex-Husband Simon Guobadia On IG: ‘We Both Ain’t Sh*t!’

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Falynn Pina

Falynn Pina and Simon Guobadia, the fiancé of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, are officially divorced—but the drama rages on. 

Falynn took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, September 7, to put her ex on blast, addressing their spilt and the messy fallout. Fans of the Bravo show know that Simon and Falynn announced the end of their marriage shortly before Simon proposed to Porsha, who starred alongside Falynn on RHOA. Simon accused his ex of having an affair with Atlanta businessman, Jaylan Banks, and even produced incriminating evidence to support his claim. The pair claimed that they shared only a friendship, at the time. 

Falynn and Jaylan went public with their romance a short while later, and are currently expecting a child together. 

Falynn fired off a series of rants on her Instagram Stories, lashing out at her ex. 

“I will NOT continue to be bullied for s**t I did not do!!!! Idk how many f**king times I have to say this!!! I DID NOT CHEAT ON MY EX. We had a silent and mutual understanding that him and I, BOTH, were done with the marriage and we went our separate ways before we even went public in regards to our divorce,” the former reality star wrote. “And if I had, why do you continue to stalk and post about everything I’m doing?! What I can’t seem to wrap my mind around is the fact that YOU FILED FOR A DIVORCE! You filed twice bc, the first time, I said NO BC I WANTED TO FIGHT FOR OUR MARRIAGE!!!” 

Falynn described Simon’s actions as “narcissistic,” and claimed that he had made derogatory comments about her children’s futures. 

“You filed the second time after I told you I wasn’t going to take your narcissistic antics anymore! Only after you told me that I should ‘reconsider reconciling with you bc without you, my children would end up working at Burger King or McDonalds.’ You just beat me to the punch but I was happy that you did.” 

Simon Guobadia

Falynn went on to explain why she became emotional during her post-split interview earlier this summer, after noting that their relationship was a bumpy ride from the start. 

“I have said many times that I do not blame you or your mate… I blame US. That is what ADULTS do. They take ACCOUNTABILITY. So here is MINE: OUR MARRIAGE, as beautiful as it was while it lasted, ALSO F**KING SUCKED for BOTH parties involved even BEFORE we got married. We had some real issues and probably had no business getting married. (And FYI!!! I was emotional in my interview for our children’s sake and a f**king divorce SUCKS!!! No matter who’s in the right or wrong.)” Falynn said. 

The former Bravo star then alleged that Simon was upset to see her in a romance with her “best friend.”

“It’s one thing to speak on your past in a way of maturity, growth, healing, etc… but NO, you’re out here sending packages to our f**king house and posting subliminal captions quoting everything Jaylan and I say on our social media towards one another as if somebody did something to you,” she wrote. “You’re mad bc I got into a relationship with my best friend. Cool. You got engaged to my castmate/ someone I had around us outside of filming. BOOM, B****! Everyone f**king wins!!!”

“We both ain’t s**t. How’s that for REALNESS?! NOW READ THIS!!! I DO NOT GIVE AF ABOUT YOU and neither does Jaylan. I’m tired of talking about this irrelevant s**t. Please move on with you pursuit of happiness and leave me alone!!!!” Falynn added. 

She concluded her remarks, writing—“Stop being a coward and trying to get Jaylan banned from every establishment you step foot in. The staff are laughing at you and telling us. It’s not working in your favor. So stop.”

Falynn’s rant comes two weeks after sharing her first baby bump pic on social media. Simon seemingly responded to the snap by throwing shade at Jaylan, posting a fatherhood themed message “particularly directed at black men”

“You CANNOT claim fatherhood IF you [are] not emotionally and financially providing for your child PERIOD!” Simon wrote, in part. 

Jaylan later posted that it was “time for DADDY to take a vacation,” on his own Instagram account.

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