Lisa Nicole Cloud Reveals That She And Dr. Darren Separated After Her Last Season Of ‘Married To Medicine’!

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Lisa Nicole Cloud recently sat down to dish about all things Married to Medicine with theJasmineBrand—and opened up about rumors, her co-stars, and how she landed back on the Bravo show. Lisa was a main cast member for Seasons 2-4 and returned for Season 8 in a recurring “friend” role. 

Lisa addressed her return to the series and explained how one planned appearance morphed into a recurring role. 

Lisa Nicole Cloud

“It’s been a minute [since I was on the show]… I never thought that it was going to go beyond that one day of filming,” Lisa revealed. “I was just kind of making a cameo appearance. But then after that it was such a good time, I enjoyed it, [and] I missed the ladies. The producers were like ‘come on, come back. Just come back as a friend at least!’ And so I did.”

Lisa clarified what led to her departure from the series, and shot down rumors that she had been fired. 

“I was definitely invited back–I had a contract and everything,” the reality star explained. “But my family was my #1 priority, and–as you guys know–when I left that last season, it was really tough on my husband, it was tough on me. It was tough on our marriage. And there were things that were said that were not true that were out… so I just decided ‘I’m just gonna take a break. I need to focus on my family, I need to focus on my other businesses… at that time, I was still trying to have a baby, so it was kind of hard.”

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa added that taking a break from the show helped her and her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, come back together and work out their issues. Lisa and Darren briefly separated after her last season on Married to Medicine. 

“After we took the time to separate, and figure out what is most important to each of us and go through some counseling, we were able to heal some of the areas that were really struggling in our marriage…” Lisa shared. “We’re still together, our family is still strong, and it is what it is.”

The Bravo star spoke about how she believed the cast perceived her in past seasons—claiming that the ladies had mistaken her kindness for weakness. She noted that there was “unresolved business” between her and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and shared about her relationships with the other women. 

Lisa Nicole Cloud

“I had not talked to Heavenly since I left the show, so when I came back there was definitely some unresolved business that needed to be addressed… [Earlier in the series], Heavenly and I had started to forge a friendship, and when it went left because of that event that we were putting on together, it took me by surprise because there [were] really no issues with the event,” she explained. “But the producers wanted drama, and so that’s what she does–she gives the producers what they want. So she created controversy around the event.”

Mariah and I have a great relationship, we talk on the phone,” Lisa revealed. “We actually have a real relationship outside of television. I have a real relationship now with Toya, I have a good relationship with Simone…I have a working relationship with Quad. We’re not friends, we don’t hang out outside of television… I have a working relationship with ContessaJackie’s there–I don’t think that we hang out, but I don’t have anything against Jackie. I think she’s very respectable.”

She added that Mariah was “handling her business” in regard to her discrimination lawsuit against Bravo. 

Dr. Heavenly

Lisa veered back to her contentious relationship with Heavenly, specifically addressing the filmed back-and-forth about the women’s pandemic pounds. Lisa was hit by fan backlash after she was accused of “fat-shaming” Heavenly, in response to her co-star teasing her about her supposed quarantine weight gain. 

“The last thing I’m gonna do is fat-shame somebody when every day I’m working to help people to get to their ideal weights,” Lisa said. “That’s the last thing I’m gonna do! We had agreed to do this to have some funny shade during the episode–but you know Heavenly. She’s always going to make a scene and be dramatic.”

Married to Medicine airs on Sundays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 

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