Married To Medicine’s Anila Sajja Gets EXPOSED By Toya Bush-Harris’ Hairstylist: ‘SHE DIDN’T PAY ME ON TIME!’

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Anila Sajja has been called out by Toya Bush-Harris’ hairstylist, after denying that she had not paid the pro on time during the Married to Medicine reunion. 

Anila and Toya started out the season as fast friends, connected by a mutual neighborhood. The pair hit it off right away, which led to Toya bringing Anila to the Bravo show. The women’s friendship started out rock-solid, but their relationship crumbled after Toya’s hairstylist informed her that Anila was not paying him on time. Toya confronted Anila about the issue during the bus trip to DC, but Anila felt that the conversation was ill-timed. Anila also suspected that Toya was gossiping about the drama with other women in the neighborhood. The friendship took a nosedive as Toya clashed with others within the cast, including Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb. Anila eventually gravitated toward Heavenly and Quad and away from Toya, as the season wore on. 

Anila seemingly produced receipts that proved that she had paid Toya’s hairstylist and her makeup artist on time during the reunion, which led to the pair hugging it out on the Bravo stage.    

Toya apologized for how she navigated her friendship with Anila, during the reunion.  

“OK, Anila, I’m sorry I was so aggressive in my approach to you,” she said. “I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings, because if I’m your friend, I shouldn’t be breaking you down.”

Anila confirmed that she missed the duo’s friendship and noted that she “was so excited to move to the neighborhood to have that friend that would be like four houses down.” 

Anila Sajja

Anila became emotional when she reminded Toya of how important she was to her children, Aryana and Avir. 

“They love you, Toya,” Anila said, adding that “it would be great” if their friendship could be restored.

Toya and Anila hashed out their issues during the reunion, but recent social media drama points to a still rocky relationship.

Anila Sajja

Toya’s hairstylist, the Hair Doc, recently blasted Anila on Instagram—who fired back while taking a side shot at Toya. The exchange was captured and shared by blogger, “The Married to Medicine Source.”

“SHE DIDN’T PAY ME ON TIME! Repeat, did not pay me on time. When I sent the invoice, she said wow it’s that expensive? I said ? you should’ve discussed prices with Toya before hiring me,” the Hair Doc, who also styles the hair of Real Housewives of Potomac star, Karen Huger, wrote.

Anila took to Twitter to respond and used the occasion to shoot some shade Toya’s way. 

“Get you a glass of water ? cause it sounds like you thirsty…I don’t even know who you are? So why am I arguing with you? I suggest you go help #theuhaulcollection move and stay out of my business. #yougotpaid #badbusiness #movealong #messyhairstylist #Married2Med,” Anila tweeted.

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