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’RHOBH’ RECAP: Erika Calls Garcelle ’Dirty’ After Garcelle Reveals What Erika Told Her In Confidence!

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Erika Jayne

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies are still at Kyle’s desert home in La Quinta, California. Do you think the revelations from dinner will continue to cause everyone to question what’s really going on with Tom Girardi and Erika Girardi?

Later in the night, after Erika went to her hotel, the other ladies stayed up late talking. And then it turned into a late-night dance party. The next morning Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, and Lisa Rinna wade their way through dirty dishes and leftover food everywhere to drink coffee and gossip some more. News broke (12.15.2020) that Tom Girardi was secretly hospitalized. At this point, they seem to still be empathetic to what Erika is going through. Crystal Kung Minkoff arrives from her hotel to find out the plans for the day. Kyle has electric bikes rented for anyone who wants to go. 

Erika arrives from the hotel. Dorit is wondering why everything with Erika is so secretive and why doesn’t Erika trust her. Lisa, Crystal, Dorit, and Kyle go biking. Sutton, Erika, and Kathy Hilton hang back at the house. While the biking group grabs some food and coffee, Kathy calls Kyle looking for a straw and some chia seeds. They all talk about how she used to live at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and perhaps thinks she’s still living there. Kyle says Kathy is a Hilton and runs her life “like a hotel.” Picture this… Kathy on an electric bike, asking anywhere in no-straw California if she can have a straw, and going house-to-house looking for chia seeds. 

Erika Jayne

The topic of Erika comes up again. They are all trying to wrap their minds around how Erika is married to someone who’s 81, cheating, and so mean to her. Dorit thinks Erika is still trying to protect Tom, and she is hoping that someone in Erika’s close circle is telling her that Tom’s not going to protect her. Kyle says, “She’s not going to get a penny.” Then Lisa says, “I don’t think there’s a penny to get.” When the bikers arrive back at the house, they decide to decorate the Christmas tree. 

Erika says that after they decorate the tree and play croquet, they are going to have dinner at “my place.” Sutton is curious and asks about Erika’s desert house. When asked about it who owns the house, Erika says, “Tom does. I don’t know what this address is.” Erika’s name is on the house, but after a 20-year-marriage, she has never been there. So, Erika is staying at a hotel, but she still has a place around the corner from Kyle’s. Got it.

Kyle looks up in the homeowner’s registry, and Tom does have property there. Erika says, “Somebody has to be in this house.” They are now wondering if there is a whole second family in La Quinta. Meanwhile, in Kathy’s special world, she says she has so many homes that she gets confused on the addresses. Sometimes she has to call security to open up her house. Kyle emailed the address in the registry to see if someone responds. Meanwhile, if they are all having dinner there that night, certainly Bravo production knows where the house is, right? Or perhaps Erika just means she’s hosting dinner in her hotel suite.

Everyone is getting ready for croquet, but Kathy has to finish her smoothie first, so she will meet everyone there. Crystal shows up to croquet wearing the same outfit after telling everyone she was going back to the hotel to shower. Rinna has yet another hat. What’s that about? As croquet is over and the ladies sit on the grass in a circle, Kathy arrives and wants to know if they are playing duck-duck-goose. She is bananas. 

Garcelle Beauvais arrives at the house before dinner yelling, “Where are those Covid bitches!?” She’s wearing a hazmat suit, mask, visor, and carrying a disinfecting wand all while wearing heels. She is hilarious. 

Garcelle heads back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, and she meets up with Crystal to debrief on what’s happened so far. Garcelle is shocked to hear that Tom is cheating. One month earlier, Erika told Garcelle that she wasn’t aware of him cheating. They walk over to Erika’s hotel room, so the place they are having dinner, “my place” is her hotel suite, not the house. 

Everyone sits around the fireplace (for Erika to start storytime). Erika announces that she’s doing all kinds of things for herself. She learned how to go into a bank in March. Kathy chimes in that she doesn’t know how to go to the bank either. Room service dinner has arrived in bags, so they try to figure it out. They think it’s like a picnic. Almost right away, Kyle the detective, announces that they found one of Erika’s houses in La Quinta. It looks like Tom sold it in 2018. Sutton offers advice. “Almost more important that your attorney is your forensics team, especially with these men.” Sutton’s advice is to look deep, deep for money.

Kathy wants to play a game around the table. So Lisa says, “Name one word that you think of yourself.” Dorit says hardworking. Kyle says honest. Kathy can’t choose one word but then says proud. Crystal says she can’t think of a word. Kyle says to think about “what would Confucius say?” The group pauses for a minute when they think Kyle is being rude. But Crystal is related to the Chinese philosopher. Crystal tells the story about how she is a 76th generation descendant of Confucius and has the world’s oldest family tree. Erika says her word is tough. Garcelle says that she can relate to Erika. They are both tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. 

The next day, some girls go shopping and some go hiking. Erika, Crystal, and Garcelle go hiking on a desert trail. As they get to know each other better, Garcelle says she’s the youngest of seven. She grew up in Miami and doesn’t remember Haiti. When the other girls are shopping, Nicky Hilton calls her mom, Kathy. Nicky tells her mom, “That outfit’s awful. Bye.” and hangs up. 

Garcelle takes the opportunity to ask Erika what’s going on. Erika says there is a hearing today in Chicago, but she doesn’t know why. Garcelle has so many questions. Did Erika get an allowance? Garcelle doesn’t understand how someone lives with no allowance and no debit card. Erika says that all of the bills were kept far from her, and she had credit cards. Tom gave her cash. Garcelle goes in again. “With any of the lawsuits, did you have a heads up? Is that why you got divorced?” Erika is wearing sunglasses, so we can’t see if she is shooting daggers at Garcelle. Erika says that she didn’t know.

Erika says that after Tom’s head injury he had “a significant shift in his personality, his decision making, and is who he is.” Erika says that there was a severe decline. She claims he was forgetting things, saying repetitive things, and they weren’t talking. If she talked about his memory loss with him, she experienced his rage. Erika is maintaining that whatever is happening with the lawsuits and cases pending, it wasn’t intentional on Tom’s part. She alleges that Tom was refusing to accept anything that was happening to him. Erika drops another tidbit to Crystal and Garcelle, that she hasn’t talked to Tom, but he’s calling her every day, leaving messages. 

Back at Kyle’s, Garcelle is still sad to hear that Tom is still calling Erika. Kathy stopped off for tacos and her driver helps her carry in the bags of food. Everyone sits down to munch, and Erika is waiting to hear about what happened in court that day. But Erika is trying not to say too much. 

Then Garcelle says that Erika shared about Tom calling every day. And just like that, even though Erika said it on film, Erika flips on Garcelle. “I do mind you saying that because I feel like you are betraying my friendship right now, but please, have your moment. Go ahead.” Garcelle is shut down, so Erika says, “Let me tell the f-ing story.” And there is the rage that everyone has seen before. Garcelle is curious and asks questions, but she cares. And Erika turns on her. Garcelle can’t figure out why Erika is upset. Erika goes in more toward Garcelle by saying she was open and honest, but Garcelle was “dirty.” Crystal knew that Erika didn’t want to talk about it, but Garcelle was in the car when Erika said that to Crystal. The episode ends with Erika having what seems like a panic attack in the bathroom. 

Next time, the trip to the desert continues. Another dinner game? Oh my! Lisa shares that Harry Hamlin has acrylic nails. And more news and bad press follow Erika and Tom Girardi, implying that Erika was complicit in allegedly hiding assets. This news is going to further challenge some of their friendships.

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