‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Crystal Kung Minkoff GOES OFF On Sutton During Racism Discussion!

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Last time on the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after months in isolation during the pandemic, the women gathered at Dorit Kemsley’s house for a barbecue that wasn’t really a barbecue.

Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke have developed a true friendship. Kyle and Kim Richards’ sister, Kathy Hilton, showed her kookiness along with introducing the ladies to the newest housewife, Crystal Kung Minkoff. And this season, everyone watching the show is wondering what Erika Girardi will disclose pertaining to her husband Tom Girardi, his law practice, and his alleged wrongdoings that have been in the press for months. 

This week, the ladies go to Lake Tahoe, but first, Garcelle is meeting up with Kyle, and Sutton is in Erika’s shopping closet. As Sutton recalls a private plane story about Lake Tahoe and a knobber, is anyone else distracted by that white dress with the two cats covering her boobs? Sutton’s building a home and renting one of Kyle’s houses in the meantime. 

Kyle Richards and Garcelle have a tense meet-up. Kyle, of course, wants to let it all go and start over. Garcelle still wants an apology for the very public comments Kyle made that Garcelle never sent her check for the charity event. Garcelle said that the notification went to the wrong address. Glossing over that, Kyle’s response is, “if we would have been getting along fine, I never would have said anything.” And Garcelle responds, “Would you have said it to one of the white women?” Kyle is shocked. Garcelle said, “I feel it was weaponized toward me for being a black woman.” Garcelle went on to recount the stereotype that she lives with that black women don’t tip or don’t pay rent, and so what Kyle said cut deep. 

Crystal tries to get her daughter to drink green juice, and Zoe is not having it. In true Tiger Mom fashion (her label for herself), Crystal sets the timer to get Zoe to drink the juice when the little girl just wants a soda. Crystal lists of some of her husband, Robert Minkoff’s greatest Hollywood directorial accomplishments. Crystal talks about how she manages her color-coded family calendar. And the true boss of the Minkoff house, Lucy, is her righthand woman of the house. Crystal’s brother, Jeffrey Kung, lives in China, but he has been staying with Crystal during the pandemic lockdown. He’s a pop star, and Crystal says, “but here [in America], he’s my manny.”

Lisa Rinna is waiting for the ladies to board a small plane to Lake Tahoe. As Garcelle and Kyle arrive, they talk about how much luggage they have. Kyle packed an expresso machine and oatmilk to make lattes. Erika shows up in an orange track suit and a fur jacket. Orange is the new black? Garcelle is nervous about the small plane. 

The rental house, The Sherman Estate, in Lake Tahoe is beautiful. It has 17 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. I guess no one will need to run to pick the best room. The house has a game room, movie theater, sports bar, indoor pool, and an amazing view. The house manager tells the women that they need to be careful on the ground floor with the bears. Garcelle runs for the second floor. 

Everyone seems confused that they need to carry up their own ridiculous luggage. And Kathy is wandering around asking anyone if they have seen her fan. Kyle packed an expresso machine. Kathy packed a fan. Does anyone wonder what absurdity Kim would have packed? Kyle is happy to have Kathy back in her life. And Kathy is glad that Kyle knows how to plug in the fan.

Even though there is a private chef, Kyle is cooking dinner. And while they recount the funny story that Kathy thought Garcelle was Kyle, the salmon burns. Kathy calls her sister, Doogie, as a pet name. Even though Kathy is almost ten years older than Kyle, they seemed to get along as children, and both agree that Kim was the one who tortured them both. 

Sutton brought presents for everyone to help them deal with the pandemic and the upcoming election week. She bought everyone flasks with their initials. Kathy isn’t sure what to put in it. “Maybe I would use mouthwash or something.” 

Kathy Hilton

The group moves to the first level to lounge around and Dorit Kemsley suggests playing “two truths and a lie.” We find out that Crystal worked as a phone operator at an escort agency. Sutton was a barista at Starbucks. Erika said she wore a wire was a witness in a government case and she worked for the mafia, but she won’t tell publicly which is a lie or give more details. And also Erika says in her interview, “I can neither confirm nor deny my truth or a lie.” Kathy tries to play the game, but she tells three truths and they all laugh at her. 

Crystal, Sutton, and Kyle stay up as the rest of the ladies go to their rooms. Garcelle Beauvais goes to find Lisa to continue to explain how terrible Lisa was with Denise Richards about the Brandi Glanville situation from last season. Garcelle admits that she holds back her anger because she doesn’t want to be labeled as angry or aggressive. Lisa and Garcelle seem to come to an understanding. 

As Kyle, Sutton, and Crystal discuss the situation between Kyle and Garcelle and racial stereotypes, Crystal can relate to Asian stereotypes. Sutton and Crystal jab each other over stereotypes and whether or not to even talk about it. Crystal asks Sutton, “Are you that girl? I don’t see color.” 

Next time, the argument continues between Sutton and Crystal. And everyone wonders what Kathy will do next. Will these ladies actually have fun in Lake Tahoe or will they ruin the trip by fighting and taking sides?


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