Brielle Biermann Claps Back At Haters After Getting Rid Of Lip Fillers, Weave & Acrylic Nails In Natural Selfie: ‘Go F**k Yourselves’!

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Brielle Biermann hit back at online critics after the Don’t Be Tardy personality shared a new photo that revealed a toned-down look. 

“Took my weave out … No lip injections and no [acrylic] nails lol who am I?” the former Bravo star captioned a selfie snapped in her car, on August 10.

Brielle shared the photo on her Instagram Stories, and the post sparked a flood of snarky comments. Brielle shared some of the comments and fired back at people dissing her more natural look.  

“All my friends (except Dani) have fake nails, fake hair, fake etc. Who cares? It’s our lives. It doesn’t affect y’all AT ALL!” Brielle wrote, pointing out that both looks invite nasty criticism. 

“But kindly … go f–k yourselves (haters) because I haven’t even touched my face besides a lil Botox for TMJ and lip fillers … WHICH ARE ALL GONE NOW!” the Bravo alum continued. “When is the stigma of putting people down for bettering themselves gonna end? If you could … Would you not?” 

Brielle also thanked followers who shared support after checking out her last social media post. 

“Thank you for the kind comments,” Brielle said. “I’ve read all my DMs, love you guys!”

Brielle’s response comes after her younger sister, Ariana Biermann, was hit by vicious remarks over her appearance. Ariana had to defend her weight in July after followers accused her of having an eating disorder. She commented that she was tired of people “acting like I lost 50 pounds overnight.”

Ariana Biermann

“I’m so exhausted by everyone thinking I lost 50 pounds overnight. Please stop,” Ariana wrote in a statement shared on her Instagram Stories, in July. “I do not have an eating disorder. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today,” she added. “I am not sick. This is ridiculous and awful to say to someone.”

Ariana pointed out that she feels confident in her own skin, writing—“I’m so happy with myself. I’ve never felt so beautiful.”

As reported —Ariana Biermann copped to having her lips done but denied undergoing multiple plastic surgeries, earlier this summer. Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s 19-year-old daughter confirmed that she had plumped her pout during an Instagram Q&A, in July. 

Ariana Biermann

Ariana responded with a “SURE DID :)” when a follower asked the reality teen “did you get your lips done” during the social media chat. 


Ariana Biermann

Her answer was set against a full-lipped selfie, snapped inside a car. 

The open gab session invited a flood of questions putting Ariana in the hot seat over her appearance. Many fans asked the reality star if she had gotten liposuction or a tummy tuck, which prompted a fiery response from the teen. 

“NOPE JUST WORKED MY ASS OFF,” Ariana responded in all caps. 

Ariana Biermann

She revealed that while her weight once topped out at 167 pounds, she currently weighs 118 pounds.

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