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‘RHOP’ RECAP: Mia Admits That She Was A Stripper When She Met Her Husband & Gets Into ANOTHER Argument With Wendy!

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Mia Thornton

Welcome back to a brand-new episode of summer’s greatest reality show! We begin seeing Robyn Dixon in bed, while snoozing her alarm clock. Looks like the sleeping pill needs a little more beauty rest before starting her day. Juan Dixon yells to tell Robyn to get their boys up, while she casually goes back to sleep. Juan comes back in because Carter hasn’t gotten up yet. After a brief back in forth, Juan finally lets Robyn know what’s been bothering him. Robyn’s been lazy during the pandemic and may even be suffering from depression. Juan isn’t here for Robyn’s excuses, and as he leaves the room Juan tells her to “be better, please.” At the Hugers, Karen Huger is prepping for her fragrance livestream, while Ray Huger struggles with a vase in the background. 

After Ray helps Karen adjust her lighting, Karen reflects on her journey as a businesswoman. Ray joins Karen’s livestream and seems to be very supportive of Karen’s work this season. Across town, Gizelle Bryant meets Ashley Darby for coffee so they can chat and catch up. After the tea and cake arrive, Gizelle begins with small talk surrounding Ashley’s birth. Gizelle admits that Michael Darby makes her nervous, due to his indiscretions from last year. Ashley says she is giving Michael the benefit of doubt, and Gizelle is not buying it. Ashley discusses Karen’s Love Party and divulges to Gizelle about the change of heart Mia Thornton; and how Mia called her “just a pretty face.” Gizelle offers Ashley a little pregnancy advice, before surprising Ashley with the news of her own pamper party!

Karen Huger

Gizelle expresses to Ashley that she doesn’t want Karen coming, and Ashley stands firm by insisting Karen is invited. Gizelle asks if Mia should come, and Ashley says yes before the two begin talking about Mia’s surgeries. Back to Robyn, we see her working in her mom’s warehouse with the newbie of the group, Askale Davis. Robyn gifts Askale an Embellished hat while working on stuffing boxes. Robyn invites Askale to Ashley’s pampering party, and Wendy Osefo arrives to help with Robyn’s orders. As the ladies discuss Robyn outgrowing her home, Wendy lets the two in on her new home essentials line. 

Robyn is being supportive in person, but in her confessional; she is straight up confused on why Wendy is taking this direction. Wendy begins to tell the ladies about the argument with Mia before producers swiftly send us to Mia Thornton’s house. Mia’s talking to Gordon Thornton and receives the invitation for Ashley’s pamper party. Mia tells G that Wendy came off shady to her. At the same time, Wendy is giving a play-by-play of the entire argument, and reiterated that Mia’s a flip-flopper. G likes talking to Eddie Osefo, but Mia thinks Eddie is scared of Wendy! At the warehouse, Askale asks what she should expect from the upcoming event, and Robyn tries to trash Karen by saying she drinks too much! Then, Robyn addresses Wendy and how she acted at the Nude Interlube. Wendy felt like her house wasn’t the time and she didn’t want anyone feeling “ganged up on.” Honestly, Robyn’s just mad Wendy switched to the winning team! 

Candiace Dillard

Candiace Dillard is still playing stepmom, and we see her checking on the kid’s day at school. Candiace seems to enjoy her temporary role, and we’ll see if this leads to a permanent title change. After joking about how much they drink, Candiace gets on a live with mommy dearest herself, running down how she’s studying and has plans to meet up with Karen for lunch. Although she loves Karen, Candiace hasn’t gotten over Karen’s “betrayal.” Candiace lets her mom know that Chris is managing her career, and Dorothy doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Candiace is upset her mom thinks Chris has an alterative motive, and just wants her to wish them the best. We all do Candiace *wink wink*.

Karen is setting out some refreshments as Wendy pulls up looking fabulous! Wendy says she has a newfound respect for Karen, and when both women are in a good place in life, it’s easier to move on. Snacking on sushi and salad, Karen gives Wendy her props on her glow up. Diving into her home essentials line, Wendy gives Karen the deeds on her new business venture. Wanting to be the “Black Martha Stewart,” Wendy wants a line of towels, sheets, pillows, and everything involving making your home comfortable. Karen feels honored to become Wendy’s mentor and starts giving Wendy valuable business advice. Karen asks whether Wendy has a business partner or a business plan, in which Wendy has neither (Eddie is not a partner, LOL).  She wrote a paragraph for her business plan, but Karen is directing her to step up her game. Karen has instructed Wendy to double her budget among other things, and I think Wendy is starting to understand the amount of work she needs to put in to be successful. 

