‘RHOP’ RECAP: Ashley Stirs The Pot With ‘Eddie Rumors,’ Wendy Threatens Gizelle!

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This week on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies are still in Williamsburg, VA on Candiace Dillard’s girl’s trip. We see the green-eyed bandits getting ready for the day, while Askale Davis, Wendy Osefo, and Karen Huger figure out how to drive the golf cart in order to drive to the estate. Candiace is regulating breakfast and Gizelle does the only thing right this season, and that’s to ask the chef for crispy edges on her pancakes. At the breakfast table, Gizelle asks Candiace how she slept, and Candiace admits to not falling asleep immediately. Gizelle thought she heard rumbling in Candiace‘s room, and Candiace admits to watching a video her choreographer sent.

After Gizelle gets her food, Mia Thornton joins the pair for breakfast. The three ladies begin eating (although the rest of the crew hasn’t arrived yet). Robyn Dixon and her dusty braids manage to get out of bed to join the other ladies for breakfast. Meanwhile, at the cottage, the three stooges manage to figure out the golf cart and are now on their way to meet the others. At the estate, Robyn asks what’s been going on and Gizelle admits to talking with Mia that morning. Apparently, Mia and Gizelle met up to talk about how sad Karen was at Gizelle’s “troll” comment. Mia attempting to come to Karen’s defense says, “If you were called a troll, you’ll be upset, too.” In which Robyn interjects herself and says “well if I’m not a troll…” basically assuming that Karen shouldn’t be upset at statements that aren’t true. 

Gizelle clearly isn’t interested in making nice with Karen, and the ladies become quiet once Wendy, Askale and Karen arrive. Wen-day makes sure to make an entrance in her brown bathing suit. Wendy makes it clear that she can change her body whenever she wants and needs to set boundaries with Gizelle. Candiace asks how everyone slept at the cottage, and the ladies explain how comfortable they were. After Karen boasts about the company at the cottage, Gizelle pulls Robyn to the side for a secret chat. The other ladies notice but Gizelle reassures them that everything’s fine. Askale thinks Gizelle and Robyn are discussing the aerobics class, and the ladies quickly tell her how naïve she is. 

Once upstairs and away from the ladies, the green-eyed bandits make small talk while Karen expresses her issues with Gizelle’s comment towards Candiace’s marriage. Karen found the comments disrespectful, while Candiace gives Gizelle a pass (as usual). Mia makes a comment about Gizelle not being right on the inside, and of course, Karen affirms Mia’s on the right track. Upstairs Gizelle explains that she wanted to speak to Robyn without the presence of the group and tells Robyn how much she loves her, before dishing out some tough love. Gizelle tells Robyn that she’s winning right now, and wonders if Robyn recognizes that. Robyn admits to not seeing herself as a business mogul and being unable to picture her success. Gizelle tells Robyn that looking at her bank account should push her through, and she can’t have her “fine husband” telling her she’s unattractive. 

Gizelle wants to see Robyn win and Robyn admits to being scared of failure. Due to losing her money to a close friend years ago, Robyn’s rightfully afraid of ending up in the same position. Robyn wants to get help for her business and Gizelle tells her to focus on her brand. Robyn admits to hearing from Macy’s and TJ Maxx to sell her hats but failed to respond to their request, SMH. Looks like Robyn is her own worse enemy. It’s time for water aerobics and everyone heads to the pool for some exercise. Wendy, Karen, and Mia aren’t participating and opt to relax by the pool. Karen doesn’t trust her life in Gizelle’s hands so obviously, Karen is sitting this one out. Wendy changes her mind and joins the aerobics class and promptly struggles in the pool. Ashley Darby arrives to join the fun and to immediately dish about the tea with Karen. 

Mia gives Ashley props for making it to the trip and Ashley’s interested in what’s been going on during the trip. Karen tells Ashley about Gizelle’s aggression towards her. Surviving day one of Gizelle’s hatred, Karen celebrates by dressing to kill. Mia, being unmotivated by the conversation, opts to get in the pool while ear hustling on Karen and Ashley’s conversation. Ashley wonders if Karen and Gizelle will ever call a truce, and Karen is willing only if Gizelle apologizes to her kids. Karen runs down last night’s dinner and the attack of Gizelle on everyone’s life. Mia confirms the aggressive nature of Gizelle’s questions, and Ashley starts second-guessing Karen’s story. 

Ashley knows Karen and Gizelle had their issues and knows Karen can exaggerate to get her point across. Vowing to get to the bottom of things, Ashley tells Karen that she will talk to Gizelle, and everyone begins getting ready for lunch and whiskey tasting. Gizelle gives Ashley a tour of the estate, and Ashley’s already tipsy from drinking two beers. The two of them sit down to chat and Ashley asks about the issues from the night before. Ashley tells Gizelle that she heard that she attacked everyone’s life, and Gizelle denies that being her intention. Gizelle explains the drastic changes in Wendy and admits to feeling her behavior is off. Not saying that Wendy can’t have substance and be sexy, but Gizelle feels like all these changes are coming from left field. 

