‘RHONY’ RECAP: Eboni Confronts Luann For Calling Her ‘Angry’, Leah Goes Off On Heather, Calls Her A ‘Karen’!

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This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, the women experience the fallout of Luann de Lesseps’ explosive confrontation with Eboni K. Williams and Leah McSweeney’s ongoing emotional rollercoaster. 

Last week, Eboni stormed off after Luann asked her to leave. When Eboni arrives at Ramona’s house, Eboni recounts to Leah that Luann called her an “angry black woman” (and that did not happen.) Eboni goes on to say, “Society does not afford black women, in particular, a range of emotions or just downright passion around an issue.” Eboni is relaying the conversation a bit differently than it happened.

Back at Luann’s house, the remaining women join Ramona Singer inside with Luann’s daughter Victoria, niece Nicole, and Kurt the Nude Model, to rehash what just happened. Heather Thomson chimes in that when the conversation turned to race with the white fragility comments, “the onus is on us right now. We need to back up right now and understand and listen.” Heather wants everyone to listen to one another. 

Back at Ramona’s house, Leah says, “Eboni is a better woman than I will ever be. I probably would have burned that f-ing house down if I was her.” As Luann, Ramona, Heather, and Sonja Morgan arrive back at Ramona’s house, Heather immediately makes a beeline for Eboni and Leah’s room to talk about what happened. Heather tries to talk to Eboni about her experience with “Black America” and Puffy and Beyonce. Then the conversation turns to “Real Black America” and not “hip hop” that Heather says is “The Fake Black America.” Heather tries to recover her point by saying that Luann is in the house, and the discussion should continue with all the women together.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Ramona pulls out some bikini aprons to lighten the mood. And Heather roams around to get everyone to “talk.” So much for the fun cooking party. As the women sit down, Eboni is lecturing Luann and the group. Eboni doesn’t want the group to use the word “angry.” Luann wasn’t trying to upset Eboni. Luann calls it a “miscommunication” and says that “upset” would have been a better word. Luann apologizes and wants Eboni to extend the same to her. Heather jumps in with her explanation of what “white people” should do. 

Eboni tells the group, “The reason what I won’t do is say I’m sorry is because there is an expectation of me apologizing for having a natural reaction to a very deep seeded triggering word and concept. So, I can’t apologize for that.” Then Eboni goes on to say that Leah called everyone a ho, but Leah wasn’t called “angry.” Luann asks that Eboni be more patient in helping them understand. But Heather says that “we have the responsibility to change by our actions because they have repercussions.” When we go to production’s one-on-one with Leah, Leah says that “white women need to listen.” Side note, Leah’s interview outfits get worse and worse each week. And does a weekend at Ramona’s come with matching bathrobes? 

Eboni has a side conversation with Sonja to tell her that she is high worth. Eboni doesn’t like that Sonja is put down by the group. Sonja is authentic in wanting to understand how Eboni feels. And then, for a brief moment where Leah and Eboni are back in the bedroom, Heather pops in to get her purse and says, “Great job. You are very articulate. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you that.” And then Eboni says, after Heather leaves, that telling a black woman that she’s articulate is a “microaggression.” 

In the morning, Sonja is letting her dog out in what appears to be half of a bathrobe. Eboni calls a friend of hers, Devyn the Matchmaker, to see if Devyn can find love for Sonja. And Ramona announces that they are all going fishing at noon and eating lunch on the beach after. The outfits and shoes these women wear to go fishing are so extra. On the bus ride to the beach, they talk about their beauty queen, Halloween, 70s-inspired dinner that they planned for later that night. That explains Leah‘s outfit from last week’s teaser. And that may explain the baton that Luann had a few episodes back.

The fisherman tries to get everyone in waders. Sonja, Ramona, Heather, and Eboni decide to go fishing. Sonja is flirting with the fishing instructor. Leah and Luann go off to party plan for the night. Ramona has wine and sits down to watch Sonja and Heather fish. Eboni and Luann have a discussion again about their uncomfortable conversations but agree to try to get past it.

Eboni tells Sonja that she is going to connect her with her friend, the matchmaker. Sonja is going to go with Eboni to Philadelphia to find her a man. As the women eat lunch on the beach, the conversation turns to the talent show part of the evening festivities. Luann has pompoms for Heather. Leah’s talent is a surprise, but so is everything about Leah. Hula hoops are likely involved. Eboni’s talent is going to be “the spoken word.” And Sonja is going to show her talent in a red miming hat. Ramona’s talent is going to be doing pushups in her beauty pageant dress. 

Eboni invites all the ladies to her place for an “election party” to watch the Presidential Election results. Leah says that she can’t stomach the way either side is reacting. Then Leah tells Heather not to come at her with “some kind of self-righteous ‘You need to vote’.” And then Heather does lecture the group that everyone needs to vote.

As the women get their hair and makeup done, Leah talks to her mom and has a breakdown about her grandmother. Eboni is supportive of Leah since they are sharing this parallel journey of losing their grandmothers. Heather is talking to Sonja about how Leah is picking on her. Then Eboni tells Leah that Heather kept talking about Leah having a responsibility to vote, and Leah jumps up to go find and confront Heather. Before they can even get in the van to go to the party, Leah is yelling at Heather from the top of the stairs. It’s hard to take Leah seriously with the slit throat and the outfit. Leah says to Heather, “You are white feminism 101. You are the f-ing problem. You think you are the authority on everything. Do not talk about me. Do not talk about anything that I say. It’s none of your f-ing business. Why do you have to be in everyone’s business like a Karen.” 

Luann comes down the stairs thinking that everyone looks amazing, having missed Leah’s tirade against Heather. Leah comes back for more and says, “You don’t care if I vote or not. You want me to vote for who you want me to vote for.” Heather denies that. Ramona is upset that there is more screaming. Leah gets in the van and tells Luann to not leave her in the van alone with Heather. Luann leaves to go get Leah’s hula hoops. Heather sits down in the van. Leah unleashes, gets in her face, and throws her flowers at Heather. Then Leah storms out and says she won’t go. 

Next time, the women have a 1970s Miss New York pageant. Their talent show looks fun. Leah left Ramona’s house a day early. Eboni reveals that she might have a sister. And Sonja works out with Leah’s boxing instructor. Eboni hosts an election results party at her house where more drama ensues.

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