‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle And Karen Get Into HEATED Verbal Altercation!

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The much-anticipated season six of The Real Housewives of Potomac has arrived! Starting with Gizelle Bryant, we get our first look at the ladies’ beautiful confessionals. Producers ask the ladies to describe last year in a single word. Clearly, in despair (still) everyone struggles to find the answer, but Gizelle. “Toxic,” Gizelle replies before we’re shown a recap of the altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. Dr. Wendy Osefo states that last year taught her “That you never know who’s plotting behind your back.” Fast forward six months, we see Gizelle screaming at Karen Huger to apologize to her, while in another scene, Candiace is insulting Ashley Darby once again by calling her “wide-bodied.” Whew! We are in for one hell of a season!

Ashley Darby

At the present, Wendy steps into her bedroom wearing a fur and white boots while her husband Eddie Osefo assists her. We are cordially invited to Wendy’s Nude Interlude where she will reveal her new body to the ladies. At Gizelle’s “West Wing,” her daughter calls to pester her for lunch, while Karen Huger waters her plants. Robyn and Juan Dixon continue checking on the process of their new house, and we see Candiace/Dorothy’s house finally sold! Now in a six-bed, seven-bathroom house, hopefully, Candiace has the room to throw her future temper tantrums. At the Darby household, Ashley Darby has her hands full with baby Dean as Michael Darby arrives home.  Michael plays with Dean and his toys, as Ashley sits on the couch ready to pop! Ashley lets Michael know that she “can’t imagine having sex right now,” although they realize it could speed up the labor process. 

Although it’s been four months since Ashley and Michael had sex, Ashley seems confident that Michael has remained faithful to her. With this pregnancy, Ashley wants Michael to be more open with her and share his feelings about the process of welcoming a new baby. Michael says he’s “looking forward to it” and that he’s in a “family space.” Let’s hope he’s telling the truth this time. At Candiace’s new house, she allows Gizelle to be her first visitor. “Okay, so George and Weezy done moved on up!” Gizelle exclaims, giving Candiace’s house her approval. As the two greet each other, Gizelle notices Candiace’s stepdaughter Naia. Chris Dillard’s kids are visiting for a month while they finish their virtual school. Candiace seems to be in her element around the kids, but the other side of me also knows the actress within Candiace.

Karen Huger

Candiace shows Gizelle around, and there is still a lot of work to be done. There’s even a special room for Mrs. Dorothy, with a life-size cut out of herself. The vanity is real in this family. Grabbing mimosas from the kitchen, the pair sit down and discuss school before Chris makes his appearance. As Chris whips something up for them, Gizelle bluntly asks what Chris has been doing lately. Without skipping a beat Candiace gives Gizelle a rundown of her man’s activity, before directing the conversation towards the fraudulent relationship between Gizelle and Jamal Bryant. Gizelle says their relationship isn’t good, and that the pandemic is to blame for their breakup. Candiace makes a point of letting Gizelle know the pandemic is temporary while admitting in her confessional that she doesn’t believe Gizelle.

The world watched as Monique Samuels and Karen Huger destroyed Gizelle at last year’s reunion, so I’m sure none of us believe this whole COVID excuse. Agreeing that Karen is wilding this year, Candiace admits that’s why she’s been to herself and hasn’t spoken to Karen. At the Huger household, Karen and Ray are purging some items as they search for Karen’s wedding dress. As they plan their vow renewal, Karen tells Ray how Rayvin came up with a new name for their ceremony. “So nice, we had to do it twice,” Karen says, and Ray seems to like the change. Karen discusses the venues that she’s looked at, while Ray is concerned with Karen going over the top. Ray wants a small intimate wedding, and Karen reassures him that the ceremony will be nice and classy. Karen’s only inviting the women in the circle that love them and explains that Gizelle isn’t her friend right now. Ray’s still hoping the two can make up, but Karen is over Gizelle and the nasty things she says and does. 

Wendy Osefo

At Candiace’s, Gizelle thinks she did nothing wrong to Karen. Stating she thought Karen “already had enough on her plate, Gizelle said she decided to leave her alone. Gizelle has decided since Karen wanted to make up lies, then she’s going to start telling Karen’s truths. Looks like Gizelle is out for revenge! Seeing Gizelle for who she is, Karen understands there’s a lot of misdirected anger being sent her way instead of at the man who did the dirt (Jamal Bryant). Karen thinks Gizelle needs some help, and the conversation is put on hold by Wendy’s spicy invitation. The ladies react to Wendy’s Nude Interlude event and seem ready for a fun time at the Osefo’s! Wendy and Eddie Osefo are at her surgeon’s office for a check-up on her new breast implants. 

