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‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Garcelle Tells Dorit ‘F**k You’ & Erika And Sutton Face Off!

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Dorit Kemsley

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna celebrate Kyle Richards’s birthday, but there are more revelations from Erika about her marriage to Tom Girardi. Kathy Hilton and Kyle spar about the TV Show Kyle made about their family that caused a rift between the sisters for a few years, adding to the rift between Kyle’s husband and Kathy’s husband over the real estate firms. Lisa hosts a luncheon to launch Rinna Beauty. Erika and Sutton Stracke are on the outs after the holiday dinner at Kyle’s. Dorit Kemsley thinks Garcelle Beauvais is making jabs at her and calls Garcelle a bully. Which side will Crystal Kung Minkoff be on?

Delilah Hamlin and her boyfriend, Eyal, and Amelia Hamlin arrive at Lisa’s house. She’s back in her “garage closet” looking at Lisa’s mother’s wedding gown. Lisa gushes about Eyal, but in her production interview, she’s not happy about Amelia with Scott Disick. Lisa loves seeing the girls in her vintage gowns. Then the subject of launching Lisa’s lip line came up. Crystal is going to host the party.

Dorit arrives at Crystal’s house for a visit. They talk about the holiday dinner. Dorit brings up that Garcelle is taking jabs at her. Dorit wants Garcelle to be open about whatever is bothering her. 

Erika is vacuuming and cleaning. She says it’s therapeutic. Lisa checks in on how Erika is doing. Right now, Erika is compartmentalizing, and she tells Lisa she plans to deal with the emotional stuff later. Kyle shows up for the little birthday gathering. As Erika pours champagne, it’s disturbing when they all laugh about how Erika is giving them “parting gift” champagne. Kyle asks, “Was this snuck out in the night…” and Erika says, “yes, it was.” Erika goes on to say, “They will probably try to take it away from me, but I don’t give a f- at this point!” 

The conversation turns to the chatter after the holiday dinner. Erika is upset that Sutton is being “small town” about being around her right now. Kyle asks Erika, “Did you want to leave for a long time?” Erika says discovering the cheating was a more recent event. She says, “The night that I left Yolanda’s condo and she was talking about David, and she said something like boys will always protect boys. And that night, when I got home, the phone was there. I pick up the phone. And there is everything.” Then the three of them discuss whether or not they need “facts” to leave their man, and Kyle says she wouldn’t need any other facts. 

Everyone is getting ready for the Rinna Beauty launch at Crystal’s house. There are floating lips in the pool. There are cute signature cocktails… “Pucker up Bitch,” “Rosé all day,” “No Apologies,” “Dancing Queen,” “Guilty Pleasure,” and “No Filter.” Everyone catches up from the holidays. When they sit down for lunch, Dorit calls Crystal, Garcelle, and then takes that opportunity to start something up. Dorit just can’t help herself but to bring up her beef with Garcelle in front of everyone. Dorit doesn’t know why Garcelle is making jabs at her, but rather than wait for a response, Dorit goes right in to call Garcelle a bully. Garcelle says, “F- you with that.”

Dorit keeps right on talking. And Garcelle is getting fired up. Garcelle is trying to explain to Dorit that Dorit talks too much and doesn’t let anyone else speak. Is anyone surprised the Kyle is just sitting back? Kyle has complained about Dorit talking too much for years. Garcelle says, “I don’t have a problem with you overall. I have a problem when you won’t let anyone else speak. And I believe I’m not the only one at this table that has had that with you.” Dorit admits that Kyle has said it and Lisa has said it. Erika has said it, too. Kathy chimes in, “It’s not like you haven’t heard that before.” 

Then the group (via Kyle) tries to tell Garcelle that she needed to be more direct instead of making passive-aggressive comments. Then Dorit tries to generalize that Garcelle does this “to everybody.” Dorit brings up Garcelle’s problem with Kyle (money not paid to the charity), then Palm Springs (Tom still calls Erika), and Garcelle is hot and stands up. Garcelle says she will stay and talk it out, but only if they can be real about it. 

As Crystal tries once again to jump in and say that Garcelle did not know that Erika didn’t want to talk about Tom’s phone calls, Sutton starts to say something. Erika jumps in to say, “I didn’t say don’t mention it to the group. That’s not what I said. You be quiet Miss Small Town, I’m worried about my m-f reputation. You shut up. Go ahead, Crystal.” Sutton starts laughing. Then Erika says, “You can laugh if you want, girl. I can go all day with you.” Sutton says, “ok.” Then Erika says, “Go get another m-f legal opinion.” Then Sutton tells Erika to quit taking out her problems on her. 

Then Dorit goes back for Garcelle saying, “I believe you are a smart girl…” implying that Garcelle did something wrong in telling the group about Tom’s phone calls. Garcelle says, “You are not pinning that on me. I’m not letting you do it.” Garcelle wants Dorit to butt out since she wasn’t there. Garcelle says that from now on, she will say everything to Dorit’s face. 

Kyle shows up at Kathy’s house for a discussion about a dinner party that Kathy wants to throw for the ladies. Kathy says it takes her four days to prepare for dinner party… pulling out all the pretty (expensive) things. Kyle and Kathy eat lunch on TV trays. They discuss the party for Rinna Beauty, and there are parts of the luncheon that Kathy doesn’t remember because she was putting on her lipstick. 

There is a flashback to a “lip reader” at Lisa’s event. The footage wasn’t shown, but it appears that each of the girls kissed a piece of paper, and the “lip reader” told them things. The lip-reader admitted to googling everyone’s names and the story about “American Woman” came up with respect to Kyle and Kathy. At the time when Kyle was pitching the “American Woman” TV show, Kathy had a lawyer write up a letter asking Kyle not to use her or her family. Kathy sees that the show was exploitive or potentially harmful to her mom. Kyle sees it as a love letter to her mom. Kathy is upset that Kyle didn’t talk to her ahead of time about the project. Kyle said that her mom inspired it. It wasn’t a “real story” about their mom. 

They talk about the dynamic between Kathy, Kyle, and their sister, Kim Richards. Their mom was always the mediator. Kathy and Kyle seem to have mended their relationship. And Mauricio Umansky feels like he’s on the mend with Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton. Kyle’s grateful that things are better. When production asks Kathy about what does she regret, she tears up talking about missing time together. Kathy says, “What a waste.” The lights flicker over their TV trays, and they think it’s their mom trying to tell them something. 

Next time, there is more drama and fallout from Sutton and Erika. Kathy Hilton hosts a beautiful dinner party. And Sutton goes for Erika again, thinking Erika might not be telling the truth about her divorce. And just like that, the angry, nasty Erika Jayne appears again.

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