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‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Erika Shows Off Her New Home, Sutton Is ‘Jealous’ Of Crystal!

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Sutton Stracke

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin host a dinner party that turns into drama as Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke argue again and hurl insults at each other. Why can’t we go back to the carefree days of giggling about Harry’s meat? 

At Kathy Hilton’s house, Crystal and two of her friends play tennis with Erika Girardi. Kathy is at home, but Crystal says she has a standing invitation and lets herself in to play on Kathy’s tennis court. When tennis is over, Kathy invites them inside. Immediately the divorce discussions begin. It’s interesting how Erika talks so much about loving a seriously smaller house. And she likes staying at home because all of those social events were all about Tom Girardi. Is anyone who signs up for reality TV to document their life, truly a homebody? Erika says that there are no housekeepers or gardeners, so she is enjoying the privacy and chores of a small house.  

At Kyle Richards’ house, the family gathers for a Christmas pajama photoshoot. This seems a little bit confusing since they are Jewish, but they have Christmas trees all around. Kathy stops by to see Kyle. Kathy starts pulling random things out of her purse. Kathy’s purse could have its own hilarious Instagram account. They talk about their sister Kim Richards. And Kyle finds out that Kim changed her phone number and didn’t tell her. Kim told Kathy that they all needed this “quiet time out” to figure out where they wanted to be in life. 

Erika invites Lisa over to see her new home. In Erika’s production interview, she’s asked, “Does it feel like for the first time in 22 years you have to think about money?” She answers by listing off all of her own financial endeavors—her book, her Broadway show, shoe collaborations, makeup collaborations, so she thinks she’s doing all right. Someone right now is probably looking really closely at that. Sutton shows up with a housewarming gift of a Dolce and Gabbana Queens book. Sutton’s photo is in the book, “not once but twice.” 

Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax is learning Japanese. He has a tutoring session while Garcelle is banging around in the kitchen, calling her other son, Jaid, on the phone to come downstairs. That house has to be large enough for Jax to have a quiet room! Jaid is moody and rude. Teenagers! 

Sutton Stracke

At Lisa’s house, Harry is cooking, and they are setting up for the party. Lisa is holding out an olive branch to Garcelle by having a birthday cake. Kyle stops by to pick up Dorit Kemsley. Kyle fawns over Dorit’s $8150 Hermes “Mini Kelly” bag. Dorit is designing a new dress for her Christmas card photo shoot. She’s now collaborating with another designer for a collection of wedding dresses, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses.

Harry is so charming as the chef, the host, and apparently, the butler. Kathy starts off the fun by addressing Sutton as Thomasina (peeping Tom) again. Can we call that a triggering word for Sutton? Harry sits at the head of the table. And immediately the discussion is about “where’s Amelia?” Because of Covid, Harry and Lisa are staying in the US while their daughters are going to Cabo for Thanksgiving. The topic of Scott Disick comes up. Harry doesn’t like the age difference between his daughter and Scott but admits that he was in a relationship with Ursula Andress who was 14 years his senior. He was 29 and she was 44 when their son, Dimitri Hamlin, was born. 

Lisa and Harry surprise Garcelle with a birthday cake. Her wish is, “I want him hung like a horse.” Harry says, “Be careful what you wish for.” Garcelle opens her presents. Kyle, Kathy, and Crystal gave her a ring that Garcelle had been admiring. Sutton is disinterested, digging in her purse, fixing her lipstick. Lisa and Erika gave Garcelle a sweater. Kyle notices Sutton is upset, and they leave the table to try to talk it out. Garcelle opening presents is quickly interrupted by the group overhearing Sutton and Kyle. 

Sutton is still upset. She says she can’t pretend everything is Hunky Dory. Then Kathy asks, “Who’s Hunky Dory?” In her production interview, she is wondering, “Is that a nickname for someone?” Sutton tries once again to tell Crystal why she is upset over the words used to describe “the incident.” Crystal interrupts. Sutton interjects. And Crystal smirks. Here we go! Sutton asks Crystal, “What crazy planet do you live on?” And Crystal says, “Not yours.” Then they go on to talk about violate, privacy, sorry, not sorry, not really an apology, and Crystal says that Sutton is upset because she is jealous. Sutton storms off. Then Sutton turns to the group and says, “Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants.” 

Next time, the argument, disagreement, and blaming continue on between Sutton and Crystal with more fighting about “the incident.” And the Girardi drama and lawsuits take center stage as the women try to figure out what’s true and how to reconcile the allegations in the press about the Girardis with the Erika they know.

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