‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Erika Unleashes Her Wrath Onto Sutton!

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In tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, buckle up for more drama and fallout from Sutton Stracke and Erika Girardi. Dorit Kemsley has a new business venture. Kathy Hilton hosts a beautiful dinner party. And Sutton goes for Erika again, thinking Erika might not be telling the truth about her divorce from Tom Girardi. It’s another explosive night for Erika Jayne.

After designing a swimwear line and a beachwear line, Dorit is now ready to launch her wedding dress designs. P. K. Kemsley sits to watch the fashion show of samples, and immediately he launches into naming the dresses. He comes up with names like, “The Pearl,” “The Moment,” “The Actress,” “The Woman.” When P.K. suggests that he’s found the dress for their vow renewal, Dorit doesn’t want to tempt fate and renew their vows and then have the curse of divorce. The conversation quickly turns to the real reasons people get divorced, like cheating, and what Erika is claiming about her marriage to Tom. 

At Sutton’s new house in Bel Air, Sutton wants to show Kyle Richards the renovations that are underway. Sutton says she was shattered after her divorce was announced, but now she has “ended up at the finish line with a new house, a new Bentley, great friends, and living my best life.” Sutton asks Kyle if Mauricio Umansky gave Kyle anything for her birthday. She says, “He didn’t.” But they have a 25th wedding anniversary coming up, so they’re planning a quiet dinner at home with the kids out of the house. 

Sutton and Kyle talk about Erika and what happened at Lisa Rinna’s launch party. Sutton thinks she’s been treating Erika “with kid gloves,” but Erika took it up a few notches by calling her “Miss Small Town.” So now Sutton has realized that Erika is not that fragile. Sutton says in her production interview, “I don’t think that she knew what exactly was going on in that law firm, but I think that Tom told her ‘The gig is up. Take care of yourself. It’s been a nice ride.’” Sutton tells Kyle that the lying is a concern for her. Sutton thinks that lying about the head injury from the car crash is part of Tom’s defense. Kyle says to Sutton, “One of us is going to be wrong about this.” 

At Crystal Kung Minkoff’s house, Erika arrives to have lunch with Crystal. Crystal tells Erika that her children have a Chinese tutor to try to keep their Chinese heritage and culture from being lost. Kathy arrives at Crystal’s house, still in get-ready-for-her-own-dinner-party mode. Kathy likes to polish the silver and clean the Crystal. Raise your hand if you think Kathy is really polishing the silver and cleaning the Crystal herself? She needs help plugging in a fan. Garcelle Beauvais arrives, so the four of them sit for a meal. Garcelle is happy that it’s just a small group (translation—no Dorit). 

The conversation quickly turns to how Sutton will “kick a dog when they’re down.” There is a montage of Sutton being kind to Erika as Erika talks about her surprise that Sutton wants to distance herself. Erika sees it as Sutton flipping. They talk about Sutton being “small town” and worried about her own reputation, and Kathy says, “I have good news and I have bad news. Guess what? Nobody cares what you have to say.” And Erika chimes in with “No one is that important.” 

Erika keeps hammering the point that the way Sutton acts (and thinks) is “disturbing.” Erika says that if THE Kathy Hilton isn’t worried about her reputation, Sutton Stracke shouldn’t be concerned. Garcelle and Sutton are friends, so she’s uncomfortable with this whole conversation about “someone is only important if I know who you are.” Garcelle says in her solo interview, “How about this? Before I met Crystal, I didn’t know Crystal. I knew Rob Minkoff.” Garcelle attempts to defend Sutton, but she doesn’t like that she is “Team Sutton,” and the group is saying these things. 

Mauricio planned a beautiful 25th-anniversary celebration for Kyle outside by their backyard pool. Kyle is grateful for 25 years of love and support. She didn’t have the greatest role models for marriage, but they have successfully figured it out. Kyle tells Mauricio that the next night will be Kathy’s dinner party. Mauricio asks about Erika. Mauricio says, “I like Erika, so I actually hope she actually did not have any knowledge of any of this sh*t.” And Kyle says, “I do believe that, and I don’t want to be proven wrong.” They have a sweet moment where Kyle says something genuine, and Mauricio interrupts to take the last crab.  

