RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Dr. Contessa Confronts Scott About Infidelity: ‘Why Are These Women Sending You Naked Pictures?’!

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On the season eight finale of Married to Medicine, we see the ladies starting day two of their trip to Jekyll Island. Getting a few drinks at the bar downstairs, Anila Sajja meets Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb-Lunceford at the bar and decides to choose violence since Anila hasn’t received payment from Lisa Nicole Cloud for the blogging work. So, she pitches the idea to Quad and Heavenly to order a ton of drinks and charge it to Lisa Nicole’s room! Ordering the most expensive item on the menu, Anila doesn’t seem too ashamed to run up Lisa Nicole’s account! Meanwhile, Toya Bush-Harris crashes Lisa Nicole’s selfie for a quick chat. Calling Lisa Nicole lame for not drinking, Toya begins to pour up a few drinks herself. Flashback to the bar Quad, Heavenly, and Anila are enjoying their drinks and leave the tip up to Lisa Nicole’s account. 

Dr. Simone Whitmore has Dr. Jackie Walters and Anila meet her in the lobby, for an afternoon on the golf course. Dr. Contessa Metcalf and Heavenly ride separately to meet the others and begin to discuss the husband’s arrival. Dr. Contessa is a little afraid for Dr. Scott Metcalf since he doesn’t know he’s walking into an ambush. Toya, Lisa Nicole, Kari Wells, and Dr. Heavenly arrive to their Lady Jane boating experience! Meanwhile, Jackie, Simone, and Anila arrive at their destination. On the boat, the ladies are learning about seafood and Heavenly even holds one of the animals. Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone check in with Anila about her friendship with Toya. Providing some sound advice, Jackie tries to encourage Anila; before Simone begins play fighting with Jackie. Throwing each other to the ground, the two have a quick wrestling match; before continuing the course. 

The husbands arrive in the evening and promptly greet their wives. Cecil Whitmore cracks jokes on Simone being in bed, while Dr. Scott walks in on Contessa talking to the kids. Checking in with the plane ride in, Contessa asks what Cecil and Curtis Walters said they were coming down for. “Just to kick it” Scott reassures Contessa, which is perfect for the setup that’s in place. Cecil is discussing the possible outcomes with Simone, as Jackie reveals she orchestrated this group dinner so they can all have a group session. Being supportive but realistic, Curtis isn’t sure how well Scott’s going to take being blindsided. Everyone is getting ready together and walk out beautifully as a unified group. Heading to dinner in the golf carts, Quad reflects on her past marriage and how they can possibly turn Scott and Contessa’s marriage around. 

Everyone starts with small talk regarding the trip, and the fun that was had before the men arrived. Heavenly not even allowing the drinks to be served, starts going in on Scott. “We got some questions for you Scott Heavenly says as Scott immediately becomes defensive. Breaking the tension Contessa admits at the table that she’s consulted with her sisters and that they have some things to say. Heavenly wants to hear from Scott, and Scott continues to gaslight the severity of the situation. Quad tries to explain their marriage is in dire need, but Scott ain’t trying to hear none of that! Scott says they are one, and that he knows her heart. Not allowing Contessa to even answer his questions; Scott quickly stands and ushers Contessa away. Contessa cries while apologizing to the group for getting them involved, and just like that, they’re gone! 

Toya Bush-Harris

Shocked and confused at what just occurred, the rest of the crew is left in disbelief. Scott’s position is no one is a marriage counselor and that he always has her back. Contessa and Scott leave, while back at the table the men take up for Scott’s position. Quad catching the men up to speed on the entire situation, Curtis attempts to say everyone doesn’t have all the information. Finding out Scott lied to them about the life coach, Cecil is finally coming to terms with the shadiness of Dr. Scott. Quad doesn’t understand how Contessa becomes a shell of herself around Scott and expresses her disappointment to Heavenly on the ride to the hotel. Checking in on Contessa, Quad, and Heavenly barge past Scott to make sure their girl is good. Bringing Scott into the conversation, Quad lets him know that they just want to hear from him. Scott says that he’s been talking to a man named Kevin Johnson and that he implied she was a woman just to upset Contessa. 

Back at the table, Cecil is trying to understand the boundaries between a professional life coach, while Contessa expresses to Scott that she doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore! Scott admits he’s trying to work it out with Contessa, but she is having a hard time trusting him. Scott walks away and doesn’t want to talk anymore, which is Quad and Heavenly’s cue to leave. The next day Heavenly catches Jackie upon their visit to Scott last night. Quad catches Anila up on the drama since she’s finally arrived, and Kari visits Toya in her room. Toya hangs up with Eugene Harris, and Kari discloses that she heard Scott and Contessa screaming at each other last night! Apparently, Kari heard Contessa yelling about Scott having naked women on his phone! Toya and Kari promptly go to Contessa’s room as Scott exits left. The hot mic captures the trio’s conversation and Scott confides in Curtis and Cecil about his feelings.

Anila Sajja

Scott admits to responding to women’s pictures and makes it clear he’ll never have group conversations with women again. Kari and Toya try to speak some life into Contessa, before leaving and discovering they locked themselves out of their room LOL. Heavenly checks in with Dr. Damon Kimes, as she catches him up on the rollercoaster that is Jekyll Island. Admitting they have more growing to do, the message was lost on Damon as he lost phone reception. Everyone is packing and getting ready to head back to Atlanta. Lisa Nicole goes down to check out and finds out about her six-hundred-dollar bill. Toya walks up during the issue and decides to grab Anila quickly! Lisa Nicole confronts Anila and threatens to call the police on her if she doesn’t cover the bill. Anila isn’t budging and Lisa Nicole is not in the mood to compromise. Anila’s stance is that she didn’t pay her invoice, and now this is payback for skimping on her. Toya asking the important questions, asks around who else was involved in this prank. Kari decided to pay some of the bill and Heavenly admits to having a few drinks herself. 

Heavenly pays Kari back, as the men express how entertained they are by Anila’s bold move. Back in Atlanta, Heavenly is taking a boat ride with her son Zachary and the end credits update us on her role in the real estate world. Simone is at home still teaching Miles how to be independent. Still living at home, Miles is getting on Simone’s last nerve, and she kicks him out. I know she can’t wait for that boy to leave! Done with renovations, Jackie has her focus on podcasting. Having Curtis as her co-host, there will be no topics off-limits. Toya and Eugene relax in their huge basement while pretending to listen to Toya. Anila’s new house is finally finished and has granted Quad with the first look. Going two times above budget, Anila finally got the house she wanted, and Dr. Karin Sajja is finally rid of his headache. Quad is focusing on her single life, as Scott and Contessa continue to vacation like nothing happened. Baffled by Scott and Contessa’s pictures, the rest of the ladies are confused by what’s going on in their marriage. I guess we’ll find out more, next week on part one of the season eight reunion!

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