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Meri Brown Puts Costco ‘Creeper’ On Blast: ‘Don’t Be A Stalker’!

Meri Brown

Meri Brown has attracted up a stock-up stalker. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram on August 20 to put “the creeper,” who evidently followed her around a local Costco, on blast. The first wife of polygamous patriarch, Kody Brown, shared that it was her eyes that captured the individual, who shadowed her adoringly during her shopping trip. 

The TLC personality posted a masked selfie snapped inside her car, kicking off her Instagram Story with the heading—“OH HEY Stalker.”

Meri Brown

“I’m well aware my eyes are one of my finest assets. It’s one thing to compliment me on them, it’s purely another to keep following me and telling me it’s nice you got to stare into them again….” the reality star wrote. 

“Don’t be a stalker!!” Meri concluded. 

Fans of the TLC show know that Meri has been navigating life within the polygamous brood amid a crashed relationship with her “spiritual” husband, Kody Brown. 

Sister Wives

Meri advised her followers to never apologize for “ending a relationship that is toxic or doesn’t make you happy,” or for who “you were in the past and the mistakes you’ve already apologized for,” in a recently shared Instagram post. The TLC star didn’t connect the dots between her advice and her personal life, but fans naturally speculated that the message pointed to her struggling relationship with her disinterested husband. Meri shares Kody with Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown. 

Sister Wives

Meri appears to enjoy posting cryptic declarations while simultaneously assuring her followers that she is fully devoted to her family. Fans have been encouraging Meri to walk away from her loveless marriage for years. 

Meri recently shared photos snapped with the biological children Kody shares with Robyn Brown, gushing over their unique relationships. 

Sister Wives

“This little dude right here is literally one of my favorite people ever!” Meri wrote alongside a snap with Solomon Brown. “He and I have had this special kind of bond since day 1. He’s kind and thoughtful, he’s happy when I come around, he likes hanging out with me and always runs up to give me a hug. He wants my attention and I love giving it to him. He likes to show me his newest favorite video on YouTube, wants me to play his favorite game with him, and let’s me hug and hold him when he’s sad. He always makes me feel loved and wanted. This kid, this special boy, my buddy, he’s my reason. It just can’t get much better than this.”

“This kid,” Meri wrote, captioning a photo with Kody and Robyn’s second child together, Ariella. “This sweet soul who brings sunshine wherever she goes. This sweet girl who wants to give, and serve, and protect. She gets excited to see me, she wants to feed me and give me gifts, and gives the best little girl hugs. She loves wearing long princess dresses that drag behind her (queue all the #LuLaRoeCarly extra extra smalls lol) and will dress up with all the princess crowns. She’s a spitfire little angel. She’s pure perfection. I consider myself lucky to have her in my life.”

Solomon Brown is nine years old and his sis, Ariella, is five. Kody adopted Robyn’s children from her first marriage—David, 21, Aurora, 18, and Breanna, 16, in 2015.

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