As everyone gets glammed up for dinner, Kyle calls Kathy to figure out what to wear. Kathy is distracted and talking to her staff instead of Kyle. Garcelle calls Sutton to see if she’s ready. Sutton tells Garcelle that she plans to confront Erika head-on. This dinner party is going to be a wild ride given the footage of Erika playing the victim and footage of Erika turning into a viper. 

Kathy’s dining room looks beautiful. Her butler, Patrick, in a tuxedo and gloves, is amazing. As Kathy roams around to “touch everything” and approve the setup, she says, “I have a pet peeve. Please don’t come 5 or 10 minutes early.” That’s when she makes sure that the details are taken care of. She says, “I’m a fluffer.” Kathy has no idea the definition of that word.

Lisa arrives early and is treated to a very French welcome by Patrick—compliments and schmooze. Another butler, Carlos, offers Lisa some champagne or wine. As more guests arrive, they are moved into a sitting room. Kathy is still roaming around, still tweaking things. Dorit is swimming in the fabulousness of all things Hilton. 

Sutton is obsessed with place cards, but she might not enjoy place cards tonight when she finds herself seated next to Erika. Sutton doesn’t even wait until everyone is seated to “chit chat” with Erika. Erika immediately says, “What are you trying to do?” Erika doesn’t want to clear the air with Sutton. Erika says, “I don’t need to clear the air with you. You’ve made your position very clear.” Kyle is watching from across the table. Erika says, “I only have enough capacity for the things that really matter. And your opinion of me does not matter.” 

Sutton wants the other ladies to have an honest conversation, but they won’t. Lisa is already loaded and starts playing with the butler’s bell. Dorit takes the caviar and vodka course to try to talk to Garcelle. Kathy almost immediately steps in to ensure that everyone can enjoy their dinner (and that Dorit doesn’t hijack the meal with her incessant talking). 

Lisa thinks they should play a game of “ring the bell” and announce anything that you have to “work out or deal with.” Lisa is such a pot-stirrer. Kathy is probably thinking right now about how to move the expensive Baccarat Crystal to another room. Lisa hands the bell to Sutton. So, Sutton and Erika spar again as the silver platters of food arrive. 

Erika thinks that no one at the table is impacted by what’s happening to her. Dorit does stand up to tell Erika that every time an article is written, they are all dragged through it (and she’s right). Erika starts her monologue by saying, “There is going to be a day when all of this is behind me, and it’s going to be a very sweet day. And I’m going to remember those who were with me. And I am going to remember those who were against me. Trust me.” Garcelle asks, “Isn’t it human nature though that you would go, ‘Oh, does this not affect me?’” Erika says, “No, it isn’t.” Erika doesn’t think anyone will get dragged into this. 

Garcelle is confused by Erika’s reaction and her pulling away when she tries to wipe away Erika’s tears. She tells Garcelle twice, “You can let go of me.” Then Dorit, talking too much again, brings up the questions that everyone else has about the orphans and victims. As the conversation continues, Erika asks Dorit, “Why are you torturing me about it?” Dorit says that no one is torturing her. They are all trying to be her friend. 

Erika turns it up, “Look at my f-ing life.” Erika asks, “Why are you all doing this to me?” And Erika cannot seem to comprehend that SHE is not the victim or, at least not the sole victim, of this alleged wrongdoing. Erika accuses everyone of not having compassion for her. It’s starting to turn even more when Erika glares at Kyle. Then Kyle turns on Sutton and calls her two-faced for not being completely honest about how she feels to Erika’s face. Sutton has been very transparent all along about her feelings and how things aren’t adding up, and the production montages show that. 

Garcelle is confused why Kyle and Lisa are focused on Sutton when everyone has had something to say about Erika. Then Erika gets fired up when Kyle says that Sutton thinks Erika is lying. Sutton tries to explain that it’s hard to believe all of these stories, but Erika goes after her. Then Erika says, “I am not a liar. You have a lot of f-ing nerve.” Sutton says, “Don’t talk to me that way.” And Erika says, “Or what? Or what?” Sutton says, “Or nothing,” when Erika replies, “Shut the f- up! You have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing.”

Next week, will Lisa get to pass the bell to someone else? Will the butler show everyone the door? What do you think about Sutton’s questions knowing what has been in the press for all these months? Sound off in the comments!

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