Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb Drags Toya Bush Harris’ Parenting: ‘She’s A Subpar Mom’!

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Quad Webb fired a shot at her Married to Medicine co-star, Toya Bush-Harris, during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live—taking aim at the reality star’s parenting skills. 

Fans know that Quad clashed with both Toya and Dr. Heavenly Kimes during Season 8. Quad took issue with comments Heavenly made during her outspoken YouTube recaps, but tensions exploded between the duo after Heavenly posted some questionable emojis on one of Quad’s Instagram snaps. Quad retaliated by publicly slamming Heavenly’s physique, and Heavenly took to her YouTube channel to allege that she was the force behind Quad’s presence on the show. She claimed that Mariah Huq and Quad were both given the ax after Season 7, but that she managed to talk producers into inviting Quad back as a “friend.” The castmates eventually moved past their social media squabble, but Heavenly seemingly still suspects that Quad’s true feelings had been exposed. 

Quad Webb

Quad was angry after Toya labeled her home a “bullsh*t a*s apartment” and sounded off after WWHL host, Andy Cohen, asked her to weigh in on how she really feels about her co-star.  

Toya discussed Quad’s demotion during a previous Instagram Live chat with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore. Toya noted that Quad’s “Sister Circle” focus was a diversion from sharing her life on the show, adding that all she wanted to do was film with Heavenly in her “bullsh*t a*s apartment.”  Quad fired back at Toya during a filmed chat with Heavenly, accusing her co-star of taking out a personal loan to pay for her luxury pool. She also vowed to expose Toya at the reunion. 

It appears that Quad’s feud with her co-star was not settled at the reunion, because she did not hold back when Andy asked her to list three things that she admired about Toya. 

“I think she is a subpar mom. I think that’s great…you heard what I said. If you’re saying that two children during the pandemic are hard for you to teach after being a teacher and that’s an issue for you…” Quad responded. 

Quad Webb

“I think she spends a lot of money. I really don’t admire that either because I take my money to Morgan Stanley,” she added. 

Quad finally admitted that Toya has a beautiful home after Contessa Metcalfe chimed in from the side. Quad added that Toya had chosen an excellent husband. 

“And I think she picked her man well,” Quad quipped. 

Quad and Contessa were also both asked about Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, and Simon Guobadia’s engagement bombshell. 

Watch the clip below!

Contessa disagreed with the couple’s decision to become engaged after dating for one month. She pointed out that there was no way to know a person well enough to make such a serious life decision or to allow that person around your children. Quad disagreed, because Simon and Porsha are “beautiful people” who have been married before, and therefore equipped to make a sound decision. 

“She was not Falynn’s friend and it is what it is,” Quad said, dismissing the idea that Porsha had been disloyal to Falynn Guobadia. 

Part 2 of the Season 8 Married to Medicine reunion series airs on Sunday at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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