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‘RHOP’ RECAP: Mia Has A Blow-Up With Gizelle & Robyn, Ashley Goes Into Labor!

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Mia Thornton

Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! Peeping into the daily life of Gizelle Bryant, we’re invited to her and Robyn Dixon’s “Podcast” photoshoot. Being shot in a salon, Gizelle sure knows how to pinch pennies to create a vision LOL. Before Robyn’s arrival, Gizelle shades her bestie slightly to her friend Kal — and to both their surprise Robyn isn’t all that late (only thirty-two minutes). Gizelle continues making excuses as to why she and Jamal Bryant are no longer together, and Kal ain’t buying it. After Robyn’s done getting dressed, she makes herself comfortable, and Gizelle tells Kal about Mia Thornton and provides him with a rundown of Mia’s plastic surgeries. The green-eyed bandits decide to invite Mia to drinks after the argument at Ashley Darby’s Pamper Party…without Karen Huger. Gizelle sends the text unaware of the ripple effect she’s caused, and the pair begin their shoot. 

Ashley Darby

Across town, Michael Darby has planned a night out with Ashley, as she is ready to pop any day! Looking beautiful, Ashley wobbles to her seat, and Michael seems genuinely happy to be there. After some light banter, the couple talk about their day and Michael reveals he wants to start producing movies (rolls eyes HARD). Attempting to be supportive, Ashley lets Michael know that she’s on his team but producing movies is a lot of work. Ashley wants to see what all entails in producing movies and she wants to make sure their kids are set. Sensing Ashley’s hesitation, Michael reassures her that this new business won’t bring problems to their relationship. Realizing that he picked the wrong time to bring up a new business, Michael shifts the conversation before Ashley wants to leave due to feeling some discomfort. The real question is what type of movies do you want to produce Mr. Darby? 

At Karen’s, she is busy in the kitchen cooking, before calling Rayvin to check in on her. Knowing that Rayvin is busy with her new job, Karen enjoys the time she gets to spend with her little girl. Karen informs Rayvin about becoming an ambassador to her hometown. After telling Rayvin how good things are at home, Karen wants Rayvin to convince Ray to upgrade Karen’s ring. Being shocked with the task, Rayvin accepts before Karen realizes she burnt the fish. We can’t do it all, can we? At the Joint Chiropractic, Mia’s conducting a walk-through to make sure everything runs like a well-oiled wheel. Checking organization and talking with her staff, Mia looks confident in her element. After taking a look at the front desk, Mia receives a call from her son Josh. After checking in on her son’s day, Mia asks G if he minds taking Josh to practice. Giving Mia a hard time, Gordon wants Mia to create more balance in the household. He understands she’s a boss, but he knows the kids enjoy their time with Mia.

Mia Thornton

Back to Robyn, we see her as she meets her trainer at a park. Seems like Robyn’s laziness has caught up to her and now she wants to lose fifteen pounds. Robyn also invites Askale Davis and Wendy Osefo to work out in the cold. After working out, the ladies decide to take a walk to cool down. Candiace Dillard calls Robyn to invite all the ladies (besides Ashley) to a pajama jam. Candiace is celebrating moving into her own home and wants to celebrate with the ladies. They agree to go and Robyn proceeds to ask Askale how she felt about Mia. Askale thinks Mia is messy and thinks Mia will wind up in a bunch of drama. Meanwhile, at Mia’s, Karen drops by for a visit. After taking Karen’s coat, the two head over to the dining room for some tea and gossip. 

Karen asks what Mia thought of the Pamper Party, and Mia thought they were going to celebrate Ashley, but instead, the focus was on her. Karen felt like the ladies were attacking Mia due to their friendship. Karen drops her opinion about Robyn being in Gizelle’s bush, and Mia says, “Don’t get me started on that situation”. Wanting to divulge it all, Mia informs Karen about the text she received inviting her to lunch while excluding Karen. Simultaneously, Robyn’s telling Askale and Wendy about the text exchange. Once Gizelle made it clear Karen wasn’t invited, Mia responded with some shade of her own. Not allowing others to dictate how she moves, Mia let the green-eyed bandits know her assistant can schedule them in for an appointment honey! Robyn thought the response was rude and attempted to get answers from Mia to no avail. Mia continued directing her text to Gizelle and paid Robyn dust! 

