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‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Crystal Reveals Her Past Battle With Bulimia, Erika Addresses Divorce: ’F**king Complicated’!

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Crystal Kung Minkoff

Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as the women get back to real life at home after their trip to Lake Tahoe, news breaks on Election Day that Erika Girardi filed for divorce from Tom Girardi. Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Dorit Kemsley are shocked that they just spent days with Erika, and she never mentioned a word about it.

The episode begins with Erika in a car. “There are so many layers to this divorce. It’s so f-ing complicated. It’s very difficult to explain.” Then three days earlier… 

It’s Election Day 2020, and Kyle is hosting a party to celebrate that the United States has a woman running for vice president. Kyle couldn’t find a bartender, so her husband, Mauricio Umansky, volunteers. Kyle wants to know what he’s going to wear. He says, “I’ve got Army shorts and a denim blue shirt, what’s more Americana?” He’s joking. He knows that there’s likely an outfit waiting for him upstairs. Kyle tells Mauricio that Erika is not coming. And something is brewing with Dorit. 

Dorit was talking to Crystal Kung Minkoff on the flight home from Lake Tahoe. Kyle butted into the conversation, interrupting Dorit, and then their past feud reared its head. Kyle is still upset about it. Crystal is apprehensive about seeing the ladies at Kyle’s. Her husband, Robert Minkoff, is asking her how she’s feeling as they drive to the party. Crystal recalled some of her anxiety about the trip and what happened with Sutton Stracke. Kathy Hilton, P. K. Kemsley, Dorit, and Sutton arrive along with Jordan, Sutton’s store director. Lisa shows up in a new wig looking like a brunette Barbie doll. 

Immediately as everyone sits down, Kyle asks everyone about the election, and the conversation turned to Erika. The men wander off as Kyle checks to see if everyone is “ok” since the Lake Tahoe drama. Aren’t hostesses supposed to make everyone feel comfortable, not awkward and anxious? P.K. and Mauricio have a funny discussion about whether or not they would walk into each other’s rooms without knocking. They draw a clear distinction between girls’ trips and guys’ trips.

Crystal says that she got home after the trip, and she had lost 5 pounds. And as the women congratulate her for some kind of anxiety-induced weight loss, Crystal reveals that she is a recovering bulimic. Lisa was happy that Crystal shared given that Amelia Hamlin publicly shared her struggle with anorexia, and it helped to talk about it, and it helped others. 

Kyle pulls Dorit aside to talk about what happened on the plane. Kyle is upset that Dorit shut her down. Dorit is upset that Kyle continuously wants her to stop talking. This dumb conversation between Kyle and Dorit is mixed in with a hilarious story that Mauricio and P.K. relayed to Rob. Kyle called Mauricio. Dorit called P.K., so Mauricio and P.K. put their phones together and walked away, carrying on with their drinking, and neither Kyle nor Dorit noticed. After some back-and-forth with Kyle, Dorit fiddles with her outfit, stands up, and walks out.

The next day, Sutton invites Garcelle Beauvais to a private Bentley shopping day. Sutton wanted to shop without masks on, so the Bentley dealership closed for her to have her own private shopping time. Now THAT is some wealth right there, honey. Sutton takes a test drive, and as imagined, she’s driving slowly. 

The next day Rob and Crystal talk about the party the prior evening. Rob had a good time with Mauricio and P.K. Rob says he talked to Sutton for a little while and they got along. Crystal says that she and Rob are different types of parents. Crystal says, “I am the hard ass. Rob’s a coddler.” Rob was surprised that she talked about her food issues with the group. Crystal says that when she was younger, she wanted to be “blond, blue-eyed, and skinny” and associated being American with being white. Her parents still don’t know about her bulimia. 

Sutton and her store director, Jordan, invite Kathy and Kyle for a visit to Sutton’s shop. Sutton invites them to a party with a Parisian theme at her house (Kyle’s rental house). Sutton texts Erika, with Kathy and Kyle present, to see if Erika is coming to the party. Sutton makes it sound like she needs to know a headcount for the caterer, but everyone knows this isn’t true. Girl just bought a Bentley. Erika texted that she is coming to Sutton’s party. 

Lisa and Harry Hamlin are working in his garden. They have an interesting discussion about his new gardening hobby and the composting bin. Then it’s fire drill time. They uncover the swimming pool, and Lisa takes the fire hose out into the yard. They use a generator, run and fill the hose, and then Lisa gives a big woohoo to herself for figuring it out. 

Lisa and Harry talk about Erika’s divorce. Harry says that his first divorce wasn’t bad. And his second divorce, he just said, “take what you want.” They pinky promise that they won’t ever get divorced. 

Nick, the event planner, is helping Sutton get ready for her Parisian party. This looks like a combination of bridal shower and trunk sale. It’s beautiful but confusing. Kyle stops by to pick up Crystal to go to the party. Kyle can’t concentrate on what Crystal is saying because there is a $95,000 Hermès handbag on the kitchen counter. Kyle thinks maybe the handbag should have its own separate car. 

Crystal and Kyle arrive and discuss for the longest time if they should go in without knocking. Lisa arrives wearing the same dress as Kyle. Dorit arrives, and of course, no one in this group would ever be wearing the same outfit as she did. Garcelle starts with a toast to the Biden-Harris victory. The conversation quickly turned to Erika’s divorce. Garcelle thinks that maybe Erika should wait to file given how long they have been married, and implying (but not saying) that Tom Girardi is old, so Erika should perhaps wait it out. 

As Erika gets to the door, the episode ends. Next time the group will have some pointed questions and certainly more drama. Sutton might not even make a sale if these ladies focus all their attention on Erika Jayne. 

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