Seeking Sister Wife

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Twitter Drags Garrick and Roberta’s Plan to Conceive!

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Seeking Sister Wife

On Monday’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife fans learned of Garrick Merrifield’s plan to impregnate his fiancee’, Roberta, before their wedding.   Fans of the show had plenty to say about Garrick’s bombshell announcement as the episode unfolded. 

Seeking Sister Wife

Garrick explained that the couple shifted gears after Roberta made a full recovery from Covid-19. 

“COVID has shown us that we definitely have no guarantee of what’s going to happen tomorrow,” Garrick, 37, said in a confessional spot, during Monday’s episode. “Our plan was always to get married in Mexico after her visa got approved. But with COVID shutdowns, it’s still going to take quite a while before, you know, her visa is approved.”

“So me and Roberta decided together that with her being 33 and not getting any younger, we’re going to go ahead and plan a trip to Mexico — with or without the visa — to try to have a baby,” he added. 

Seeking Sister Wife

Garrick’s wife, Dannielle Merrifield, opened up in a confessional spot after learning of the duo’s plan to conceive before making their marriage legal. 

“Knowing that Garrick and Roberta have changed gears, you know, ‘We’re not doing the wedding,’ and they want to move forward with having a baby and starting their life together does make me a little apprehensive,” Dannielle said. 

“I do want to be supportive and I know the goal is for Garrick and Roberta to ultimately start a family together,” she continued. “But with the pandemic going on and also communication with Roberta being very spotty [as she remains in Brazil], yeah — I don’t know.”

Dannielle expressed her concerns to her husband in a later scene, telling Garrick—“I think we should keep talking about it, make sure we make the best choice.” 

“Yeah, I mean, it’s part of moving forward in life. We can’t put a hold on everything,” he responded. 

Garrick and Dannielle, 33, share two sons, and divorced in order for Garrick to legally wed Roberta, who lives in Brazil. 

Fans sounded off on Twitter about the awkward development in Garrick and Dannielle’s journey into plural marriage.  

“I get the sense Danielle agreed to this “lifestyle” as a desperate attempt to hold on to Garrick.  She clearly does not want this,” one fan noted.

“Isn’t Garrick super religious but he’s trying to have a baby with Roberta before they’re married?” another asked. 

Garrick is phasing “large wife” out. 1. Divorce. 2. Get “tiny wife” pregnant. Next he’s gonna ‘go stay with her in Mexico,’” one viewer opined. 

'Seeking Sister Wife

Garrick is trying to trap Roberta with a baby. I’m convinced he’s obsessed with her in a very unhealthy way,” another fan remarked. 

'Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 9 pm, ET, on TLC.


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