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Woman Sues Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation After Claiming Adopted Pup Gave Her Intestinal ‘Worms And Eggs’!

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump’s dog foundation has been hit by a lawsuit filed by an unhappy client who claims that she adopted a worm-infected dog that somehow allowed the owner to become so riddled with “intestinal parasites” that live worms were expelled from her orifices. 

The Blast obtained court documents that reveal that the complaint was filed against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum’s Los Angeles adoption agency, “Vanderpump Dog Foundation.” The woman alleges that she contacted the nonprofit agency about adopting a dachshund puppy named “Cassie.” The documents state that the woman paid a fee of $680, which covered all “necessary treatments and shots” for the dog, who was promised to be “in healthy condition.”

The owner alleged that the dog started exhibiting erratic behavior after they returned home, “scooting across the floor” in distress. She later discovered that the pup was expelling “large live worms while defecating.”  The woman claims that she called and texted her contact at the foundation about the issue, but received no reply. Cassie was later rushed to a pet hospital to treat the obvious worm infection. 

Things reportedly took a shocking turn several days later, after the owner began to feel ill. Much to her “horror,” she “began to expel live worms and eggs from her mouth, vagina, and anus.” The woman was diagnosed with “intestinal parasites” and was given strong medication to treat the “severity of the infestation.”

Lisa Vanderpump

The lawsuit states that the owner claims that she was “utterly traumatized” amid the ordeal and continues to suffer from emotional distress and nightmares. She claims that her disturbing illness was a direct result of the dog not receiving proper care at Lisa Vanderpump’s agency. She also alleges that the organization lied to her about the pup’s condition prior to bringing Cassie home. She claims that the dog’s paperwork stated that she had been dewormed, and accuses the agency of providing a “false immunization record.” 

The owner is asking for medical expenses, hospital bills, and additional damages, according to the lawsuit. She claims that she has paid out thousands of dollars to have her apartment cleaned in order to exterminate the parasites, according to the legal docs. The woman is also alleging personal “anguish and disgust,” and will likely be seeking a large payout. 

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump, 60, is not specifically named as a defendant in the suit. Lisa and/or the organization has not yet responded to the complaint.  

Lisa’s current spinoff show featuring her organization, “Vanderpump Dogs,” was announced one year ago. The nonprofit is described as a dog rescue organization formed in 2016 that works to create a better world for dogs. 

Lisa took to Twitter to confirm her exciting news, writing in July 2020—“Well good morning. I’ve known about this for months lol. Thought it was supposed to be secret, but apparently it’s announced!”

Lisa Vanderpump also described what viewers could expect to see on the new show. 

”So many beautiful poignant stories of rescue. #vanderpumpdogs,” she tweeted. “It’s also going to shine a positive light on the importance of rescue. #vanderpumpdogs.”

Vanderpump Dogs is the reality star’s second spinoff project.  Vanderpump Rulesa show that follows Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant employees — premiered in 2013, on Bravo.

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