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‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Sutton SNAPS At Crystal: ‘You Do Not Want Me Getting Angry’!

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Sutton Stracke

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there is more fallout and new details from Erika Girardi’s divorce filing from Tom Girardi. Lisa Rinna finally talks about her daughter being “linked” to Scott Disick. Will Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke actually put “the incident” to rest?

Crystal and Kyle Richards are collecting toys and games for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Lisa is promoting a charitable cause as well for Project Angel Food. 

Sutton picks up Erika in her new, “midlife crisis, divorcée” Bentley to head to a spa. Erika says, “Based on Tom’s two previous divorces, he’s a fighting nasty MF until the end. If I got a Bentley out of this divorce, I’d be thrilled.” As Sutton and Erika drive around, a complete stranger on the “All Around Hollywood Tour” bus spots them and yells, “Don’t divorce your husband!” Sutton treats Erika to a spa day and a “divorce kit” gift bag of snacks and alcohol. Erika shares that the divorce will be tough. She says in her production interview, “I know who Tom is. I know how mean and utterly dismissive Tom is.” 

Sutton asks Erika if she is upset that Tom didn’t come to see her in Chicago on Broadway. At the time, Erika defended Tom and spun it that he was going to come to New York, but the Covid pandemic happened, and the theatre shut down production. But now, she is saying he wasn’t going to come to the show anyway. Spin, girl. Spin. Erika says about her marriage in relation to other marriages on the show, “My marriage was different than any of them. That’s the hardest part to, I think, reconcile.” Erika says that in the four months in New York, she was fine being alone and she was able to figure it out.

Garcelle Beauvais is recording “The Real” at home. Her sons are busting her out for killing Kyle the Goldfish. As they sit down to lunch, she asks her sons what they think about her someday getting married again. They aren’t sure they want that. But Garcelle wants to model a healthy and happy relationship for them. Did anyone notice that the chef made a beautiful lunch, but one of the boys microwaved a pizza?

Erika shows up in her brand new Range Rover to pick up Lisa for some Christmas shopping. Erika recalls gossip she heard from Garcelle the prior night. Garcelle heard that Tom was in a restaurant with another blonde woman. Erika and Lisa talk about some of the gossip in the press about her split from Tom and who Erika may or may not be seeing. Then Lisa comes clean about her daughter, Amelia Hamlin (19), dating Scott Disick (37). Lisa admits “there’s something to it.” Lisa is trying to downplay it and treat it like “a phase.” Lisa’s lip mask is perfect for her! 

Kyle’s house is busy with Mauricio Umansky grilling and Portia running around. Portia is having a hard time since her sister Sophia went to college. Because of the pandemic, Portia’s Bat Mitzvah is going to be very different than they imagined. As they sit down to dinner, their daughter Alexia shows up. Then Portia sees Sophia outside and screams and cries. Portia sees her sister, but because of the pandemic, they can’t touch each other or hug. Mauricio is laughing at the spectacle of all the emotional girls. 

Dorit Kemsley has a new portrait of herself hung up at her house while her husband, P. K. Kemsley, is in London for a couple of weeks. Crystal is getting ready for the cocktail party as Kathy Hilton picks her up. Sutton picks up Kyle. Erika rides with Lisa. They are gathering at The Huntley in Santa Monica for dinner. As they all joke around with Lisa about Lord Disick, Garcelle talks about her son, Oliver, dating a woman with small children. And she tells a touching story about the best thing to happen to Oliver was this relationship and her/their children. 

Sutton announces to the entire table that Garcelle has “three boyfriends.” Garcelle’s dating coach signed her up for Bumble. Then the group talks about internet dating. Erika says, “Send me the financials and then we’ll know if we are f-ing or not.” Well.

Kathy makes a joke about Sutton being a peeping Tom, and here. we. go. Almost immediately the conversation turns to the definition (or many definitions) of violate. Garcelle thinks that it needs to be intentional for it to be a violation. Crystal holds tight to what she said and that she’s right. Sutton gets angry. Crystal is dismissive and laughs at Sutton. Sutton wants Crystal to tell everyone that “nothing weird happened.” And, once again, “the incident” has more life. 

Crystal does say that she didn’t think Sutton had ill intent. Then Dorit relays how the story changed from when Crystal first told her about what happened at Lake Tahoe.

Kathy tries to tell Sutton that she’s never heard anything shady about her but instead tells an odd meandering narrative where everyone seems to lose the plot. Kyle’s face is priceless. And just as it might be a lighter moment where it’s put to rest, Crystal says “I’m not going to back down on that word. Sorry.” And it lives on…

Next time, Lisa and Harry Hamlin host a dinner party that turns into drama as Crystal and Sutton argue even more. 

What do you think about Erika’s revelations about her marriage? Which stories do you believe?

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