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‘RHONY’ RECAP: Bershan & Eboni Don’t See Eye-To-Eye, Leah Calls Ramona ‘A F**king Moron’!

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Leah Mcweeney

Can we hope this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City is all about Sonja Morgan meeting with a matchmaker and finding happiness? Leah McSweeney takes the ladies to the witch capital of the world, or in her words, “the motherland” of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem isn’t ready for these girls. 

Leah calls each of the women to invite them to Salem. She wants to have a latex-and-leather-themed dinner. Leah wants to invite Bershan Shaw on the trip. Ramona Singer meets Bershan for lunch, and they discuss the Harlem Night event. Both agree that it was educational, but not fun, and they call it a “hard sell.” Ramona is encouraging Bershan to go with her to Salem. Ramona says that she has a lot of superficial girlfriends, but these women are her “core.” Did you hear that Sonja? 

Eboni K. Williams and Sonja take a trip to Philadelphia to visit Eboni’s matchmaker, Devyn. Eboni and Sonja talk about how the other ladies treat Sonja. They talk over her. They shut her down. Eboni talks about how she is going to approach everyone in Salem, that her desire to educate them is past now that she knows them and isn’t the new girl, and now she can have other kinds of conversations. Eboni wants this next trip to not be a “do-over” but a “do more.”

Sonja hopes that Devyn “gets her.” Sonja talks about her passion—raising money for “animals, children, LGBT, and artists—the vulnerable.” Eboni jumps in to advocate for Sonja and says that Sonja doesn’t want any “broke asses” after being married to “the bank.” Sonja is ready for love and marriage. 

As the women pack for the trip, Luann de Lesseps tells her assistant that it’s bad luck to put hats on the bed. Really? Who’s surprised that Ramona has a latex jumpsuit in her closet? Leah is going to need more luggage for her leather and latex dominatrix collection. Leah decided to rent a tour bus that looks like it’s made for rock stars and groupies. Almost immediately, Leah heads off to take a nap leaving Luann, Sonja, and Bershan to enjoy the bus wifi and order vibrators online.  

Bershan tells Luann and Sonja about her experience with breast cancer. Bershan says, “When someone tells you you’re gonna die, you wake up! So, I’m awake.” Leah wakes up and briefs the ladies on the week in Salem. She tells them that the first night will start off with a leather-and-latex dinner with fortune-tellers and tattoo artists. 

When they arrive at the Hawthorne Hotel, the Hotel General Manager, Claire, and her staff try to get them to stand in a circle for their greeting and instructions, but it isn’t going well. Listening isn’t their forte. During the history-of-the-hotel welcome, the ladies find out about the women who were killed in Salem during the Salem Witch Trials. Who loves it when Bershan asks if she’s going to be ok? “In horror movies, the black person gets killed first. Not my type of girls trip.”

June the Catering Manager/Witch wants to do a “quick little goddess blessing.” Ramona is sleeping in one of the most haunted rooms of the hotel. Luann lights sage in her room. Will that set off the hotel sprinklers? Luann thinks it would be good to get lucky in the night with a ghost. The outfits are just an entirely new level for this group. Eboni shows her twerking, and Sonja says, “You can tweet.” Sonja was excited that she wore leather and lace. Maybe she missed that part about latex. 

On the ride to the tattoo shop/dinner party, the ladies talk about who is going to get a tattoo that night. What could go wrong? The fortune-teller hands out fortunes. Luann comments on his big hands with her low-smoker-cougar laugh. Sonja finds Ryan and Matthew, the Semi-Spooky Twins. 

Sonja tells the ladies about her trip with Eboni to Philadelphia to see the matchmaker. She says that Eboni was chill, and they had “girl talk.” Sonja doesn’t mean to, but she’s stirring up some things with her conversation about how Eboni came into the group. And then here it is… boom. Eboni says, “I want to kiki, I want to talk about girl talk and boys and all that good stuff, however, we can’t get to the kiki if I have an outstanding question in my heart and mind if you are aligned with white supremacy.” Ramona’s face is priceless. Eboni goes on to say in her production interview, “This is the reality in today’s America, you are either one of two things, you are an anti-racist or you are a racist.” 

Then the conversation turns to those who Eboni thinks are “hearing her loud and clear” and those who Eboni thinks are not. Eboni goes after Ramona for shutting her down on “race, creed, or color.” Ramona feels like Eboni is preachy every time they get together. Then Eboni figures out that each of the ladies is tired of hearing about it as they each point fingers at others who have talked about it.

Leah jumps in to say that this isn’t about the topic of racism, but it’s about Eboni, the new girl, not taking their crap. The conversation deteriorates quickly to Leah saying to Ramona, “You are a f-ing moron. You are what’s wrong in the world so shut up.” Ramona gets up to go to the restroom, and Eboni accuses her of “wanting to remain ignorant.” Eboni shames Ramona into sitting back down. Bershan interjects that Eboni’s delivery is sometimes harsh and teachy.

Eboni says, “For white women that might not have had to sit in the uncomfortability of these conversations, I know that this might feel exhausting to have to feel like every motherf-ing day is something else.” Eboni goes on to say that this isn’t a cause. “This is my existential right to exist as a free, liberated, person in this country.”

Ramona still doesn’t understand how Eboni is making this about her if Eboni is living such a great life of wealth. Ramona doesn’t see that Eboni is suffering. Then white supremacy comes up again. Eboni says, “I don’t think that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a white supremacist, but some that did are.” Then in her production interview, Eboni says, “If you voted for Trump because of economic reasons, say that. But be prepared to get push back.” 

Leah asks Eboni if she has supported Donald Trump, and Eboni says, “I have never.” But then Leah brings up the footage of Eboni saying positive things about Trump, Eboni saying that she wasn’t sure who she was going to vote for, and Eboni saying that her mom voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Bershan wants to shut down the discussion. Ramona gets up to go to the restroom again. Even with Ramona out of the room, Eboni still wants to know where Ramona stands on the issue of white supremacy. Where is Luann’s sage?

Next time, tattoos, alcohol, ghosts, screaming, and dressing up in costumes mimicking the Salem Witch Trials… what can go wrong?

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