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‘RHOP’ RECAP: The Green-Eyed Bandits Tell Wendy She Has ‘No Substance’ After Changing Her Body & Attitude!

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Wendy Osefo

On a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, we’re right where we left off with the heated argument between Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant! The two of them are continuing back and forth about their wrongdoings when Wendy Osefo decides to chime in. Being honest with Karen, Wendy doesn’t feel like Gizelle’s comment was her wishing death on Ray Huger. Robyn continues to jump into Gizelle’s defense, and Karen apologizes to the group for the drama. Candiace Dillard turning over a new leaf plays peacemaker and brings the group to a mutual understanding. Both women said and did things to each other, and it’s going to take time to heal and forgive one another. 

Letting the old heads know that they need to stop talking over each other and listen, Candiace seems to be taking her hosting duties seriously. Mia Thornton and Askale Davis feel like they’re in the middle (both physically and metaphorically) and that the group would have a better time if the two would kiss and make up. Mia wants Gizelle and Karen to acknowledge that they hurt each other, and Gizelle is ready to throw the entire friendship in the trash! Karen is on the same wavelength and wants no parts of Gizelle until she can apologize for her choice of words. Wanting to check out their rooms, the women table the conversation to head over to the cottage. 

Wendy Osefo

The cottage is about five minutes away from the estate, and the women seem comfortable using “plantation style” language when describing their temporary space. Robyn feels bad that Askale isn’t in the main house with her, but she doesn’t feel bad enough to switch places with her. SMH. The cottage is cute and cozy, but Wendy’s face doesn’t hide her disappointment very well. Karen doesn’t care where she sleeps, as long as she’s safe from Gizelle. Karen noticing a cricket in the cottage makes it known that’s what Gizelle sounded like after Karen sent the group an apology. Karen is not letting up on Gizelle, and I LIVE!

Askale checks in with her husband and lets him know about her downgraded accommodations. Meanwhile, Karen and Wendy are downstairs laughing and trying to get their luggage upstairs. Needing help, Karen mispronounces Askale’s name but opening admits to Askale that she messed up her name. Taking it in stride, Askale laughs it off and helps Karen and Wendy with the luggage. At the estate, they have help with their luggage and in comparison, the cottage really is the “lower quarters.” The three ladies successfully get their luggage upstairs, but not without Askale accidentally hitting Wendy! No damage done to Happy-ness, and the three laugh at their own misfortune. 

At Ashley Darby’s condo, she and Michael Darby are prepping for a family photoshoot. While the babies get changed, Ashley reflects on this new territory of having two children and a husband to care for. Although this new dynamic is hard, Ashley and Michael seem to be in their element. After cleaning up, the photographer arrives, and Dean pays her dust! Dean doesn’t like a lot of people, and I love how Ashley doesn’t force him to hug others. The Darby’s complete their photoshoot (adorable, btw), and Ashley lets Michael know about the trip Candiace planned. Telling Michael that she only plans to spend a day with the ladies, Michael seems relieved that Ashley will be back to help him. Ashley isn’t thinking about Candiace at all and doesn’t care if it is her trip, LOL.  Baby Dylan has jaundice and with the light therapy and Dylan not sleeping very well, Ashley’s entire being is tired, so she needs a break. 

Ashley Darby

Ashley gives Michael the rundown of Gizelle’s dating life and asks if Michael has anyone she can set Gizelle up with. “Is Juan available?” Michael says, and you can tell Ashley wants to laugh. Michael asks if Robyn and Juan have gotten married yet, and Michael doesn’t hold his tongue on how he feels about Robyn & Juan’s “engagement.” Back in Williamsburg, the ladies are getting dressed for dinner and Wen-day has the breasts OUT tonight! Karen and Askale toast downstairs, while bonding over the love they have for their husbands. At the estate, Gizelle checks in on Robyn (per usual), and the ladies at the cottage head to meet the rest of the crew. Gizelle being tasteless asks Robyn how she thinks Wendy feels being in the “servant quarters”. 

Robyn’s happy that Gizelle brought up Wendy, so the two can tag-team on her. Speaking on how Wendy dressed last year versus this year, the green-eyed bandits wonder if Wendy is overcompensating for something. Robyn thinks the old Wendy had substance and wonders if she met the new Wendy would she feel the same. Gizelle says there’s no judgment, while once again bringing up the “Eddie rumors.” Meanwhile, Wendy is downstairs making her way upstairs to the room where Gizelle and Robyn are. You’d think now would be the time to talk to Wendy about how they feel, but once Wendy enters the room the green-eyed bandits go quiet.  

