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‘RHOP’ RECAP: Wendy Warns Newbie Mia Not To Come For Her, Karen Reveals What ‘Sing Sing’ Means!

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Mia Thornton

Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! We begin back at Wendy Osefo’s Nude Interlude, where Karen Huger just revealed Gizelle Bryant has a hot box! After a brief pause, the ladies ask about “sing sing” and show their ages by asking if it’s a Tik Tok thing, smh. Breaking up the tension, Chef Tia serves dinner before Gizelle jumps back into the fight with Karen. Mia Thorton attempts to show Karen some loyalty, by putting herself in the middle of Gizelle and Karen’s issues. “Let me just say something because I know you, I love you, I respect you & I have my own relationship with you.” However, Mia proceeds to say that although she just met Gizelle, that she (Mia) is a good judge of character & Gizelle has a good heart. Wendy is just as confused as the rest of us since you’d think Mia would take up for Karen since she’s the one who introduced her to the group. 

Karen gives Mia a pass, stating she was once smitten by Gizelle too, but give her time and her darkness will be revealed. Karen reminds the ladies that the issues happened between her and Gizelle after Gizelle made ageist comments about Ray in her confessional. Lapdog Robyn asked why Karen didn’t address this before, to which Karen responds because her children were young and hurting. Flashback to four years ago, producers remind us that Karen’s daughter was 19 and her son was 27 at the time. Wendy attempting to make peace at her event says that the conversation needs to stay between Karen and Gizelle and to not essentially gang up on Karen. Robyn disagrees (of course) and doesn’t know why Wendy is going so hard for Karen. 

Karen explains to Robyn that she’s had enough, and tells Robyn that she is the one walking down the aisle again; before asking Robyn, “So when is your wedding?” Robyn allowing COVID to be the excuse for everything tries to fire back at Karen to no avail. Karen says that her wedding will be soon and in a protected environment, while Robyn tries to swallow her embarrassment. Karen makes it a point to say that her wedding will be real since she’s in a real relationship. Gizelle coming to her lapdogs (Robyn’s) defense, wants Karen to clarify what she’s trying to say. Karen says it’s her reality and pays Gizelle dust. Ashley chimes in and says anything is possible if she and Karen can get back on better terms. Leaving the conversation there, Wendy gets up to let the ladies look at her body one more time; before admitting to also getting her butt done. 

Wendy says she wanted to reveal the information herself, but Mia can see through Wendy’s BS. Seems like Wendy and Mia aren’t getting off to the best start. The ladies eat Wendy’s titty cupcakes, while Wendy’s Nude Interlube wraps up. Wendy notices Mia hugging the green-eyed bandits and exchanging numbers with them before they leave. Not understanding where Mia’s loyalty lies with Karen, Wendy seems to make it her mission to figure the newbie out. During Mia’s day, we see her driving while talking to her business associate and we see the daily life of the newbie. Born and raised in the DMV, Mia lets it be known that she’s worked for everything she’s got and is not afraid to show it! With three beautiful kids and her fine hubby, it seems the Thornton household is busy but well under control. Making cupcakes with the kids, Mia is juggling a lot while trying to be a supermom and a businesswoman. 

Mia’s daughter has a brief breakdown over sprinkles that she wants on her cupcakes, and we see a gentle side of Mia as she wipes the tears away. Motherhood is already hard to manage, so I commend Mia for trying to keep her household balanced. Gordon (Mia’s husband) seems to want Mia to focus more on the household and the kids, but Mia doesn’t seem to pay G any attention in that matter. In the life of cry-baby Candiace, we see her on the set of a pilot for a show being shopped around. Flexing her acting chops, we see a rundown of other projects Candiace has performed in. Candiace’s main goal is to be taken seriously as an actor and to improve her skills overall. During a break, Candiace calls Chis to check on him and the kids. With everything good on Chis’s end, he asks about Candiace’s day and the many things she’s doing. While getting her MBA at Howard University, Candiace is also working on her album in-between her acting career. 

Even though it’s a lot, Chris explains to her that this is what Candiace wanted and now it’s time to put in real work. Chris is managing Candiace’s career, although he has zero managing experience. Clarifying that he mostly manages Candiace, she uses the excuse that she’s stressed and popping off out of frustration. I wish we could all use that excuse when we want to throw a temper tantrum. At Ashley’s condo, we see the pregnant beauty playing with baby Dean as she awaits a visit from her mom. After getting settled, Ashley gets her mom a drink before diving into how Michael and Ashley’s relationship is going. Ashley explains to her mom that she hired a new nanny named Daisy, to help them out part-time. Asking if Ashley is glad that Daisy isn’t shaped like a big eight, Ashley seems confident in the state of her marriage. Ashley does confide in her mom that she and Michael haven’t been having regular sex, but that they’ve come up with alternative ways to make each other happy. Not sure why Ashley felt the need to explain her sex life with Michael, but I could’ve lived the rest of my life NOT knowing that information LOL. 

Later in the day, Robyn visits Gizelle’s finished house and gets a tour of the renovations. Gizelle’s designer did good this time, but Robyn is not a fan of the west wing. Calling it what it is, Robyn says Gizelle’s house looks like one house that’s attached to another one. After the tour, Robyn asks Gizelle about christening her Versace comforter. Admitting that her relationship with Jamal isn’t working, Gizelle seems to be at peace with her decision. Meanwhile, in Robyn’s confessional, she feels their relationship was still in the “rebuilding” phase, and that she didn’t feel they were ever madly in love with each other. Ohhh, Robyn is spilling all the tea, honey! Switching gears, Gizelle calls Candiace and asks if she’s alright while giving her the rundown of Wendy’s Nude Interlube. Shading Mia, they enlighten Candiace on newbie Mia and the argument between Gizelle and Karen. After hanging up with Candiace, Gizelle says that she doesn’t want to be around Karen until she apologizes. Doubt that will ever happen, but we shall see. 

