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Ramona Singer Will NOT Be Fired From ‘RHONY,’ Another Housewife Is Leaking False Info To Get Rid Of Her!

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer isn’t going anywhere according to a new report by The Daily Mail. A source told the outlet that while a Real Housewives of New York cast shakeup is imminent, Ramona will not land on Bravo’s chopping block. A recently circulated report alleged that the Bravo veteran will be fired after Season 13, partially because of Ramona’s salary demands, but an insider claims that the story is completely false. 

Ramona Singer ain’t going anywhere,” the network insider revealed. “This story is complete rubbish.” 

“We do not make casting decisions this early in the year, we decide after the reunion episodes have aired,” the source explained. “The production company Shed and the network Bravo really take into account what the fans say online and how they respond to the cast.”

Ramona Singer

The snitch dished that one of Ramona’s co-stars wants her gone. 

“One Housewife in particular has it out for Ramona and she wants her off the show. This Housewife is leaking to news organizations that Ramona is fired in an attempt to push the network to get rid of her,” the tipster claimed.

“Over the coming weeks until the reunion is filmed there will be “anti-Ramona” stories leaked everywhere as this Housewife attempts to push her off the show,” the source revealed. 

“The only problem is, Housewives fans who have stuck with the show this season know what the problem is, and this year it isn’t Ramona Singer,” the insider added. 

Ramona Singer

A recent Radar Online article alleged that Bravo was axing Ramona from of the cast because she had become “too expensive.” The source also alleged that Ramona’s “behavior isn’t great TV anymore.” 

The Daily Mail’s source disputes the claim, reporting that while some within the cast should be prepared to walk away—Ramona’s position is secure. 

Ramona also isn’t the cast member that should be worried,” the snitch said. “There is one cast member who producers have found particularly problematic as what viewers are seeing on television isn’t real.”

Ramona Singer

Ramona has been the backbone of the show this season and she’s been a key part of the series since day one. Love her or hate her, she makes great reality television,” the source added.

Fans know that Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer left the cast after Season 12 and that the first black cast member, Eboni K. Williams, joined the group. Ramona and Eboni’s relationship has been a bumpy ride, and the duo’s heated argument during Leah McSweeney’s Halloween party was featured in a recent episode of the show. The rookie accused Ramona of “gaslighting” and of taking cover behind her “white fragility” during one tense exchange. 

The insider noted that Ramona’s open book personality is what makes her a valuable member of the cast. 

Ramona Singer

“We’ve seen her raise her daughter, re-marry Mario, deal with his infidelity, get divorced, and then hunt for a new man,’ the source said. “She opens up her home and her life with transparency. That can’t be said about other members of the cast,” the source said. 

“Just like OC you can expect a cast shakeup though. This show can be saved. Look at how great Beverly Hills is now,” the tipster noted.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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