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‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle Airs Out Rumors That Wendy Got Her Body Done After Learning Husband Eddie Had A Girlfriend!

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Gizelle Bryant

Welcome back to the best show of the summer, The Real Housewives of Potomac! We begin this episode with Ashley and Michael Darby arriving home, after bringing baby Dylan into the world. It’s nighttime and Ashley looks amazing despite what labor did to her. The next morning, baby Dean meets Dylan for the first time! The two boys are precious, as they coo over each other!  Ashley thinks giving her sons each other is the best gift she could have ever given them, and now she feels complete. Mia and Gordon Thornton decide to have a family picnic at the local park. Complete with champagne, fruit, and pastries, Mia checks in on how the kids are doing in school before asking them if they think Mia works too much. The kids think she works too hard, but Mia explains that she just wants them to have access to the things she didn’t as a child.

Mia tells the kids she had a hard time with their grandma and that she was sick. In Mia’s confessional, she reveals that her mother just doesn’t have the “motherly instinct.” Mia sends the kids to play before getting more in-depth with Gordon. Apparently, Mia’s mom was supposed to meet them at the park but couldn’t make it. Mind you, the park is only twenty minutes away from where “grandma” lives. Mia tells Gordon her mother feels like Mia doesn’t need her help. Mia is confused as to why her mother isn’t being consistent and Gordon feels Mia’s mom sees more of her dad in Mia. Mia admits that her dad was the only man her mother loved, and she never loved again after Mia’s dad. The conversation is briefly interrupted when Mia’s daughter attempts to stick her umbrella in the grass like it’s sand. 

Gizelle Bryant

Mia tells Gordon that she has a lunch date with her mom and this will be their first time having lunch together. Gordon feels like Mia owes it to herself to open the conversation up to her mom, in hopes of healing their fragile relationship. At Candiace Dillard’s home, she’s complaining about packing, while Chris brings her some coffee. Due to school and the work she’s doing in the studio, Candiace feels like she needs a break and has invited the ladies to Williamsburg, VA for a girls’ trip. Chris reminds Candiace that when she comes back, she has two music videos to shoot. Candiace feels exhausted having Chris as her husband and manager but feels he has her best interest at heart. Chris asks Candiace if she’s inviting Ashley on the trip, and Candiace hesitates. Claiming that she doesn’t know if Ashley is leaving the house yet, Chris pushes Candiace to extend the invitation. 

At Ashley’s condo, she is setting the food out while getting ready for a guest to arrive. Gizelle Bryant comes with Coronas in hand as she melts around baby Dylan. Gizelle asks how Ashley is navigating all of this, and Ashley explains that she’s doing okay but just tired. Gizelle and Ashley have small talk about their kids before Dean comes home from school. Once Daisy (the nanny) takes Dean away, the ladies continue their conversation about Candiace’s party. Gizelle explains that Candiace‘s mama’s house sold, and to celebrate, Candiace wanted to have a pajama party. While Gizelle is explaining the events of the party, baby Dylan poops all through his clothes! Gizelle, being shocked and slightly grossed out, jokes about leaving. The nanny cleans up baby Dylan, and the messiness continues. 

Gizelle Bryant

Ashley reveals that during birth she pooped on herself, and Gizelle shares that Jamal freaked out when the same happened during the birth of the twins. Producers being messy, ask Gizelle if that’s the real reason Jamal divorced her! Gizelle gives an authentic laugh and says the poop was too much for the pastor LOL. Gizelle asks Ashley if she knows about the trip to Williamsburg, and we all know Candiace never sent the invite. Gizelle takes it upon herself to invite Ashley, and Ashley agrees to come for at least one day. Gizelle tells Ashley about the lunch date they have with Mia to try and clear the air. Gizelle also goes after Wendy and the attire she wore for the Pajama Jam. Explaining that she’s not the Wendy they met last year, Gizelle finally brings up the “Eddie Rumors” and that word on the street is Eddie Osefo has a girlfriend. 

Putting two and two together, Gizelle feels like Wendy may be overcompensating for something that’s yet to be revealed. Ashley feels like even if the rumors are out there, she doesn’t feel like Wendy would succumb to those accusations. I guess we’ll see what unfolds in the Osefo household. At the Osefos, Wendy is trying to record her session for class while her kids make all the noise in the world. Wendy locks the kids out as Eddie comes to usher them away. Once Wendy is finished, she sends the kids downstairs so she can talk with Eddie. Wendy tells Eddie that while she was in her session, she kept looking at her earrings and her shoulder was showing. Wendy feels the struggle of wanting to present her authentic self while remaining a respected professional. 

Wendy Osefo

Wendy’s a professor but listens to trap music (so she says) and feels the world tries to put her in a box. Even with her upcoming candle business, she hears the skepticism daily surrounding her new business adventure. Eddie tells Wendy that she’s putting too much on her plate without removing the access work she already has. Wendy explains that’s how she’s always been, and Eddie says, “There comes a time that you have to stop.” Eddie lets Wendy know that if she’s tired and overworked, she won’t be able to give 100% to him or the kids. Eddie asks Wendy if she’s happy and she turns the question around on him. Eddie answers “no” and says that there are things he wanted to accomplish, but he knows would be the detriment of other things in his life. Eddie feels like Wendy attempts to do it all, without worrying about how other areas could be impacted. 