Wendy‘s surgeon checks her out and it seems like sis has gotten a little more nip and tuck than she’s letting on. The producers think so too, but Wendy ain’t giving up any more information. Robyn takes Juan to a juice bar to toast to a successful season while letting us know she’s in no hurry to remarry Juan. Robyn’s overwhelmed with her boys and building the new house during a pandemic, and it seems like it’ll be another five years before they tie the knot. Discussing the diet changes within the house, Juan tells Robyn she needs to wake up earlier. Apparently, Robyn has been sleeping in and being kind of lazy around the house. Juan admits he’s turned off by her behavior, but Robyn is burnt out. Robyn has shut down and Juan wants to have more kids.

Karen Huger

Robyn seems on board with having more kids, more ready than getting married, that’s for sure. We’ll see. Candiace and Chris are cooking dinner with the kids and seem to be bonding during their time together. It’s nice to see a different side of Candiace, and she even helps little Naia with her homework. Chris and Candiace continue going back and forth about starting their family, and hopefully, the kids being in the house will help with their decision. Everyone begins getting ready for Wendy’s Nude Interlude, as Wendy makes sure her event is set up correctly. Showing Eddie and the kids her “titty cupcakes,” the boys are so innocent as they enjoy the treat without knowing it’s a breast. Gizelle arrives first and instantly starts snooping around Wendy’s house. Robyn shows up next and Gizelle shows Robyn the place cards on the table. 

Going down the line, Gizelle gets to Mia Thornton’s name and the green-eyed bandits wonder who the new guest is. “You know that b****? I don’t know that b****”. Gizelle says as Robyn cackles as usual. Meanwhile, Karen and Mia are riding together to Wendy’s event. Karen met Mia through a business acquaintance and thinks she’s a boss! Karen asked Wendy if Mia could come, and Wendy seemed hesitant but agreed. Karen and Wendy were able to sit down and resolve their problems, so this is a fresh start for both. Ashley arrives and Wendy finally introduces herself to the ladies. Confused and impatient, Gizelle asks, “What the f*** is going on?” Not giving away any details, Wendy informs the group that Candiace isn’t coming. Robyn thinks Candiace skipped the dinner because of Karen, but Gizelle disagrees. Karen gives Mia the rundown of the relationship between Karen and Candiace, while also warning Mia of Gizelle’s antics. 

Mia Thornton

Karen and Mia arrive, and Karen pays Gizelle dust. Expecting an apology, Gizelle is disappointed and now out for blood. Now that everyone’s arrived, Mia introduces herself and explains that she has three kids. Being in her business, the ladies ask where she lives, and Mia reveals to having grandchildren, and has a husband 32 years her senior. Finally getting to her reveal, Wendy gives a long-winded speech before revealing her special guest “Happy & Ness”. Praising Wendy for her upgrade, the ladies are curious of what else Wendy got done. Wendy isn’t giving the ladies the satisfaction and only answers that she got “some tweaks.” Whatever, Wendy. 

Wendy ushers everyone into the dining room to eat. As everyone gets settled, Ashley is curious if Wendy will dress more modestly when she’s teaching her students. Wendy says she looks normal in almost everything she wears and that she only pops out when she wants to. Mia asks one more time if Wendy had any more work done, and Wendy takes her first jab at the new girl. “How about you, what have you got done?” Wendy snarls as Mia admits to going under the knife. “Because it seems like you’ve had a lot of stuff done.” Wendy fires at Mia and the group chuckles. “And I own it,” Mia says before listing off a laundry list of work she’s had done. Providing even a little TMI, Mia reveals she’s even had her coochie worked on. Whew goodness! 

Gizelle Bryant

Wendy asks for another drink and the ladies are flustered! As dinner is served, Karen asks where Candiace is and Wendy relays that Candiace got sick and couldn’t make it. Robyn butting in, lets it be known that she thinks Candiace isn’t ready to see Karen yet. Karen realizing that Candiace is hurt understands she needs time and that she would like to have a conversation with Candiace to smooth things out. Ashley says it’ll be nice to clear the air, although she doesn’t think she’ll ever get along with Candiace. Chalking it up to not meshing well, Ashley seems ok with letting her friendship with Candiace go. Wendy’s hope is that they can all be in a great place collectively, but Gizelle says that’s going to be difficult. Wendy asks, “Why is it going to be difficult?” and Gizelle lets the entire table know that she can’t stand Karen. 

Karen says the feelings are mutual and a verbal altercation ensues. Gizelle has decided to tell her whole truth “Her drunk truth, her cheating truth, her broke truth.” Karen tells Gizelle she doesn’t want this and asks if she wants to talk about her fiery box! Confused by what Karen means, the ladies look on in surprise as Karen lets out a war of words. “She has a hot box,” Karen tells Wendy and Gizelle goes after Ray’s private parts! Karen isn’t having Gizelle disrespect her husband and rightfully clears Gizelle. “You’re a broken wh*** from Hampton University, and everyone knows it and that’s why we went to sing sing!” Karen says so matter-of-factly. Shocked and confused by the revelations at the table, the women fall silent as we are met with the dreadful: To be continued…. Potomac is already jumping! Be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac!

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