‘RHOP’ RECAP: Karen Gets Sworn In, Mia Stirs Up More Mess Between Gizelle And Wendy!

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This week on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies are still recovering from the verbal altercation between Gizelle Bryant and Wendy Osefo. The ladies sit awkwardly in silence as Wendy leaves the room to take a breather. Seeming unphased, Gizelle is only worried about getting some food. Wendy’s trying to cool down, Gizelle finally gets her food and Robyn Dixon is drunk on the couch spewing out nonsense. As the rest of the ladies prepare to get their grub on, Robyn asks whether or not the group should be mad at Ashley Darby. Gizelle quickly says no but fails to take up for Ashley. Robyn thinks Ashley dropped a bomb and left. We know this isn’t the case, but it’s so fun watching drunk Robyn try and figure it out, LOL. 

Wendy’s looking for a place to sit and makes it clear she is NOT breaking bread with Gizelle.  Wendy called Gizelle a “b*tch a**” and Candiace ushers Wendy away before eventually returning to eat with the group. Everyone begins eating while staring at each other in silence. Wendy thinks Gizelle is coming after her because Gizelle’s jealous of Wendy’s life. I mean dang, I know Gizelle’s still recovering from last year, but dang Wendy! Wendy’s done with her food and decided to head back to the cottage. Karen Huger and Askale Davis follow suit as they take a doggie bag for the road. Soon as the trio leaves, Robyn begins asking the questions she’s too afraid to ask Wendy herself. Robyn doesn’t see how someone was attacking Eddie Osefo, and Candiace defends Wendy by saying Wendy is sensitive. Gizelle doesn’t get that representation of Wendy, and a short flashback reminds us of Dr. Wendy and her “four degrees”. 

Wendy Osefo

At the cottage Wendy, Karen and Askale relax in their robs as they check on how Wendy’s feeling. Wendy doesn’t want to talk about it and Karen goes in on Gizelle and her pettiness once again. Karen said Gizelle likes to “butt f*** you without permission”. Whew! Talk about a violation, LOL. Karen reiterates how Gizelle deflects by asking other questions, without divulging much about herself. At the estate, Candiace is trying her hardest to get Gizelle to see Wendy’s point of view. “Everyone has triggers. Obviously, Eddie is a trigger for her,” Candiace says but Gizelle quickly diverts that theory and introduces a theory of her own. Gizelle thinks Wendy shouldn’t be in this group if she’s going to “crumble every time.” I mean, of course, Gizelle’s harden from the many years of Jamal Bryant being in the blogs, so no wonder she has no empathy for Wendy. 

At the cottage, Wendy is breaking down with streams of tears falling from her face. She explains how good of a husband and father Eddie is and how hurt she is by these false accusations. Robyn thinks there are only two ways Wendy could’ve handled the rumors and now thinks Wendy has always turned her nose up at Robyn and Juan’s relationship. Wendy is disappointed in Robyn, and Askale asks whether the three of them can hang with Robyn, without Gizelle. Askale’s confused about how Robyn is defending Gizelle’s behavior and eventually the ladies have a group hug and head to bed. At the estate, Gizelle is laughing at Robyn and her failed attempt to read Wendy. The green-eyed bandits head to bed together and Wendy has a quick Facetime with Eddie before calling it a night. 

Ashley Darby

The next day everyone’s up for breakfast, and Robyn checks in with Juan while he’s at the barbershop. Karen’s preparing for her sworn-in ceremony and is very excited! Askale and Karen head to the estate while Wendy finishes her interview segment. Gizelle’s burning off some steam in the pool. Gizelle asks Askale if she’s seen Wendy and checks in on how she’s doing. Askale wants Gizelle and Wendy to have a private conversation, and Askale lets Gizelle know that she started it last night. Mia Thornton thinks Ashley started it and of course Gizelle’s letting Ashley take the blame. Speaking of Ashley, at the Darby household Ashley is breastfeeding while watching baby Dean play with Daisy. Michael Darby arrives home with gifts in hand! All smiles, Ashley loves the ring with all of their birthstones and birthdates in it. Michaels had a shady past, so he has a lot to make up for! I see you, Michael! 

Ashley loves how Michael is stepping up and making it a point to make their family a priority. Back in Williamsburg, Gizelle finally gets out the pool as Robyn comes down from “working.” Wendy arrives in this beautiful blue outfit as Askale tells Robyn her point of view from last night. Askale thinks Robyn was blindly taking up for Gizelle, and Robyn seems shocked. Gizelle finally sticks up for Robyn as she explains Robyn was trying to understand what was going on. Gizelle admits to being messy and claims that Robyn checks her on it. When? Cause I’ve been watching Potomac since the beginning, and I ain’t never say Robyn check Gizelle. Anyway… 

Candiace comes out to join the conversation and Robyn thinks it’ll be better if Wendy didn’t care about the rumors. Like Gizelle, Robyn, and Juan have had their own issues and have become numb to others opinion of them. Wendy joins the ladies and Gizelle offers a chance for the two of them to have a private conversation. Wendy pays Gizelle dust and lets her talk to the back of Wendy’s head. Not wanting to appear embarrassed, Gizelle pivots and invites Askale out to play tennis. Karen’s done with her makeup and the rest of the ladies are having small talk, before Mia dives into her labor experience. Mia had a scary experience in labor and her then husband didn’t make it any better. Robyn admits that Juan missed one of their kids births due to the issues going on in their relationship. 