Ashley Darby

Ashley understands where Gizelle is coming from and wants to know the underlying reasons for Wendy’s upgrade. Gizelle recaps how defensive and hurt Wendy was by her comments, and Ashley reveals that Wendy cried to Karen. Gizelle thinks this is all Wendy’s internal BS and will not take the blame for hurting Wendy. Gizelle thinks these rumors may have something to do with Wendy’s change of appearance. Ashley wants to discuss this issue at lunch since both she and Gizelle experienced rumors about their husbands. Ashley agrees to talk to Wendy in hopes the news will be more digestible coming from her. Fingers crossed! 

The group has lunch at James Landing Grille and the view is beautiful! The ladies put their drink and food orders in, and Ashley checks in with Askale. Askale mentions the issues at dinner the previous night and that’s Ashley’s cue to stir the pot! Admitting that Gizelle gave Ashley the rundown of what happened, Ashley thinks there’s a disconnect within the group. Gizelle asks Wendy if the two of them are “good” and Wendy explains how the substance comment hurt her. Wendy felt like Gizelle was body-shaming her and Ashley comes to Gizelle’s defense! Gizelle tells Wendy that she has her own internal issues going on and won’t take responsibility for hurting Wendy. Askale and Mia cosign with Wendy, and Gizelle apologizes for offending Wendy. Ashley verifies whether Wendy cried to Karen, and Wendy explains how good it felt to be “poured into” by Karen. There’s an awkward silence as the two women connect, while the others look on confused. 

Wendy Osefo

Gizelle brushes off the moment and Robyn finally arrives. Robyn asks to be updated on what she’s missed and Gizelle provides a brief summary of what happened. Mia comes to Gizelle’s defense and Wendy takes notice. Wendy expresses her frustration and acknowledges society’s issue with plastic surgery. Ashley thinks Wendy is reaching but Wendy is sticking to her guns. Ashley thinks Wendy is missing the point of the conversation and Robyn thinks Wendy doesn’t hear everyone’s observations about her. Wendy and Robyn get into a small argument and Gizelle thinks Wendy is combating the group like a CNN commentator. Gizelle doesn’t think Wendy will receive anything and won’t talk to her about it anymore, and Mia jumps in to comment on Wendy’s outfit choices. 

Wendy’s taken aback because she hasn’t judged Mia for being a stripper, and Mia reiterates that she wasn’t a stripper but an “entertainer”. The group goes back and forth on what constitutes a stripper and Wendy gets emotional as she talks about the support Eddie Osefo gives her. Robyn tells the group to keep their observations to themselves, and Wendy tells them they’re being “hella judgmental”. Candiace doesn’t know why the group is fighting and rounds them up for whiskey tasting, while Gizelle talks to Ashley about having the conversation with Wendy. Whiskey tasting finally begins and Robyn takes extra shots for Ashley. Since Ashley is about to leave, she takes this moment to pull Wendy to the side for a chat. Wendy’s clearly on edge as she knows sh** is about to hit the fan. 

Ashley thinks having this conversation will bring the two of them closer and wants Wendy to know she’s not being messy. Ashley lays into Wendy and explains that Gizelle told her about the fabricated article, and questions whether the rumors have something to do with Wendy’s drastic changes. Wendy thanks Ashley for attempting to attack her marriage and explains that it’s all a lie.  Wendy finds it laughable that Ashley’s the one bringing this to her attention and wonders why Gizelle wasn’t woman enough to address Wendy herself. Ashley tells Wendy that they weren’t being malicious, but Wendy isn’t going for it. Wendy tells Ashley that Gizelle is evil, and this is all a part of her personality. 

Wendy’s over it and goes back in to handle Gizelle and these rumors. As Robyn is twerking Wendy interrupts and reiterates what Ashley disclosed. Going around the room, Wendy asks whose been speaking on her marriage and goes in on Gizelle! Wendy’s upset that Gizelle didn’t come to her as a woman and tells Gizelle that she’s putting her a** on notice! “Don’t f*** with my family” Wendy says while Gizelle tries to backpedal. Gizelle tells Wendy that no one believed the rumors, but Wendy isn’t backing down. Wendy doesn’t care whether the rumors are true or not and tells Gizelle she doesn’t have any dignity! Robyn asks what was said about Eddie, and Wendy shuts Robyn down! “Don’t worry about it, your friend will tell you” Wendy spits out while Robyn looks shocked. Wanting to know what Wendy is perceiving, Wendy dismisses Robyn and tells her to go eat a cracker LOL. Wendy tells Robyn that she’s searching for a moment and Robyn comes out of her skin to defend herself. “You don’t even have a relationship to care about,” Wendy says, and she doesn’t stop there. 

Ashley apologizes to Wendy and Mia thinks Gizelle should’ve been the one to approach Wendy. Gizelle tries to make it seem like they were checking on Wendy, but no one truly believes that. Wendy begins going off on Gizelle, saying God is paying her back for the life she lived and all the terrible things she’s done! “I will drag you up and down the street over my husband” Wendy shouts while walking away from the group. Wendy believes Gizelle lacks empathy and substance, and Wendy tells Gizelle they can get it popping! Wendy is done with Gizelle, and it seems like things are only getting worse from here. Come back next week to see what else unfolds on The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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