REUNION RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Dr. Contessa Attempts To Protect Anila’s Husband Dr. Kiran From ‘The Wrath Of Scott’!

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Welcome back to the finale part of season eight’s Married to Medicine. We begin with Dr. Scott Metcalf in the hot seat, as Andy Cohen asks Curtis Walters about his opinion about the life coach situation. Curtis not wanting to put words in Scott’s mouth, offers to allow Scott to explain himself. Scott says that after filming he explained to Dr. Contessa Metcalf that he was being immature; basically, lying about ever having a life coach. The look on Dr. Eugene Harris’s face explains it all. No one believes Scott! Scott didn’t want to appear that he cared about his marriage less than Contessa, so he lied but it doesn’t seem to make a difference with the ladies backstage. Dr. Heavenly Kimes calls out the BS and asks Contessa again if Scott has a life coach or not. 

Contessa has no idea because Scott has given her different answers, and now she doesn’t know what to believe. Dr. Kiran Sajja explained it perfectly, by reinforcing that the situation seems suspect from the outside looking in. Quad Webb-Lunceford having more information than Scott, didn’t help matters either. Understanding how the conversation sounded to Scott, Heavenly can see why Scott initially crashed the stage. Contessa reveals that she has given Scott a deadline to change his behavior, yet when Heavenly asks if anything changes. Contessa utters, “Nothing”. Feels like we’re all getting gaslit by the Metcalfs. On the main stage, Scott continues to confuse the fellas and admits the separation isn’t active at the present. Curtis tries to save his friend by explaining the optics of the situation, and Eugene calls Scott and Contessa out for not being honest with each other.  

Andy drops a bomb by letting everyone know that two months ago, Scott and Contessa filed for separation while putting their house up for sale. Whew! Looks like another layer has been peeled back! Scott had an issue with Quad’s comment because it was two months ago, and thought the issues were over. Yet, when Andy asks if the house is still for sale. Scott gives us a non-answer by stating, “The signs aren’t up, so no.” Clearly, the women backstage aren’t giving Scott the benefit of doubt. These are smart women, and they will not be fooled by Scott’s games. Contessa let the women know that Scott pulled out of the listing for the house, while Cecil and Curtis reminisce about their past marital problems. 

Cecil tells Scott that the “Ima do me” attitude will never work in a relationship. Curtis wants the couple to give each other clarity so they’re both understood within the marriage. Bringing the wives out to be included, Andy takes a moment to recognize the work everyone put in to help during the pandemic and speaking up due to social unrest. Looking back, we’re reminded of the tedious work the doctors put in while talking to their children about the Black Lives Matter movement, the beautiful dinner with Rev. Al Sharpton, and the COVID testing event for the D.C. citizens. The fight for change was apparent, and it’s beautiful to see everyone come together for a better tomorrow. After the recap, Andy checks in with Dr. Kiran since he was forced to shut down his practice for a period of time. 

Dr. Kiran discusses how hard it was to have no money coming in since the state of Georgia denied him the ability to perform on his patients. Building a house, while taking care of a family didn’t ease his worries and overall, it was very stressful for their family. Andy directs his question to Eugene and asks how it was for him at the hospital daily. Not wanting to take a shot at any of the other doctors, Eugene explains how hard it was working in the ER. Eugene didn’t have an issue with death before, but the cases he saw over the past year were devastating. Becoming emotional, Eugene tells everyone that he was removed from his family and felt he didn’t have anything left to give them. On top of worrying about contracting COVID, and potentially passing it to Toya and the kids, it was very hard to deal with. 

Moving the conversation in a more positive direction, Andy asks everyone what stands out the most about their D.C. trip. Everyone agreed that being a part of history, meeting Rev. Al Sharpton, and the overall atmosphere were wonderful! The energy was beautiful and the people they met while protesting is an experience they’ll never forget. Andy learned how diverse the crowd was in D.C. and recognizes the significance of multiple people of multiple races fighting for justice. Taking questions from some fans, one viewer asks Dr. Simone Whitmore what allowed her to look past Cecil’s busted Hyundai. Simone says she loved his legs on the tennis court, while Eugene admits that Toya stopped sending Eugene naughty pictures while he’s in the ER.  Dr. Kiran lets us know how he felt after Anila Sajja commented about his private parts, and Anila admits you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth.

Andy asks Eugene about the tweet he sent after he found out Quad and Heavenly were talking about their finances. Eugene admits to having a few drinks that night, and Heavenly lets everyone know she has a lot of respect for Eugene. When Eugene had a problem with Heavenly, he went to Dr. Damon Kimes and allowed Damon to talk to Heavenly on his own. In Heavenly’s opinion, she doesn’t think the men should respond to the women, especially if they’re angry. However, Curtis isn’t hearing none of that! Curtis wants to know why it’s ok for the women to talk about the men, but the men aren’t expected to respond to what’s being said about them. Curtis makes the comment “if you want to act like a man,” and I don’t believe the women heard anything else after that LOL. 

