RHONY’s Heather Thomson Blasts Eboni K. Williams As A ‘Race-Baiter’!

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Heather Thomson quit filming the Real Housewives of New York City mid-season after a conflict unfolded with Leah McSweeney—but it appears that the Bravo alum has been at odds with Eboni K. Williams, in real-time. 

Page Six is reporting that the duo faced off in a phone discussion last week after Heather allegedly cosigned a social media user who called Eboni a “race-baiter.” 

Fans know that Heather returned to the show this season after making her exit as a full-time cast member in 2015. She immediately aligned herself with Eboni and the newbie’s effort to navigate the drama as the series’ first black cast member. Heather reportedly believed that her professional experiences with black celebrities, including Diddy and Beyoncé, would give her an advantage in acting as a “bridge” between Eboni and the other ladies. 

Eboni K. Williams

Eboni sounded off in the press about a recently-aired episode—where fans watched Eboni and Luann de Lesseps hash out a racially charged disagreement. Heather frequently chimed in from the sidelines, and Eboni said that Heather’s uninvited intervention did “more harm than good.” The RHONY rookie accused Heather of “whitesplaining” and butting in as a “translator,” during the tense exchange. Eboni also accused Heather of delivering a “micro-aggression” during the episode, after the RHONY alum  complimented her for being “articulate.” 

Heather did not appreciate Eboni’s comments and seemingly took to social media to put her on blast. Heather alleged that Eboni’s take on the matter was disingenuous and that she was just trying to “change the narrative” to deflect from the fight between Heather and Eboni’s cast bestie, Leah McSweeney. 

Leah McSweeney

“It’s low and sad to see,” Heather wrote. “I would have thought negative campaigning would be below Eboni buts she’s shown us that it is not.”  

One of Heather’s fans commented—“Eboni needs to go. She doesn’t fit and she’s a race baiter.” Heather responded in a since-deleted response captured by fan account, “Queens of Bravo”— “I have to agree with you. Hers is not a class I want to take.”

Heather Thomson

Heather’s penned gaffe reportedly sparked a “conversation” between the two women. 

An insider told Page Six that the comment was “an error.” 

“It was immediately taken down and Eboni and Heather have spoken about it personally,” the snitch said. 

As reported in April—Heather claimed that she was assaulted while filming the Bravo series and addressed her controversial decision to quit the show midway through Season 13.  

“I filmed a little but and then I remembered why I left,” Heather revealed on the April 28 episode of the Friends of Dorothy podcast. “It’s just not how I want to spend my time. My whole DNA is about encouraging people and fixing things and making it better and that’s a bad thing on this show.”

Heather Thomson

“I get assaulted this season on the show, believe it or not, but I’m fine,” she shared. 

Heather seemingly took a shot at Leah, remarking that some cast members “do not give a sh-t.”

“It’s about fame and fortune and they’ll show up and look crazy and act terrible and mean and they don’t care because the fame and all of that is more important to them and that’s their goal for the show,” she explained. “When people show up for those reasons, [they] can do some pretty nasty things and [they] can turn into [pretty nasty people].”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.

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