Eddie continues asking Wendy the important questions concerning her business and Wendy wishes Eddie wasn’t so hard on her. We found out that Wendy still has a lot more work to do, including registering for her business name, the business plan, and financials. Whew, Wendy you need to get on it! Wendy clearly bit off more than she can chew but she refuses to walk away from what she’s started. Across town, Gizelle arrives at the restaurant where the green-eyed bandits can size up Mia in peace (without Karen). Robyn Dixon arrives shortly after in a nice black car (that I’m not sure how she can afford with the tax lien and everything). The green-eyed bandits order drinks and food, and Mia arrives shortly after. 

Gizelle Bryant

Coming through in a beautiful silver dress and fur, Mia continues to show us who’s boss! They greet each other with fake kisses and Robyn doesn’t miss her moment to shade Mia in her confessional. Robyn wondered if this was the same ball gown Mia wore when she met G (at the strip club). Robyn, you tried it. Robyn claims she wants them to start over and Mia apologized for appearing rude in her text message. Mia gives the ladies the rundown of her life and that she was in the foster care system. Mia tells the story of her abusive father and the incident that led to her going into the foster care system. Mia explains that as a child she didn’t understand what was going on and that she’s attempting to create a better relationship with her mother now. 

At first, Robyn seemed a little intrusive with her questions but then revealed that Juan’s parents died of AIDS due to drug use. I’m glad the ladies were able to bond over a very real issue in our society, and hopefully, this will be the start of a decent friendship. Gizelle gives Mia her props and says it’s a testament to where she is today. Gizelle speaking for Robyn loves this Mia but is confused by the Mia that’s been in the group. After the talk, Gizelle feels better about Mia and the upcoming trip. Let’s see if Mia switches sides or not. Finally, we see Karen Huger as she chats with her cousin about becoming an ambassador for her hometown! Karen is excited and already got the okay from Candiace to step away for her induction. All the ladies are packing and getting ready for Williamsburg, while Wendy shows off her barely-there bathing suits. 

Candiace is fully prepared with at least six suitcases, while she sanitizes the party bus and stripper pole. With a mic in hand, Candiace sings to everyone as they enter, and Wendy is wearing a little cut-out number that Gizelle doesn’t like. Calling the outfit “Forever 21″ in her confessional, Gizelle is not letting this rumor mill go! Karen arrives on the party bus and Gizelle’s face is STANK! Karen continues to pay Gizelle dust as Gizelle seethes in the back of the bus. Askale Davis arrives and Candiace begins to tell the group that Ashley isn’t coming, but Gizelle has other plans. Gizelle blurts out that she’s invited Ashley, there’s an awkward pause before Candiace says “it’s fine.” As the bus takes off, Robyn asks Mia who’s with her kids and Mia tells her that Gordon’s trying to be super dad. Admitting to being nervous leaving the kids with dad, Mia reveals she has cameras on them. Askale also watches her husband with the kids, and Robyn lets the group know that Juan “shot up the club” this morning. Ew.

Upon hearing the news, Wendy gets too excited and starts dropping it low for everyone. Enjoying the hype-ness of the moment, the rest of the ladies join in on the fun. Gizelle points out the stripper pole and the ladies take turns dancing on the pole. Producers are petty adding a tip amount for each, and Mia clearly won the pole contest. A few hours later, the group finally arrives in Williamsburg and Candiace reveals who will be staying in the main house, and who will reside in the cottage. Mia, Gizelle, Robyn, and Candiace will be in the main house, while Karen, Wendy, and Askale will stay in the cottage. Wendy isn’t here for the “lesser” but decides to go along with the group. Karen invites Wendy to her induction ceremony, and Gizelle is so confused about their friendship. 

Gizelle Bryant

Entering the estate, the women praise Candiace’s work and begin to choose their rooms. The views are gorgeous and the house is amazing! The ladies begin making their plates and head over to the table to eat. Robyn whispers to Gizelle and decides to kick Mia out of her upstairs room and move her downstairs. The group is shocked by Robyn’s audacity, but Mia decides to play nice and give up her room. Gizelle makes a statement that she wants this trip to be “nice and fun” before asking the room if anyone feels the need to apologize. Askale asks if apologies are due and Karen says her infamous, “Are you talking to me?” Karen’s waiting for an apology from Gizelle and won’t budge until she gets it. Karen did apologize to the group in a text, but Gizelle wants Karen to apologize for last year’s embarrassing reunion. Karen tells the ladies (without directing her attention to Gizelle) that if Gizelle wanted to have a conversation, she would pull her to the side, but instead, Gizelle needs an audience to feed off of. 

Karen wants Gizelle to take some accountability for wishing death on Ray. Robyn jumps in and says it was from four years ago, but Karen puts it out there that Gizelle’s a fraud. Karen hits the nail on the head by revealing that Gizelle likes to deflect and until she can own her actions, Karen has nothing for her. Gizelle apologized for anything she’s done to Karen in the past, but that the BS with Ray needs to be addressed. Karen remains cool, calm, and collected as we see the dreadful, “To Be Continued…” Welp. This trip is about to be fire! Come back next week to see what mess we get into!

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