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Lawyer Investigating Erika Jayne Tweets Andy Cohen As Erika Appeals Judge’s Decision To Keep Lawyer Investigating Her!

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Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne is back in court, taking on a judge who ruled to keep the attorney investigating the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on the case. The reality star notified the court of her plan to appeal the judge’s  decision, which denied her motion to have Ronald Richards removed from the case. 

As reported earlier this month—A federal court judge not only denied Erika’s request, but reprimanded the Bravo star for trying to thwart the investigation.

Erika Jayne

Attorney Ronald Richards was hired by the trustee overseeing Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, to investigate the reality star’s involvement in her ex’s shady business practices. The 50-year old has been named as defendant in a federal lawsuit, which alleges that she played a role in Tom’s scheme to embezzle money from his ex clients and business partners.

The trustee is looking to recover $25 million allegedly transferred by Tom’s law firm, but Erika has refused, calling all of the items “gifts” from her soon-to-be ex. Erika filed for divorce in November. 

Erika Jayne

Erika demanded Richards‘ removal, accusing him of harassment due to his consistent tweets about the case. The judge denied the reality star’s motion  and questioned her motives, according to legal documents obtained by Radar Online.

“It appears to be nothing more than a blatant attempt by Ms. Girardi to impede Mr. Richards’ efforts on behalf of the trustee to investigate allegedly fraudulent transfers of the debtor’s assets to Ms. Girardi and to prosecute an action against her to recover those transfers for the benefit of the estate,” the judge wrote.

The judge reportedly said he found no fault or violation of any sort in Richards’ frequent tweets. 

Erika has now filed a notice of appeal, as a first step in seeking an overturned decision. 

Radar Online spoke to Richards about the development, who commented—”The appeal has no chance of winning as Erika has no standing to appeal, no right to appeal, and would be subject to a motion to dismiss. Erika’s attorney have advised us not to do any work on the appeal at this time.”

“It was filed just to preserve their rights but in this case, the 35 page opinion denying the motion for reconsideration is so thorough and so well written, and is subject to a clear error standing, that pursing it is the equivalent of a legal suicide mission and would only further waste Erika’s money,” he added. 

Richards grabbed the opportunity to ask Andy Cohen a few questions on Twitter, after the Bravo exec asked viewers to submit questions for the upcoming reunion series. 

Erika Jayne

Richards reposted Cohen’s tweet and fired off a series of questions. The attorney wrote—

A few ?:

1. Who or where is Erika Jayne‘s source of funds which finance her legal and professional fees?

2. Will EJ cooperate with providing access to her remaining banking records which are funded by this unknown source?

3. Did Erika spend $25,592,261.26 from 2008 to 2020?

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