Curtis says that times have changed, and women have become more empowered, but they’ve also become more aggressive as well. Receiving a warning from Heavenly, she tries to keep it cute while telling Jackie, “Would you get your man.” Eugene asks to be tagged into the conversation and adds that they must be careful because the content surrounding the discussion could be ‘couples based.’ Heavenly feels like it’s hard to come back from issues between the ladies and the husbands, and Quad chimes in about her retaliation to the Live Toya did regarding her “small a** apartment.” Quad told Eugene that she’s going to buy him a skirt since he wants to be in women’s business, and Eugene responds with “make sure it’s expensive,” LOL. 

Andy clarifies whether Quad wants the men to wear pumps and a skirt before responding to any of the women, and Quad attempts to explain her backwards reasoning. Moving on, Andy reads a question from a viewer who clears Scott of any expectations that things were fine in his marriage. The viewer said what we’ve all been thinking, and that’s for Scott to check his ego at the door and get the therapy they desperately need. Scott says he agrees and that he and Contessa are “getting there.” Andy asks Simone and Jackie what result did they expect when they decided to invite the men to help them pull off Scott’s intervention. Jackie explains that none of them wanted to see a marriage end, and they thought to have a group session to help them in any way possible. Simone revisits when her marriage was saved during a reunion, and that she feels if Scott loves his wife, then there’s no reason why he can’t put the BS to the side. 

Andy asks the ladies’ reaction to Scott’s explanation of the life coach (which they think is a bunch of BS), and they can’t understand why he’d chose to be intentionally hurtful to Contessa. Scott admits he said it because he wanted to, and he was being stupid. Catching Scott in another lie, Heavenly brings up that in Jekyll Island, Scott said his life coach was a man. Stammering Scott tries to explain that he called the male life coach AFTER they arrived in Jekyll Island. Wondering which one’s the lie and which is the truth, it doesn’t seem like any confusion has been cleared up. Contessa doesn’t know what’s real anymore since she’s gotten multiple stories from Scott. Heavenly asks Dr. Kiran to weigh in since he’s the most neutral, and Scott immediately gets upset saying “He don’t even f****** know me.” 

Contessa asks Kiran not to say anything, to avoid the wrath of Scott. Andy asks what Scott’s wrath is, and Contessa explains that Scott feels the need to defend himself when he’s backed into a corner. Kiran lets them know he’ll never put Scott in a corner, but he’s also not worried about being cursed out either. Confused about the different life coaches and the separation, Kiran is just as confused as the rest of the group. Andy tells the group that Contessa and Scott are on two different pages on what they think the state of their marriage is. Andy’s concerned about the wrath of Scott and admits he doesn’t know what that means. Scott lets everyone know he’s never been physically or verbally abusive, yet it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself instead of everyone else. 

Contessa talks about how uncomfortable she was watching Scott show Cecil and Eugene the picture of another woman, while Scott was getting a facial. Scott having an answer for everything, says he was promoting the woman’s business, and in exchange for his post, the woman offered her services at a discounted rate. Heavenly and Jackie said it looked inappropriate, while Andy enlightens Scott on how he made matters worse. Contessa says the only thing she wants from Scott (which he still didn’t know) was to go to counseling. Asking Contessa how she feels about the current state of their separation, Andy wants to know what changes she’s expecting out of Scott. The couple finally agreed to therapy, and it’s mainly for their children. The group offers their advice for Contessa and Scott and offers them encouragement during these trying times.

Reviewing some of the shady moments from this season, Andy gives us a flashback of mostly Heavenly joking on everyone. Everyone agrees that Heavenly is the shadiest of them all and that they’ve all crossed the line at one point. A viewer asks Quad how she feels about Heavenly’s many comments. Quad says she doesn’t remember most of the stuff Heavenly said, while Heavenly deflects from her comments. Heavenly admits that Anila couldn’t become a dentist, and Anila says being a dentist is “easy.”  Andy revisits Heavenly trying to pitch herself to Eugene, and a viewer gives Kari Wells her props for going head-to-head with Heavenly this season. The ladies discuss who has the best dance moves, while Andy wraps up any final thoughts. Heavenly admits she’s good with Toya now that they’ve kissed. 

Toya wants to spend more time with the ladies when the cameras are down.  Anila states how thankful she is to be a part of a great group of diverse women, and that Quad feels like she got everything off her chest while reigniting the argument with Toya about her apartment. Directing the final words to Contessa, Andy hopes things get better and Contessa tries to convince everyone that her marital issues are ‘normal.’ Ending on a positive note, the ladies agree to work on their friendships and boundaries, in hopes of creating more positivity next season. Andy thanks the ladies for the laughs and the authenticity the ladies brought, and we have another successful season of Married to Medicine in the books! Until next season loves! Xoxo.

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