Mia Thorton

At Mia’s house, Gordon’s in the kitchen with Mia’s son as he eats a strange combination of salad and a donut. Checking in Joshua’s schoolwork, we hear about the relationship between his biological dad and G. After talking to the kids, Mia pulls G to their room to discuss her mom. Mia reveals that her parents were on drugs, and she had to go through the foster care system. Mia reminisces on the memory of laying on a cold floor on Christmas Eve, as she waited for her mom to come home. Gordon, understanding how hard this is for Mia, encourages her to give it some time and one of them will figure out how to open that door. G comforts Mia and provides her with a kiss for reassurance. 

Candiace is setting out fruit for Karen as she arrives for their conversation. Candiace is visibly uneasy as she allows Karen to enter her new home. Candiace takes Karen’s coat and the two make their way into the living room for some tea. Karen tells Candiace that she seems more peaceful, and Candiace tells Karen that having this conversation is a part of that peace. Candiace says she wants to move forward, but she wants to understand where Karen was coming from last year. Karen knows that Candiace was hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally but Karen does NOT regret remaining neutral! Karen did her best, and admits she was emotionally hurt due to being iced out for taking her neutral stance. 

Candiace feels that the two of them should’ve been able to discuss Karen’s stance, and Karen feels like Candiace wouldn’t have received what Karen was trying to give. It’s all a big misunderstanding and Candiace wants Karen to admit she was wrong for last year. Issue is, Karen loves Candiace but she aint backing down for no one! Understanding it’s hard for Candiace to hear that, Candiace lets us know her and Karen will remain cordial, but Candiace doesn’t trust her.  Candiace looked like she wanted to cry as Karen left, so we’ll see if they get their friendship on the right track. 

Wendy Osefo

In town, Gizelle’s prepping for Ashley’s Pamper Party! Food and drinks are being sat out, and there’s beautiful yellow decoration everywhere! Candiace arrives first and kiki’s with Gizelle about nothing, before beginning to drink some champagne. Candiace gives Gizelle a rundown of her and Karen’s conversation and of course Gizelle thinks Karen is the worst! Wendy, Robyn, and Ashley arrive a few moments later and Gizelle begins hating on Wendy’s new body already! Robyn introduces the group to Askale Davis, and they all give her a warm welcome! Karen arrives and irritates Gizelle by paying her dust once again, and finally Mia arrives so the party can begin! 

Gizelle setting the tone, lets the women know she has five therapists ready for them and the crew plays “Whose pregnant belly is this?”. The game was real cute and Ashley takes Askale away with her for the first massage. Karen talks to Mia about the Love Lunch and the issues Mia have with Wendy. Mia knowing the assignment says, “Wendy’s here, let’s go talk about it”. Karen gathers the ladies and not too long after Mia tries to explain herself, that Dr. Wendy shuts her down! “Don’t ever try me like that again” Wendy says while everyone looks on in surprise. Mia tries to back up and admits to talking with her hands, and if Wendy doesn’t like it, she can go sit somewhere else. Before long “Zen Wen” loses it and now has nothing but time to address Mia! 

Karen Huger

Mia directs her attention to Gizelle to explain what the conversation was about at the Love Lunch. Mia explains that Wendy thinks she’s shady because she uplifted Gizelle at the table, but then reevaluated Gizelle’s character after the comments about Ray. Gizelle gives Mia her props for trying to get to know everyone and tries to ask Mia a question to no avail. Mia reiterated that Wendy thought she was shady, and Wendy tells Mia that she has an issue with herself, because every ten seconds she put her foot in her mouth smh. Meanwhile Ashley and Askale are having a peaceful seaweed wrap, oblivious to the tension in the other room. Wendy dismisses Mia and Gizelle lets Wendy know she isn’t very Zenful right now, LOL. Mia tells the group that Wendy isn’t happy at home and Wendy fires back with “No sweetie, you’re not happy at home, cause that’s why you got your cl*t done!”

Finished with small-minded people, Mia excuses herself and leaves Wendy dismissing the air. Mia has a good point, for someone who’s so “empowering” Wendy sure is quick to tear someone down. Karen explains to Ashley and Askale what just happened, while Gizelle tells Wendy to let the other person talk next time. Wendy, still on the defense, says Gizelle doesn’t want to hear it. Wendy’s response was to defend Gizelle, but Wendy can see Gizelle’s true colors now. After everyone’s done with their massages, Askale asks Karen if it’s true that she drinks heavily. Karen, remaining poised, says she is not and that it’s very dangerous to call someone an alcoholic. Karen isn’t upset by the accusations and moves on, and Mia explains that she was a stripper when she met G. Mia explained she wore beautiful gowns, and the men mostly paid for her time. I don’t think anyone believes her, but aint no shame in her game. Gizelle leaves the party early and Askale offers a prayer for Ashley’s delivery, while Candiace fakes like she wishes Ashley well. Shame. Come back next week for even more mess from our favorite ladies!

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