RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Lisa Nicole Calls Dr. Heavenly A ‘Dumb Bully-A** B****’!

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On a brand-new episode of Married to Medicine, we begin seeing the doctors navigate their daily routines while attempting to hold down the fort at home. At Quad Webb-Lunceford’s house, we’re met with Anila Sajja arriving to visit as Quad takes her time cleaning the kitchen. Quad allows Anila in, and the two quickly jump into hair bundles that Anila had in her bag. Before the two can talk about anything of substance, the topic of Toya Bush-Harris comes up. Anila feels like Toya feels guilty for the things that she said about her; while Quad still has her feathers ruffled over the “small a** apartment” comment. Toya was tipsy that night, but Quad is not letting this go! Quad assumes that Toya is jealous of Anila since she’s building a bigger house than Toya. However, Quad doesn’t know about Anila not paying the people that work for her. 

Quad says that all she’s waiting on is an apology from Toya, but we can clearly see Quad is going to punish Toya for her thoughtless comment. At Dr. Simone Whitmore’s, we catch her in the zone prepping for a Zoom call; as Cecil Whitmore arrives home and provides her with a break.  Simone has something to show Cecil, and the tea is HOT! Simone shows Cecil a segment on the news, exposing Lisa Nicole Cloud’s fraudulent Covid testing site! According to the news, hundreds of patients signed up for Covid testing, but never received their results! Simone’s concern is that since she’s partnering with Lisa Nicole for the Townhall event; she wonders whether people will show due to this controversy. Seems like Lisa Nicole is being exposed in more ways than one. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes receives a call from Simone during her confessional that sheds light on Lisa Nicole’s dirty deed. Heavenly decides to stay silent due to their past issues; yet doesn’t hesitate to inform Dr. Jackie Walters and Quad about the word on the street. Quad attempting to be the rational one, suggest the ladies give Lisa Nicole a chance to explain herself. At Dr. Contessa Metcalf’s house, she’s chatting with her life coach before having another conversation with Dr. Scott Metcalf. As Contessa is cooking dinner, she’s discussing having clarity with Scott while connecting dots from her childhood. As the life coach provides advice about Contessa “not wanting to complain”, Scott gives Contessa a look that was pure reflex. Scott obviously doesn’t agree with what the life coach is saying, and I believe there’s some truth to Scott’s reaction. 

After briskly hanging up with her life coach, Contessa isn’t letting Scott off the hook with his statement about her complaining. Contessa feels that Scott always jumps in on the negative aspects of her behavior but doesn’t add anything positive to the conversation. Emotional and fed up, Contessa asks Scott “Why did you get married?”. Scott answers to have a happy and successful marriage, but Contessa doesn’t feel like he’s doing his part to make that happen. Scott admits that he’s been talking to a “life coach” for six months, but he hasn’t paid her yet. Now yall know this a bold-face lie, right? Ok cool. Contessa asks, “And you didn’t think to share that with me?” *crickets*. Contessa calls BS, and frankly, I do too! That man is cheating, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Contessa is very hurt and doesn’t know what Scott wants from her. Scott shuts down again, and walks away from the conversation, leaving Contessa cooking alone in the kitchen. It’s painful to watch, but we are truly witnessing the end of a marriage right here. 

It’s the day of the Town Hall event, and tables are being set up for the guest to arrive. Lisa Nicole and Simone are checking the panel guest list and making sure everything goes according to plan. Simone mentions to Lisa Nicole that after the event is over, that it would be wise to address her scandal with the rest of the ladies. Sometimes it’s just best to handle a crisis head-on, but Lisa Nicole is focused on the event at hand. The rest of the ladies arrive and the townhall begins! The ladies are using their social media platforms to encourage the citizens of George to vote and make sure their vote counts! The panelist was amazing, and the ladies presented themselves very professionally during the event. Once everything wrapped up, the women prepare for dinner before digging into Lisa Nicole’s issues. 

Surprisingly, Kari Wells dives in first and asks Lisa Nicole what is going on. Lisa Nicole states that she’s had a day from hell and that the labs were dealing with delayed results. Quad giving her two cents is wondering what’s going on and brings up how a patient who was tested in June didn’t get their results back until October. Yikes. Quad asks, for the record, whether Lisa Nicole is under any federal investigation. Lisa Nicole says she isn’t under investigation and that she owns the lab but the equipment to conduct Covid testing hadn’t arrived yet. This is all so confusing. Lisa Nicole says that her lab just collected the samples but wasn’t running the actual Covid testing. Lisa, just stick to fashion next time because this is ridiculous. Simone tried to give Lisa Nicole a few pointers on how NOT to commit malpractice, but Lisa Nicole seems to brush the negative energy off. 

Changing the subject, Simone facetimes Jackie and reveals to the ladies that they have invited them all on a girl’s trip to Jekyll Island! This time the trip ain’t about healing, this is about straight-up fun! Anila ask if the men are coming on the trip, and Contessa firmly says that Scott can’t go! As Simone is wrapping up the evening, Tipsy Toya arrives and begins making snide comments. Everyone ignores Toya and Simone lets Anila know that this trip may be perfect for the two of them to have a mature conversation. Anila has had enough of Simone trying to play peacemaker and goes semi-off! Thinking that Simone is only listening to Toya’s side of the story, she tries to share her side before Toya and Kari Wells interrupt. Toya wants to talk but Anila wants to talk in private. Anila feels like Toya should’ve called her after their sit down but Toya feels like that doesn’t matter. Anila is hurt and challenges the ladies on whether she’s ever talked bad about Toya before.

Knowing that Anila has never bad-mouthed ToyaKari and Simone agree that Anila loves Toya. Anila abruptly leaves because she feels gaslighted, while Simone tries to talk sense into Tipsy Toya. Simone hit the nail on the head by explaining that Toya is afraid to be vulnerable with the group. To test Toya, Simone challenges her to apologize and make up with Quad. Toya and Quad quickly begin arguing about this apartment/townhome that Quad lives in, while Toya tries to apologize. Toya took ownership of her hurtful comments, and it seems that Toya and Quad have put their issues on hold…for now. A few days later Anila decides to visit Jackie for some advice. Anila feels like she’s trying to salvage their friendship and has hit a roadblock. Jackie wants to have fun, so she tells Anila to let it go for now smh. Jackie begins showing Anila her new project with SPF, and the pair test out some of the products. 

The ladies begin to pack in preparation for Jekyll Island, and no one’s more excited for a break than Contessa. Jackie requiring help to pack, calls Simone for some wardrobe ideas. After briefly talking, the two agree on making this trip about fun and bonding. The next day the ladies meet up at Jackie’s office, before heading to Jekyll Island. While chatting Lisa Nicole pulls up in an RV and the ladies are ready to go after picking up Heavenly. The crew picks up Heavenly and Contessa and the fun begins! They begin playing games on the way to the island, and the conversation shifts to whose trustworthy or not. Lisa Nicole said it’s hard to trust people, and Heavenly chimes in to bring up Lisa Nicole’s scandal. The two enter a screaming match and Lisa Nicole calls Heavenly a “dumb bullying b****”! Lisa Nicole is screaming to kick Heavenly off the bus in the middle of the road! Whew wee, the last two episodes are going to be HOT!!!! Don’t miss out. See you next week loves!

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