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50 Cent Requests To Seize Teairra Mari’s Skin Care Line Profits In An Effort To Collect His $37K!

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Teairra Mari

Love & Hip Hop star, Teairra Mari, has landed in legal hot water after rapper, 50 Cent, demanded that the court order her to hand over her financial records, so he can collect the $37k she owes him.  

Court docs reveal that lawyers repping the rapper have accused the VH1 star of refusing to answer questions about the case and dismissing their efforts to collect the cash.

In 2018, Mari sued the musician and her ex-boyfriend after some supposed revenge porn drama went down on social media. 

She accused her ex of posting a graphic image of her after allegedly hacking into her Instagram account. 50 Cent reposted the snap on this own account alongside the caption—“Get the strap.” Mari alleged that the message was a threat, but the rapper denied that he meant it as such, adding that he caused Mari no harm. A judge agreed and dismissed the claims against the artist. 50 Cent was also awarded $30k to cover his attorney fees. The rapper has been trying to collect the money owed to him for a year, but Mari has refused to pay up. She has reportedly not handed over any money, and the musician’s lawyer has not been able to pin down her financial records. 

The music mogul’s legal team recently requested that the court sanction Mari $6k for ignoring their request for financial disclosure by the imposed deadline. 50 Cent’s lawyers are asking the court to require Mari to hand over information detailing all sources of income, a list of all assets worth more than $200, information about all cars registered in her name, as well as disclosures about any owned properties and companies. Mari, who has marketed her own music in the past, is reportedly being questioned about any income she receives from iTunes, Amazon, and Tidal. She is also being asked to hand over a list of all her bank accounts and stock accounts. 

One line reads—”IDENTIFY all social media posts, including, but not limited to, Instagram posts, in which YOU have sponsored or advertised a product in the last year or for which YOU have been paid to post.”

The rap artist is also asking Mari to answer questions about her recently launched skincare line, Hunniface, and where the income from her business is being held. 

His legal team states—“IDENTIFY HUNNIFACE LLC’S bank statements, canceled checks, checkbooks, checkbook stubs, and deposit receipts for all financial and/or deposit accounts including but not limited to, certificates of deposit, regular accounts, special accounts, and special savings and thrift accounts, from January 1, 2020 through the date of production.”

A judge has not yet ruled on the case.

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