‘RHONY’ RECAP: Sonja Tells Bershan To ‘Use Your Brain, B*tch!’ Amid Heated Argument!

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This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies are still in Salem. The line of questioning, including whether the women align themselves with white supremacy by Eboni K. Williams, continues to have repercussions in the group. Maybe a tattoo or two will distract them. The ladies visit Salem’s Pioneer Village to learn more about the history of the early colonists in America. 

Eboni is upset that Ramona Singer wants to “lighten it up.” She says, “I think this is a disaster. I cannot go over here and just lighten up. That’s the biggest macro-, not microagression.” As Sonja Morgan and Ramona walk away, Leah McSweeney encourages Eboni to keep “speaking your truth.” And Bershan Shaw quickly suggests, “know your audience.” Eboni says that she doesn’t want to change Ramona, but she wants to “go forward in a place of authenticity and honesty.”

Ramona, Sonja, and Luann de Lesseps try to direct the conversation between the three of them to the matchmaker. Leah and Eboni continue to talk about “this president who has made white supremacy a hallmark of his campaign” and how she wants to discuss it. Luann, in her production interview, says that Eboni talks about open communication, but she “set a roadblock” by calling out the women for being potentially aligned with white supremacists. 

They sit down to dinner, and Eboni tells the group that her grandmother passed away earlier in the day. Eboni says of her grandmother, “She was the best person in our family. She was so much nicer than me.” Ramona is supportive of Eboni. And Eboni appreciates Big Sister Ramona supporting her.

Leah leaves the table to get a tattoo in their tattoo parlor/restaurant. Eboni decided to get a tattoo to honor her grandmother. Luann wants to watch. Bershan thinks that Ramona and Sonja are judging people with tattoos, but she also notices that Sonja is sloppy and flip-flopping on judgment about it or being accepting of it. Ramona continues to encourage Eboni to wait. Leah tells Ramona, “If you’re not going to be supportive, get out.”

The next day, Eboni realizes that they are in Salem and it’s Friday the 13th. Leah calls Ramona to tell her “the plan for the day.” Ramona goes on and on with questions and statements and more questions. Then Leah calls Sonja to complain about Ramona, and Ramona hears Leah on speakerphone. Eboni stops by Bershon’s room. Bershon tells Eboni, “We don’t need the Malcolm X Speech every minute.” Bershon thinks the women want a friend, not a pastor and preacher. 

Everyone gathers in the hotel lobby to go to explore Salem and the history of the city by visiting Pioneer Village, Salem in 1630. They walk into a situation where they can dress up as women of the time. Ramona and Luann take off for the restroom. Leah chooses a Salem outfit. Eboni and Bershan back out. Sonja wears the hat and says she feels ok about it. Eboni says in her production interview that she is not putting on “the colonizers’ uniform. It rubs up against my spirit.”

The women take a guided tour of the historical village in Salem. Eboni and Leah are interested in the village. Sonja is talking to Bershan about letting her townhouse go now that her daughter is older. Ramona and Luann are off taking selfies. Sonja is explaining/denying an alcohol problem in her conversation with Bershan. 

Next on the agenda is the endless “getting ready” for dinner. It wouldn’t be a girls’ trip without a little poop on the bathroom floor and a conversation about diapers. Ramona claims that it’s makeup on the floor, but Sonja has it on her shoe. Sonja’s laughing so hard that she pees herself. They all head to Bella Verona for dinner. 

At the restaurant, the owner comes to the table, and immediately, Luann has a conversation in Italian with him. The discussion turns to wine. Luann and Leah are not drinking, and Sonja says that she doesn’t often drink wine. Bershan interrupts to tell the women that they are boring. “You guys are being grandmas.” Luann jokingly-sort-of tells Bershan that “the door’s over there.” Then the group argues about whether or not Bershan is being insensitive and rude. 

Bershan admits she’s going through some tough stuff and just wants to have fun. Eboni encourages her to share. Bershan says that she’s in a lot of lawsuits, suing the state, suing her ex over her “eggs.” Sonja interjects, “I don’t sue anyone, they sue me.” Bershan shushes Sonja. This isn’t going to go well. Sonja is amped up that Bershan doesn’t try to get to know them. After quite a bit of shouting over each other, Bershan mimics drunk Sonja and then says, “you can never be normal. You always want to be a f-ing clown.”

Luann takes up for Sonja and the rest of the women with her famous line… “How dare you,” Ramona says that Bershan is her friend. Leah just wants to order food. And the restaurant server isn’t sure what to do and tries to talk about “the specials.” They do pause in arguing to order, but then Sonja talks about needing to eat before drinking (too late), and the server is uncomfortable that Sonja is talking about being a clown.

And right on cue, Ramona tries to divert attention… and she asks, “Wanna see me dance on the table?” The server joins in cheering on Ramona. Everyone tries to tone down the conversation, and Sonja gets offended that Bershan takes the conversation to Leah’s end of the table, leaving her out. Bershan says that she has “heard through this weekend, little jabs about you (meaning Ramona talking about Leah).” Leah thinks that Bershan is just starting sh&% and isn’t being honest, so Leah walks out of the restaurant. 

Bershan says that Ramona told her that she doesn’t connect with Leah a lot. Then Luann leaves with Leah. Sonja asks them to stay. Eboni gets her coat. And Ramona tells Bershan that what she really said was that Bershan should make up her own mind about Leah. Then Sonja leaves when Bershan tells her to stop being so dramatic. They continue the argument outside, making such a ruckus that the neighbors are noticing. Sonja tries to drink wine, outside, through her Covid mask. They are stumbling back to the hotel.

In the hotel lobby, Leah is stretching and doing yoga poses. Bershan tries to rejoin the group while pretending to have had too much to drink. Leah calls out Bershan for being a fake drunk and asks for a real conversation. Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona stumble in, fall in the elevator, and then the drunken conversation continues with the group. 

Leah and Ramona try to talk it out again. Sonja is now drunk enough that she’s unbothered. Then, once again, she is bothered. Bershan and Sonja start arguing again—ho, use your brain, exit, find a pole, be the clown, it’s a hot mess of arguing. 

Next time, the argument gets physical between Bershan and Sonja. Maybe there will be a Salem alcohol intervention for Sonja. And a séance adds just one more layer to the fun time weekend for these ladies!

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