REUNION RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ The Women Break Down Behind Dr. Contessa’s Strained Marriage & The Husbands Storm The Set!

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Part two of the Married to Medicine reunion begins after Quad Webb-Lunceford reveals that Dr. Contessa Metcalf filed for separation from Dr. Scott Metcalf. As the news settles among the ladies, they all begin to cry. It’s always heartbreaking to see a marriage fall apart, especially your friend’s marriage. As the husbands watch backstage, Dr. Scott Metcalf admits that he and Contessa have talked about separation, but that she pulled back on it. “It doesn’t look like she’s pulling back now,” Eugene Harris says, and Scott looks stuck. After a few moments of silence on the stage, Quad asks if she may say something as Eugene simultaneously answers, “No you may not”. Agitated by Quad’s interference in other people’s marriage, Eugene is not here for Quad’s unsolicited advice. Scott must be feeling the same way as Eugene about Quad because he says “And I know she ain’t talking. That’s what’s crazy.” Curtis Walters tries to get Scott in line before this situation gets any worse, but Eugene comes to Scott’s defense. 

Quad feels like Contessa is at her wit’s end, and that she had no choice but to do something drastic to get Scott’s attention. From Quad’s understanding, Contessa feels she’s giving Scott multiple chances to no avail. Backstage Scott is threatening to leave or barge the stage. The husbands seem to be behind him as they all stand up and head for the main stage. Quad asks Contessa if she’s going to be honest about the real reason she went to school. Contessa answers the question with a question and asks Quad what she thinks. Quad pepping that Contessa is still holding something back wonders why it’s so hard for Contessa to say. Contessa is breaking down and seems to think women are brutal and she’s afraid she’ll be blamed for the issues in their marriage. Scott is packing his things up backstage before Curtis pulls him aside to talk him into staying. 

Quad reveals that Contessa and Scott were having problems when she first went to school and thought the separation would give them time to heal. Andy commends Contessa for looking out for the future of her family, despite the issues occurring with Scott. Meanwhile, the husbands are heading to the stage to let their voices heard, and Cecil Whitmore and Curtis have a heart-to-heart with Scott. Breaking it down to Scott, Curtis asks what Scott’s questions are to Contessa and your answers to your wife. Cecil’s trying to let Scott know not to let what’s going on around them, affect what’s truly important to Scott, which is his wife and his kids. Cecil lets Scott know that he can only control himself and not get mad at what she’s doing. Scott is upset that Quad knows about the separation before he does, and that’s understandable. 

Dr. Simone Whitmore

As Contessa explains that she attempted to fall on the sword for the sake of her marriage, Andy realizes the husbands are crashing the stage. The atmosphere seems tense as Contessa says it’s OK and Scott approaches her. “You shared something new with Quad, that you didn’t share with me?” Scott says while standing over Contessa. Contessa doesn’t think she told Quad anything new and seems to stutter as she tries to get Quad to clarify what she said. Scott doesn’t want to ask Quad anything and is frazzled by the revelation of the separation filing. Scott doesn’t see the difference between a separation and a divorce and admits he might’ve jumped the gun. Not wanting to go as far as Simone and Cecil Whitmore a few years ago, Scott just wants to make sure he and Contessa have a chance. 

Getting emotional Contessa expresses to Scott that the rest of the ladies can see that there’s a problem within their marriage. Scott tries to validate Contessa’s feelings by saying she’s not crazy, and Andy asks how long ago the separation was filed. Scott originally says a month ago, and then Contessa says it was four-five months ago, and the confusion starts all over again. Scott and Contessa have been having problems for A WHILE, and it seems their lies are catching up to them! The pair tell everyone that they’ve talked to the kids about their separation and that it was the hardest conversation they’ve ever had. Toya Bush-Harris chimes in and says Contessa wants to tell the truth and asks Scott if he’s been faithful in their marriage. 

Scott answers “F*** yea” and Simone asks Scott to make one sacrifice for Contessa to stay married. Contessa says the only thing she wants from Scott is for them to go to therapy. Scott believes he should get an A for effort and doesn’t seem to come to terms with what he needs to do for Contessa. The husbands watching on the sideline are even more confused, as Andy checks on Jackie. Jackie is emotional because she’s been there, and it still hurts. Jackie wants to see Contessa and Scott go to therapy consistently to save their marriage. Contessa explains ever since they got married, it’s been tough, and their arguments are terrible. She feels their fights are mean and vicious, and she’s raw from the constant state of their marriage. Andy feels like Scott is feeling blindsided and Contessa feels like Scott wants her to stop talking about their issues. Contessa says that Scott can’t talk crazy to her and expect her to still love him. 