At Karen’s, we see her forcing Ray to help her make up the bed, and Ray seems a lot happier than in past seasons. Reminding us of the fun Karen has with her vibrating pillows, producers are on a roll with their TMI content, LOL. Sitting down to discuss the party, Karen enlightens Ray on why she thinks Gizelle is coming for her. Sensing the embarrassment that Gizelle went through after her divorce, Karen can understand how broken Gizelle may be feeling. Knowing that Gizelle can’t her anger out on Jamal, Karen understands that she’s now Gizelle’s punching bag. To extend an olive branch, Karen decides to throw a Love Party and will invite all the ladies for a fresh start. At the Osefo household, Wendy and Eddie are cooking in the kitchen and Wendy’s mom and sister join them for dinner. 

Sitting down to eat, Wendy’s mom asks how she and her new boobs are doing. Although Wendy’s mom wasn’t thrilled about Wendy changing careers, it seems she didn’t have any issue with Wendy’s elective surgery. Threatening to sue them, Wendy’s mom makes it clear that she wants a boob job next. Paying her mom’s comment for dusk, Wendy reveals that she’s producing a home-essentials line. Wendy was nervous at how her mom would react, but Wendy’s mom is on board with Wendy’s new creative direction. At Ashley’s condo, we see her talking about encapsulating her placenta before Karen arrives to visit. Once Ashley ends her phone call, Karen wants clarification on what Ashley plans on doing with the placenta. After explaining the benefits of eating the placenta, Karen invites Ashley and Michael to her Love Party and asks how the two are doing. Ashley reassures Karen that her marriage is in a good place while changing the subject to Wendy’s Nude Interlube.  Karen admits that “sing sing” was a stretch and that she thought it sounded nice. Baby Dean wakes up and cries when he meets Karen. Karen reading the room realizes it’s time to go and skedaddles out of there! 

Later that evening Candiace receives Karen’s invite and contemplating if she wants to attend. Candiace wants to move on from last year, and although she’s hurt, Candiace doesn’t have the energy to fight anymore. Karen and Ray are preparing for the Love Party, and the food and drinks look amazing! Gizelle and Robyn declined Karen’s invitation, and Karen doesn’t feel the least bit concerned. At Gizelle’s, she orders food for her girls while discussing Grace’s permit test that’s coming up. Gizelle wants to have the dating conversation with her daughters, to warn them of the craziness that goes on with relationships. 

The girls give Gizelle a hard time at first, by asking if she used to go on drug runs with her (ex-gang member) boyfriend. Gizelle claims she never did, but we know the truth. Gizelle wants them to say away from rappers and athletes and told them about a story when she dated a guy in the NBA. Explaining that her ex had blown his knee out and she had to go through the ups and downs involving his depression. Her daughters clearly see that Gizelle lacks in the emotional support department. Gizelle’s oldest says in her confessional, that when there’s an issue in her relationship, that Gizelle doesn’t want to talk about it. Admitting there’s some truth to that, it’s nice to see Gizelle finally admit to some of her faults. Back at the Love Party, Mia and G arrive first and grab a few drinks before exchanging some pleasantries. Wendy and Eddie arrive shortly after, and the women navigate to the couch to talk.

Karen lets the ladies know that Gizelle and Robyn aren’t coming, and Mia throws shade about Karen’s party being a couple’s thing. Oop! Karen lets the women know she’s excited for Candiace to come, and Ashley arrives without Michael. Karen directs everyone to eat and relax, and the party begins!  Candiace and Chris arrive, and Chris lets Candiace know everything is going to be ok. Putting her acting chops to use, Candiace hugs Karen and agrees to a future sit down with her. Candiace migrates to the rest of the ladies and proceeds to feel Wendy’s new booty. Wendy asks Ashley if she’s nervous to give birth, and Mia chimes in that she never had a vaginal birth. Wanting clarification, Ashley asks about the CC Mia got done and Mia reveals she got it done because she “gets it in” too much. Candiace thinks Mia is fabulous and the conversation shifts to the argument between Karen and Gizelle. Karen tries to keep the energy peaceful, while Mia makes a comment about Karen being a real boss!

Candiace Dillard

Having enough of Mia’s flip-flop behavior, Wendy calls Mia out about being friends with Karen while exchanging numbers with the green-eyed bandits. Reiterating what Karen told Mia, she wanted to give the ladies a chance; but after Gizelle’s comment about Ray, Mia’s reevaluating Gizelle’s character. Ashley chimes in that if it were her, then she would’ve given her friend (Karen) the benefit of doubt, instead of Gizelle. Mia then comes for Wendy and says she was trying to “enlighten” the air, which is something Wendy should’ve done since it was her party! Mia doesn’t know why the ladies have a problem when Karen isn’t upset, and that’s when Wendy tells her she would understand if she was quiet and listened. Mia is over Wendy and decides to stop playing nice. Wendy and Mia get into an argument and Mia doesn’t back down to having her hand in Wendy’s face! These two are giving Nene and Kandi vibes, Lord! 

Ashley and Candiace warn Mia about the hands in the face and laugh about not repeating the past. Karen taking charge ushers everyone to the living room, so the couples can play a game. Since Michael isn’t there, Ashley is the host asking the questions. Karen provided some spicy questions, and Wendy seemed a bit insecure around Mia. One of the questions was about if their husbands were attracted to another woman, within the friend group, and Wendy made Eddie change his answer from “Mia” to “Not Applicable”. Omg, this is going to be a GOODT season! Seems like some issues are brewing beneath the surface with Wendy and Mia, child. Come back next week to see if they kiss and make up, or if this friendship was doomed from the start!

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