Tamar Braxton SUED By Talent Group For Owing Them THOUSANDS In Unpaid Commission!

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Tamar Braxton has challenged claims that she owes thousands of dollars in commission to a talent group. Pantheon Talent Group filed a lawsuit against the singer/reality TV star in late 2020, claiming that they were owed 10% of Braxton’s income since entering into an alleged verbal agreement with the reality TV personality, in 2015. Atlanta Black Star obtained court documents that reveal that the company claimed that Braxton raked in $7.5k per episode of her WeTV series, “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” and $30k per episode for VH1 series, “To Catch a Beautician.”  

Tamar Braxton

Braxton recently challenged the allegations and pointed out that Nick Roses, the agent demanding the commission figure, does not hold a license. Agents must be licensed in order to act as official reps, according to California law. The reality star noted that Pantheon agents had nothing to do with her landing the professional gigs, which should shut down any commission demands. 

Braxton took to Instagram Live ahead of the “Get Ya Life” premiere in March 2020, to explain why she chose to navigate her career without representation. 

“I’m a single mom and also running my businesses all myself. Without an agent. Without a manager, but also elevating. And that’s the reason why I don’t have an agent or a manager because sometimes you outgrow situations that keep you stifled and down,” Braxton said in March 2020. 

Braxton is reportedly headed for a reality TV comeback, according to a July report by Deadline. 

As previously reported—Blast from the past reality show, The Surreal Life, is slated for a reboot, according to a Deadline report. The VH1 show debuted in 2003 and enjoyed a six-season run, with the first two seasons airing on The WB and the latter four on VH1. The formula mimicked The Real World, except the cast members were celebrities all living together in the Hollywood Hills mansion once owned by Glen Campbell, for a two-week period. Past participants included Flava Flav, Corey Feldman, Brigitte Nielsen, and Janice Dickinson.

The Surreal Life

Tamar Braxton will star alongside former NBA superstar, Dennis Rodman, singer/rapper, August Alsina, porn actress, Stormy Daniels, “Malcolm in the Middle” personality, Frankie Muniz, “In Living Color” actress, Kim Coles, WWE star, CJ Perry and makeup artist/YouTube personality, Manny MUA.

Tamar Braxton 

51 Minds, the company behind the original series, returns with executive producers, Christian Sarabia, Fernando Mills, Ken Martinez, and Nicole Elliott. Elena Diaz, Tolani Holmes, and Dan Caster serve as executive producers for MTV Entertainment Group, and Kat Uyenco, Jen McGrogan, and Jordan Browne are co-executive producers for 51 Minds. 

Tamar Braxton

“The Surreal Life is known for bringing together some of the biggest names in pop culture and creating many unforgettable moments in reality television,” said Nina L. Diaz, President of Content and Chief Creative Officer of MTV Entertainment Group. “We are excited to see how this stellar celebrity cast will make captivating television for audiences everywhere.”

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