EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Unbelievably Disgusting Hoarder From Hell Home!

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Sister Wives

Janelle Brown’s Flagstaff rental property has hit the market, raising questions about where the Sister Wives star will land next.

The five bedroom, three bath, 2789 sq. ft home is listed for $699k. Photos obtained by AllAboutTheTea.com  reveal the reality star’s living quarters in cluttered disarray. 

Sister Wives

Fans know that the large Kody Brown clan relocated from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2018, and that Kody’s four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been living in a chaotic mix of rental properties and purchased homes. The family’s plan to build four homes on a purchased plot of land has yet to move forward.

Sister Wives

The living area of Janelle’s house reveals multiple boxes amid a mix of large furniture and exercise equipment.

A bedroom reveals a bookcase stuffed with a mishmash of paperwork.

A dresser overflowing with clutter and a mountain of clothing were snapped in another bedroom.

The photos will likely raise the eyebrows of fans who follow the TLC brood.

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The TLC star has not revealed her impending move to fans, but Janelle did share a photo of her eldest son, Logan Brown, on Sunday. Janelle recently jetted to Las Vegas to celebrate her son’s birthday. 

Sister Wives

As reported, Janelle recently paid tribute to her mother, her daughter, Madison Brush, and her sister wives in a Mother’s Day Instagram post. “@therealmeribrown who taught me the value of being industrious – and to your mom, Grandma Bonnie, who taught me very important child rearing lessons like “pick your battles” among many others,” the mother of six wrote about Meri. 

Sister Wives

Janelle wrote that Christine Brown had taught her how to “have fun” and to “goof off.” She also gave a shout-out to Christine’s own mother, “Grandma Annie.”

“To @christine_brownsw who taught me how nice it is to just have fun with your kids. Goof off, go on adventures and have movie nights. And to your mom, Grandma Annie, whom I think might secretly be a version of myself in another universe,” Janelle wrote.

Sister Wives

Janelle credited Robyn Brown for teaching her to “tune in” to her children, and gave her mother, “Grandma Alice,” kudos for her sense of humor. 

“To @robyn_browns_nest who taught me what it was to really tune into my kids. Ask questions. Listen without judgment and be fierce with your protection. And to your mom, Grandma Alice, who has such a dry quick wit I always have to stay on my toes to keep up,” she said. 

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. 



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