Becoming bored, the ladies ask if Candiace has any games they could play. Since Candiace has a music video coming up anyway, she pretends to need extras so the ladies can compete for a spot. Splitting up into teams the ladies prepare to show us a little two step, and Candiace lets them get a taste of her new song. The ladies seem to enjoy it, but I honestly cringed while listening to it. The ladies get five minutes to practice as Candiace sets up the speakers. Everyone’s practicing their moves and we find out Robyn was a video ho back in the day. Karen comes out to support and team Twerk-a-Lot takes center stage. Mia, Gizelle, and Robyn put some effort into their routine, but we all know Mia’s the only real dancer out there. 

Karen Huger

The Nubian Queens go next and Askale and Wendy were having fun with no choreography. Karen goes out and gives us a little giggle for laughs and its nice to see everyone being a good sport. Karen won the competition and Candiace is inviting all the ladies to be in her music video! Karen sends God a quick prayer before heading to be sworn in and Askale drives the green-eyed bandits and Candiace to the tennis court. At the tennis court the ladies are getting warmed up and the losers must rub the winners’ feet afterwards. Candiace gives a dedicated stretch, only to suck at the actual game of tennis. Gizelle and Robyn win the tennis match and Karen greets her family and Ray. With her close friends and family, Karen gives her thanks to the city and her late parents who paved the way for her. As Karen is closing her speech, Ray gets up there to share more news. 

La Dame is expanding and will be installing candles and aroma therapy! Wendy seems snubbed but Karen makes it clear that she wanted Wendy’s business to be about her, and not what Karen had coming up. Also let’s be clear, Wendy has a one wick candle and Karen has a three-wick candle. So, there’s that, LOL. On the tennis court, Askale and Candiace pour water on Gizelle and Robyn’s toes, without actually rubbing them. Tonight is the ladies’ last night in Williamsburg and Candiace asks how they think dinner will be with the tension and drama everywhere. Candiace believes Robyn has “association beef” with Wendy but Robyn feels differently. Robyn isn’t inviting Wendy to her wedding and Candiace feels like Robyn was taunting Wendy. Agreeing to disagree, Candiace lets them know to play it cute for their last dinner. 

Before dinner Mia, Wendy, and Karen stopped at 7/11 to get a quick snack. The chef arrives to prep for dinner and Mia lets Karen know how much she loves Karen’s family. Mia decides to tell Wendy and Karen about the conversation that took place at the estate. Mia tells the ladies how things got worse after they left! Mia mixes her words up and claims Gizelle called Wendy a “weak b*tch” but Gizelle didn’t quite say that. The ladies are ready for dinner and everyone looks beautiful! Mia gives the ladies a rundown of Karen’s ceremony and Gizelle still thinks Wendy’s being immature. Candiace has had enough of Gizelle’s BS and yells “You over analyze every piece and fabric Wendy puts on!” as Karen, Wendy and Askale join the table. 

The ladies plate their food and take a shot together to end their trip. Robyn congratulates Karen on becoming an ambassador for the city, and Juan calls unexpectedly. Robyn, being awkward and lame, attempts to shade Wendy while talking to Juan and her shade isn’t landing! Robyn looks dumb and no one is paying her any mind. Not backing down from her moment, Robyn asks whether Wendy is ignoring her also. Wendy answers no and apologizes to Robyn! Making all kinds of faces, Robyn is not here for Wendy’s half-hearted apology. 

Robyn Dixon

Robyn feels Wendy was never excited for her engagement and Wendy feels like they aren’t real friends. Mia redirects the conversation to Gizelle, and Wendy wants to know why she was called a “weak b*tch”. Gizelle quickly defends herself and Mia admits to not being sure if the b-word was used. The bread pudding comes out, but no one is in the mood for sweets at the moment. Clearly Mia got the story mixed up, but Wendy doesn’t care either way. Wendy tells Gizelle whether or not she receives an apology, that she’s good. Then Wendy lets the table know that having Eddie’s last name and being in a committed relationship is the only vindication she needs. Okay Wen-day! Karen thanks Wendy for being an example to the rest of the women, and no one is in the mood to talk anymore tonight. We end this episode with the mid-season trailer, and it looks like the mess is just beginning!

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