Asking if they were having a deep conversation, both ladies say “no,” while looking like deer stuck in traffic. The ladies meet in the living room before heading to dinner, and Candiace has gifts for everyone. The gift bag has a robe and swim caps for everyone. In true Gizelle fashion, she takes over the trip and manages to plan a water aerobics class. Not seemly overly excited, the women agree before finally heading off to dinner. At the restaurant, the ladies get seated, and Wendy is side-eyeing the hell out of Gizelle! Seems like Wendy knows sh*t is about to hit the fan and is already on the defense. 

Everyone puts their orders in and discusses the upcoming events for the trip, and Candiace lets the ladies know they will be whiskey tasting! Wendy gets excited and adds yet another name to her list of personalities. The food arrives and Candiace talks about the role reversal that goes down in the Dillard household.  Since Chris cooks and Candiace is the main breadwinner, she feels like Chris believes in her more than she believes in herself. Gizelle asks if Candiace pays Chris, and her answer is “with love & affection.” Gizelle asks how Ms. Dorothy feels about Chris being her manager, and Candiace reveals how Ms. Dorothy ain’t with it. Gizelle continues being messy by stating Ms. Dorothy doesn’t want Chris to be successful, off the coattails of Candiace. 

Candiace understands what Gizelle is saying, but she understands her marriage better. Insert Robyn and her not being able to get out the bed. Robyn reveals to the ladies how Juan wants her to wake up early and regulate the house. Gizelle asks whether Robyn has made any changes, which Robyn denies doing anything differently. Gizelle harshly tells Robyn, “No man wants to marry unattractive.” Robyn seems to agree and bypass the insensitivity Gizelle’s displaying. Karen catches Gizelle’s actions and doesn’t understand why she isn’t a better friend. Robyn admits to neglecting her kids and their education. Wendy and Askale know the symptoms of depression, and Robyn agrees. Realizing Robyn needs more help than she realizes, Robyn agrees to see a life coach, while Gizelle gears up to go after Wendy. 

Wendy explains that she feels overwhelmed at times, and that’s Gizelle’s cue to start more mess! Gizelle tells Wendy that she was talking to Robyn earlier (not surprising) and they notice that Wendy’s in an entirely new space these days. Unable to put her finger on it, Gizelle tells Wendy that she doesn’t care how she dresses, but that she’s seeing too much of her body at this point. Robyn jumps in and says Wendy’s personality changed and that she had more substance last year. Robyn says that last year Wendy wasn’t that “loose.” Wendy seems shocked that she’s being ganged up on, and Candiace defends Wendy in her confessional. Gizelle continues to reiterate that this Wendy is way different and that she wants to make sure Wendy’s ok. 

Wendy explains that she feels like she is being put in a box, and Mia chimes in about Oprah and Michelle Obama covering up for their profession. Wendy letting the group know that she defines her sexiness, Gizelle still won’t let the mouse go! Wendy feels confident and admits that she wasn’t the same last year because she was two months postpartum. Robyn asks if Wendy’s new body has changed her personality, and Karen lets Wendy know not to apologize for the choices she made about her own body. Gizelle brings up the issues Wendy had with Mia, and the two women agree that they weren’t fighting over anything really. After the ladies were done questioning Wendy, Askale had a few questions for Gizelle! Admitting the story Askale heard is confusing, Askale wants to know if Gizelle and Jamal are a couple! 

“I’m not going to discuss that in front of trolls”. Gizelle says while the table erupts! Wendy is all of us when she says, “That’s not fair” and Candiace whispers that she wants to be there, smh. Once again, Gizelle deflects and never answers any questions.  Karen telling Gizelle “your life is a lie”, Gizelle cuts Wendy with her eyes after she sees Wendy laughing at her expense. Karen points out how Gizelle is defensive and never owns up to anything. Knowing that this conversation isn’t going anywhere, the women leave the table but not before Robyn tells Wendy that she’s beautiful. *rolls eyes* The ladies return to the estate and cottage, and Robyn wonders if Wendy’s in her head about their recent conversation. 

Wendy Osefo

Prior to this evening, Wendy thought her and Gizelle’s friendship was good but now she’s questioning it. Admitting her left implant has more substance than Gizelle, this is the beginning of the end for these two. Everyone heads to bed and the next morning Candiace is outside rehearsing. Wanting to be taken seriously as an artist, Candiace will do whatever it takes to have respect from others in the music industry. Mia checks in on her baby’s and we learn about their bowel movements, as she works. Robyn is still asleep as Karen and Wendy sit for a chat. 

Karen asks Wendy if she’s feeling more conservative today since she’s a bit more covered up. Karen tells Wendy to go change if she’s dressing for Gizelle and tells her to not dim her light for others. Wendy gets emotional and admits that Gizelle’s hurt her feelings. Karen gives Wendy the perfect pep talk, and the two vow to have each-others back. Whew! This was deep! Come back next week to see what else unfolds. Until next time, xoxo.

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