After steaming for a few minutes, Dr. Heavenly Kimes decides to ask Scott why there are so many rumors. Scott has no idea and pulls out his phone to show that Siri has Contessa listed as his girlfriend in his phone. Heavenly asks if he’s switched it up to say that, and Scott claims Siri has always been set up that way. The math ain’t mathing here. Even the husbands watching are trying to get Scott off the stage before he buries himself even more. Simone asks if Scott ever responds to his DMs from other women, and Scott admits to commenting on different women’s pictures. Contessa looks broken while Simone looks mortified. Contessa thinks the problem is that she and Scott have different philosophies about what marriage looks like. Contessa says she can only control herself and that every day is a choice. 

Explaining to Scott that he overreacted, Contessa ushers him out away from the other women. Attempting to play it off, Scott admits to jumping the gun and everyone takes a much-needed break. Eugene asks to interrupt and explain why Scott got so upset while trying to clarify whether the separation is filed or not. Dropping gems Eugene says they only need to be honest with each other. As Eugene and Scott walk away, the women surround Contessa and try to break through to her. Contessa was prideful and Simone wishes she would’ve shared her pain sooner. Jackie attempts to talk to Contessa and warn her of using negative language when speaking about her marriage. Contessa gets triggered by what Jackie says, and brings up how the group didn’t like Contessa’s family vacation photos. Jackie clarifies that faking happiness on Instagram is not manifesting, and Contessa gets very upset as she tells Jackie to stop putting the blame on her! 

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe

Breaking down Contessa says she doesn’t matter and that her kids matter. Contessa has read every book and went to every program to try and fix her marriage. It truly takes two to fix a relationship and Contessa really needs Scott to step up. After the emotional conversation, everyone disperses to take some Tylenol and take a quick breather. Quad reassures Scott backstage that she’s not against him and she’s team Metcalf, while Contessa and Toya have a heart to heart in Contessa’s dressing room. It’s clear this group of friends really love each other, and no marriage is left behind. We love to see it! Back at the mainstage Andy takes us back to the feud between Simone and Jackie throughout the season. Looking back, we see the breakdown of Jackie and Simone’s friendship, over issues with Heavenly and the comments made about Buffie Purselle.

After the recap finished, Simone and Jackie were left in tears from the pain of reliving such a tough year. Jackie unable to articulate how she’s feeling gives the floor to Simone. Simone admits she and Jackie are in a much better place, and that she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards Jackie. Taking questions from viewers, Andy asks Simone if she feels she made the right decision not inviting Jackie to Michael’s graduation party. Simone felt she did the right thing because it was a small intimate gathering, but we can still see the hurt on Jackie’s face. 

Dr. Simone Whitmore

Jackie reveals she was offended when Anila Sajja was invited to Michael’s celebration since it was supposed to be close family and friends. Andy asks Heavenly if she tried to get Simone and Jackie to make up when the cameras were off and Heavenly drops a bomb. Stating that she doesn’t want to take away from what’s happening, but she thinks it’s all BS. Heavenly talks to Jackie every day and doesn’t think Simone speaks to Jackie as much as she claims. Andy revealed Quad’s opinions from WWHL about Jackie and Simone’s friendship, and Quad doesn’t think their friendship is as strong either. Unwilling to apologize for her comments, Quad demands to know the truth from Jackie and Simone. Simone shades Quad by saying she doesn’t make up for TV and that might be something Quad does, but she came to Jackie from a genuine place. Simone reveals she and Jackie do have some tough subjects to work on and have plans to speak to a professional for help. 

Jackie explains that this season she saw that Simone was able to ride for Toya no matter what, and she wished Simone stood up for her like that last year. Simone lets us know that she went to Jackie privately to talk to her. Finally getting to the core of their disagreements, Andy moves onto ask Heavenly if she still speaks with Simone. Heavenly doesn’t and it seems Simone and Heavenly aren’t friends once again. Simone would love to be in a better place with Heavenly, but it’s difficult because Heavenly is negative. Quad asks if Simone could ever be friends with Heavenly again, while Heavenly is friends with Jackie. Simone thinks she can, but Heavenly blasts Simone for not putting in the effort to repair their friendship. Quad gets Simone to realize that she’s holding a grudge against Heavenly. Simone and Heavenly agree to work on their differences, and Andy gives the ladies a break before bringing out the men. 

Once the husbands hit the stage, Andy talks to the husbands about how they’re feeling after earlier. Scott feels like he got some brotherly love from the other men, so he seems to feel better. Dr. Damon Kimes is missing due to taking care of his son, but Andy doesn’t meet a beat checking in with the husbands. After recapping the husbands’ point of view, Cecil knows the key to a happy marriage is “Your wife is always right,” while Scott denies having pictures of women on his phone. Eugene quickly corrects Scott, and Cecil explains pictures on the phone will never work for women. They all admit social media makes it harder, but it’s never right to have pictures on your phone. Eugene and Cecil say the only response is to block them or to ignore them. Scott tries to explain his actions and admits to lying to Contessa about the life coach. Scott admitted to being immature, but I don’t think it’s enough to dig himself out of this hole. We’ll find out next week, on part three of the Married to Medicine reunion!

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