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EXCLUSIVE: Juicy SHADES Tamera’s Bombshell Announcement On ‘Little Women: Atlanta’

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Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women: Atlanta returns Thursday night on Lifetime and All About The Tea has an exclusive sneak peek of the September 2nd episode. 

Little Women: Atlanta

During a road trip to Nashville — the ladies are ready to take the city on, however, Tamera McLaughlin is feeling like an outsider among the group and upon arriving at the hotel, she pulls Juicy aside to share her feelings, “I felt like I really didn’t fit in. I felt isolated when it came to certain stuff…like the photoshoot. I know there’s no handouts, like you told me.” Tamera tells Juicy.

Little Women: Atlanta

Juicy makes it very clear there will be no handouts and Tamera McLaughlin, 23, would have to work hard to earn her spot in the friend circle. “I’ve always been very clear with Tamera that she wasn’t going to earn any handouts, she would have to work hard. Frankly, I haven’t seen her put in the work.” Juicy says in a talking head confessional.

Little Women: Atlanta

Tamera McLaughlin is not feeling the sisterly love and drops a big bombshell as they’re about to head back to Atlanta. “I’m about to go back home. I’m heading back to D.C.,” she says in another scene.

Little Women: Atlanta

Press play below to watch the scene unfold and tune in Thursday night.

The Lifetime reality series follow a group of women with dwarfism living in Atlanta. The series stars Tiffany “Monie” Cashette, Amanda Salinas and Andrea Salinas, Shirlene “Juicy” Pearson and Abira Greene.

Little Women: Atlanta

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Season 6 will chronicle the women’s careers, friendships, love lives, and motherhood while still mourning the death of their co-star, Ashley “Minnie” Ross.

“True to their grit and perseverance, despite the great loss, the ladies find a way to continue and bring their unique humor, talent and strength to all those that they encounter on their journey — including visits from celebrity friends and some new faces along the way,” an official description reads.

In addition, Loni Love will return to host and executive produce the Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered after-show, which takes viewers behind the scenes of all the friendship, love and drama. The after-show airs immediately following each pair of episodes.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursday nights, at 8 p.m. EDT, on Lifetime. 

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