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Lamar Odom And Karlie Redd DRAG Each Other On Social Media, Karlie Demands Lamar To ‘Pay All The Money You Owe Me!!!!’

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Karli Redd

Things have gone sideways for Karlie Redd and Lamar Odom. The duo has  been sparring on social media, the conflict playing out the same week as the Season 10 premiere of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Lamar shot down rumors that he was romantically involved with Karlie during a recent appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” claiming that he shared only a friendship with the reality star. Wendy didn’t buy Lamar’s story.  

“We’re friends. We’re really good friends getting to know each other,” Lamar said.

Lamar and Karlie were recently seen getting cozy at Yandy Smith’s birthday party, further fueling romance rumors. They were also spotted at a press conference publicizing Lamar’s celebrity boxing match.  

Lamar Odom

Karlie hinted that Lamar was a drug user after Wendy remarked that Karlie was “too old and dusty” for the former NBA star. 

“I do not believe he has a relationship with Karlie Redd. Do I believe that they mess around? Yes. Do I believe that she’s trying it? Yes. Do I believe that she’s too old and just a little dusty for him? Yes,” Wendy said, last month. 

Karlie Redd, caught wind of Wendy’s diss, and fired back on Instagram. 

“Sir Wendell, You said I’m Dusty!! Where?” Karlie wrote underneath side-by-side snaps of herself and Wendy. 

“Don’t let me post this video of you in a NYC club snorting. If you want Lamar just say dat!” she warned.

Karlie also responded to a fan in the comment section who pointed out Lamar’s past drug use. Karlie noted that the former basketball star and Wendy “make a perfect couple.” 

Lamar Odom

A tweet from Karlie’s account surfaced on Wednesday, raising the eyebrows of curious fans.    

“It would have never worked because He Needs Rehab Not A Relationship or A Situationship,” the tweet read. 

She later clarified, writing—“everything is not always about me.”

Lamar sounded off about the post writing—“Anything to stay relevant

I generally do not address this type of nonsense but cmon’ @iamkarlieredd what is this about?”

“Listen me being in recovery is no secret ~ I’ve made some amazing strides and I no longer do drugs #FACTS but I do need rehab, I need to be rehabilitated from my attraction to TOXIC, BITTER, UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with women who need therapy more than they need me!” 

“Now I’m not going to go low like you’re doing, take jabs, tell lies because at the end of the day I was married to a Kardashian so anything less than that is like going from sugar to s*** ” Lamar concluded.

Karlie addressed the social media drama on Twitter, clarifying that her tweet was old. She then blasted Lamar and accused him of owing her money. 

“Leave me alone!! Don’t need you to be relevant! I was on TV before I met you! Tell your manager stop Posting S*** for you. Your not a real manager!! Pay me all the money you owe me!!!! PAY ME MY MONEY OR LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!” Karlie wrote.  

Karlie later shared a warning sent by a woman who claimed that Lamar was broke and homeless. 

“I’ve been chilling but you want to piss me off Tuh Day by Posting Me on Your Page?? Again Leave me alone??This is who should worry about @thegirlnamedfranki NOT ME! Just leave me alone! Now pay us the money you owe us!” Karlie captioned a screenshot of the warning. 

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