Candiace Dillard

Mia’s clearly the boss and she isn’t afraid to let everyone know! Robyn thinks Karen is influencing Mia and making them the bad guys. It must be nice to be so delusional, RobynCandiace day starts by pretending to be a singer and heading to the studio. Meeting her engineer and producer, Candiace is all smiles and ready for that autotune. Chris is at his catering job and couldn’t be there for her studio session.  Candiace, taking the time to give Chris his flowers, understands how hard it is to manage her and her new career. Getting in the booth, we see Candiace as she takes direction from her producers. Candiace reveals that her record deal didn’t go through last year and that she’s supporting all of her music endeavors now. Good luck girl, Chris gonna have to pick up more catering jobs to fund your dreams. 

Gizelle’s excited because it’s the day of Grace’s driving permit test! The third time is a charm, and Gizelle is overflowing with positivity. Providing some lighthearted jokes, Gizelle attempts to take the edge off as she senses Grace’s nervousness. After Grace gets signed in, Gizelle returns to the car and expresses how nervous she is. Blaming Grace’s bad driving on Jamal, Gizelle thinks it’s his fault Grace can’t pass this test. Fifteen minutes later Grace returns, and unfortunately, she didn’t pass the test. Giving Grace her space, Gizelle provides some encouragement and vows to return next week so Grace can try again. 

It’s the night of the Pajama Jam!  Candiace is in her kitchen breaking things while her friends help her put the decorations together. After a quick flashback of the issues Candiace experienced in her townhome, Candiace feels relieved to enter a new space that’s just for her and Chris. Karen arrives first and Candiace greets her with a shot of Fireball. Karen leaving a little of the shot left, Candiace throws some shade in her confessional about how much Karen likes to drink. Don’t we all, LOL. Robyn arrives and Karen skips the small talk and asks Robyn about her upcoming wedding. Being taken aback, Robyn fires back by saying she doesn’t want to short-change her wedding due to the pandemic. Karen not going light on Robyn, lets it be known that her wedding will be small and intimate, while Robyn seethes in the background.

Gizelle arrives in a colorful robe and continues ignoring Karen. Karen, not skipping a beat, ignores Gizelle and asks where Ashley is. Candiace says she forgot to invite Ashley, but everyone knows she never intended to invite Ashley in the first place. Wendy arrives last to show off her body (of course) and Askale’s right behind her. Once Askale gets in, Candiace asks whether or not the group will be nice to Mia, and Wendy says, “Is Mia going to be nice to us?”  Clearly, already on the defense, Karen lets the group know why Mia sent the text and it was because the green-eyed bandits were acting like high schoolers. Gizelle tries to defend her stance by saying they already know Karen and that they wanted to get to know Mia on their own. As Gizelle’s saying how Mia should correct what everyone knows, Mia finally arrives to set the record straight. 

Gizelle Bryant

Karen being a straight shooter, lets Mia know what they were talking about and allows her to explain her side of the story. Karen admits the choice of wording was improper on both sides before Gizelle jumps in saying “Don’t speak for me, at all”. Mia owns that she was aggressive in her response, but that she doesn’t let other people put stipulations on what she does. Askale speaks up and says there’s a lot of delusion going on and that Mia’s text was very rude. “Askale, how many businesses do you own?” Mia asks while throwing the group a curveball. Askale says she owns many businesses and Mia tries to let her know she doesn’t have time for foolishness. In the middle of their heated exchange, Robyn decides to have her yelling moment and says, “WHO THE F*CK CARES ABOUT HOW MANY BUSINESSES ANYONE HAS IN THIS ROOM?!” Mia doesn’t even respond to Robyn and instead keeps her focus on Askale’s question. Wendy jumps in and says that they don’t talk to their friends this way, and Mia explains that’s how Wendy is and not her. 

Candiace stands on the table and calms everyone down (surprisingly). The issues they have won’t be settled tonight and Candiace just wants them to have fun. Candiace begins her games and Mia tries to make amends with Gizelle. Apologizing for starting off on the wrong foot, Mia wants to start over with Gizelle. Mia says she will try better in the future, and the ladies move onto the game, Never Have I Ever. During the game, we found out Mia’s had a threesome (not surprising) and that she actually had vaginal rejuvenation and not her cl** done. Glad we finally got that figured out *rolls eyes*. Candiace admits if Ashley was there, she would’ve drunk on that question, and at Ashley’s house, we see she’s struggling to leave. Ashley’s rightfully emotional and ten minutes later, Michael and Ashley head to the hospital for the birth of their second son! Aww! I can’t wait till next week to see his little face and for more drama! See yall then.

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